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Well the one day sitting at my step sister house. Her and her friends were going out. I stayed and chilled. Well my sister was to jump in the shower, she ran out to plug her phone in bent over and I seen these lil white lace thongs. She like my bad. I was like yummy. Well she got out of the shower. I can see into her room while she got ready to go out. She came out said have fun. See you later and gave me a kiss. I wanted to bend her over and sniff that warm play toy. Well I seen she left and gave it five mins. Back of my head damn that is your sister. Then thought not real one. Jumped up and walked in the bathroom and pick up them yummy pantys. Looked at them and seen a big still warm piece of yummy girl cum. I worked my way to them yummy cum treat she left me in her white lil thong. I smell this yummy arma coming from them. I getting more turned on knowing that I get to sniff and smell these pantys. Thinking these are my pair today. Then I hit the warm cream treat. I lick it and it is so good. Then before I know it my sister is standing there looking at me. She is like what are you doing. Them are my pantys. You get off sniffing my pantys. I told her sorry but you smell so yummy and good. She grabs them, so you like smelling them. Well look here, there is a big thing of my cum in them. Get on your knees and lick it out of there. Taste that creamy load of girl cum. She walks out... Then walks in and tells me that it sweet and a turn a lil. Laying on the couch and wake up to my step sister on my face with a lil sexy pair of pink thongs. She tells me, I thought about you will be my naughty lil sexy toy. Then she like if you like smelling them when there off me. Then I want you to smell them while I have them on. She rode my face until she came all over her lil pink thong.

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  • Bullshit story brah

  • My wife’s best friend and her 16 year old daughter spent the weekend at our house. Our guest room is on the first floor and has an attached bathroom, this is where they slept. I made sure to alter the position of one blind to get a peek into the bedroom and another to get a view into the bathroom. The panties, though, on Saturday they left to shop all afternoon. I had the daughters sweet panties in my mouth and her moms on my dick.

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  • One of my wife's best friends is divorced and she asks me to fix things around her house all the time, even gave me a key to it so she does not have to be home. I was doing some repair work in her bedroom and noticed her hamper, there was a thong still in her workout shorts like she just came in and pulled everything off at once. I picked them up and they were still damp from her morning workout, I put them to my face and inhaled her scent. It was heavenly.

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