Unplanned pregnancy issue

I'm currently pregnant and it was unplanned. It's more complicated by the fact that it might not be my husband's. It's a convoluted story but I'll try to make it as succinct as possible.

We vacation in Mexico every year. We have a friend couple who lives there and we stayed with them for a week. They are great to us, really fun, and we're all in our late 20's. Although neither of us are in "open" relationships, we do play together when we visit. That's the only time my husband and I do that. It's the only time they do also. They are sexy and they think we are too.

It was a week of a lot of fun--sightseeing, great restaurants, the beach, wonderful weather, and great sex. Of course I had lots of sex with my husband, but we were fucking with our friends too, pretty much at any time of the day. I fucked our male friend six times over the week. My husband enjoyed his wife probably as often.

I've had an IUD for three years and never had a problem. Then the morning sickness symptoms started. I bought a test and it was positive. I went to the doctor, who removed the IUD and said it had moved. It had not been in the right position. Evidently I'm one of the 1% who gets pregnant with an IUD.

The timing of everything lines up with the vacation we had. The doctor said the pregnancy is going well, with no complications. My husband and I are keeping it. Do we tell our friends and especially the guy that he might be the father of our baby? I don't want to rock the boat, but I think they should know about what's going down.


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  • My problem is 6 months pregnant and I know it not my husband's. It one of my three brothers child.

    I'm only married 1 year, but have been incestuous with all 3 of them since I was 7. I realized I only love them not my husband. Yesterday was my 22 birthday.

    This is messed up.

  • Whenever my wife and I swap or participate in swinger parties, she always douches ASAP after having s guy cum in her and I never cum in a cunt other than my wife's. After 6 years of swinging and swapping, she's yet to get pregnant and none of our lady friends has suspected me of fathering their child. There was however, another couple who ended up divorced because somebody else fathered their kid. But we all suspect that happened "on the side".

  • My son is thr result of a 6 guy Gangbang.... My husband was one of them, fortunately my son is my husband's. He had the strongest swimmers apparently

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