Hosed down my doctor

I went to the doctor because I have a condition called hyperspermia, which means that I produce an abnormally large amount of semen. Normal male ejaculations are around 2 to 5ml, but my ejaculations are typically 10-12ml. It's odd and doesn't seem right, but sometimes this condition is linked to fertility issues. My wife and I are trying to have a baby.

My doctor is an attractive woman in her late 30s. She's really kind and smart. She said she'd need a sperm sample from me, and told me to go into the little bathroom in her office and masturbate into the cup. I went in there, got hard, but I couldn't get myself off. I walked back out and told her that I was having a hard time busting a nut.

She suggested a backup plan, which was to fuck my wife in her office and just pull out and cum in the cup when it was time. I said okay, got my wife from the lobby, and she hopped up on the exam table and took off her pants. The doctor said she would hold the cup while I fucked her, and got in position literally about six inches from my balls.

I like to talk dirty to my wife while we fuck, and a few times I could tell the doctor was a little surprised, as she just whispered "wow" and "oh my" as she watched. It was a bit of a turn-on to screw in front of the doctor, as she was hot.

Actually, it was a little too much of a turn-on. I told the doctor that I was getting close, and she got down on her knees and steadied the cup for me to shoot into, and I swear I tried, but I pulled out of my wife's pussy, swung my dick around to the cup, but ended up spraying four thick jets of semen into the doctor's face before I could get my dick aimed properly into the cup. Because of my health issue, the doctor got totally painted in cum and she just yelled "Oh, FUCK! Omg..." We got a little sample, but most of it the doctor was wearing. She wiped up and I apologized, but she just mumbled "I can't believe you just came on me" and told me I'd have to come back in a day or two to give her another sample "in the cup next time."

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