Back pain (pleasure)

Not sure what category this fits into, because it's odd. I'm 57 female, and I've been going to the doctor for chronic back pain. I'm off work, and the pain has been unbearable. I might have to get a fusion, but have been trying alternative treatments at this point.

My doctor has been trying spinal stimulus on me. A few days ago was the first, and it was the doctor and his assistant doing the procedure. Almost as soon as he started I could feel "that warm glow down below" and had an orgasm, right there and then. I exhaled an, "Ohhh, fuck," and he stopped and asked if I was all right. I said, "I wish my husband could make that happen," and told him that I came. He said it's uncommon and he's never had that happen with any of his patients, but said he's heard of it with others.

After catching my breath, we continued and, lo and behold, I got off again. I just laughed and lay there with my legs twitching, feeling like I just got freshly fucked. The doctor and his assistant were a little amused too, though they seemed professionally curious/concerned about what was going on. They didn't proceed further.

I'm still struggling with back pain, but wow, those were the best two orgasms I've had in years.


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  • Can you achieve orgasms from regular intercourse or do you have to have direct clitoral stimulation?

  • That reminds me of a joke. A lady was stricken with the problem of having extremely intense orgasms everytime she sneezed. Her friend said, Are you taking anything for that? She responded, Yes, Pepper!

  • I’m jealous. Maybe I need that treatment lol

  • I wonder what it would feel like around your pussy

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