Dr visit

So I had to make a appt to see the Dr I felt my plumbing was not working properly was not getting hard as often or spontaneous like before. I have a primary Dr I see I tell her everything when it comes to my health she Indian not to good looking. So I go to my appt the nurse calls me in tells me my Doctor is out today will I be find seeing doctor Copper. In my head I'm like well why not another male would understand my situation. Nurse says Doctor will be right in and she walks out about 5 minutes later knock at the door . In walks in this sexy looking Dr Coper about 5'10' 125 lb medium breast green eyes . I can tell when she walks in and introduces herself she gives me the ounces over. I am 6ft 210 lb looks about a 7-1/2. As she logging into the computer I am wondering do I tell her what's going on or makes some shit up. Hell with it I tell her and she starts asking the question do I get up at night to pee a lot forces stop etc. Then she tell me to pull my pants and underwear off and lay on my left side facing wall. I tell her I prefer my right side she says ok. I lay there and tells me pull my knee to my chest and has to exam feel my prostate. I do as she says and cause I am laying on my right side I can see her face on the mirror. She lubes her glove and slides a finger in one second I am fully erect I'm not big 6 to 6-1/2 fully erect. She says it's ok it happens as she in me I can feel my cock and balls throbbing. I see her face expression she biting her upper lip eyes closed I let out a soft moan and sigh. She pulls her finger out slow thought I was going to bust. Taps my leg says lay on my back needs to feel that way. Now I'm laying on my back full erect pre cum oozing out. She parts my knees a bit and slides her finger up my ass I moan again and she feeling around past her dam knuckle as far as that finger will go. She looking right in my eyes and I bust 3 big fucking squirts . It shoots in her hair and coat and my legs. I tell her so so sorry she says don't don't worry its ok. Gets up wipes her hair off and coat throws me some paper tells and says clean my sell up . For a minute I felt like a used whore. She tells me plumping works but going to give me some viagra anyways.

1 month ago


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    • The only Doctor I ever bedded in my whole life was the one I was married to, and she had my equipment in her hand long before we ever married.
      On our very first date she more or less raped me, although I concede to being willing.
      Doctors are just as horny as everyone else, they are just better at not letting it show.
      But one thing I do find is that Nurses are often on the naughty side, I have had a few things done to me that might raise eyebrows slightly.

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