Want to be a cuckold

I can not get over the thought of walking in on my wife getting stuffed with cocks st both ends. To be so humiliated and turned on at the same time. Have her look at me and not have a care about what she is doing.

And before anyone says anything. No we have a great sex life and no I am not small in the cock department

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  • My wife recently asked me what kinds of sexual fantasies I have. I told her she probably wouldn't want to know. She insisted so I told her I wanted to be able to see her when she's on her hands and knees. She said, "Like home movies of us fucking?" I said, "More like you fuck another guy and I watch from the chair and jerk off." Her response was, "Let's do it."

  • As someone who's watched his wife suck and fuck lots of guys I kind of know your interest in seeing your wife being fucked by other guys. And though in my experience most of these experiences were threesomes with me involved. But sometimes I'd just watch. But was never humiliated. I was in control. I even watched guys fuck her while I was hiding and the guy/guys or girls had no idea I was watching. So see if anything like this would turn her on.

  • I know how you feel, but I want the guy to be someone I hate.

  • For me not someone I hate but someone I respect and get on with.My wife's ex,who she had a kid with in their previous relationship.He's successful,good looking and pretty much everything I wish I could be.We all get on well together and regularly hang out.I thought that my wife still had a thing for him but she said she's fully into me.Then came the shock,I asked about their sex life and she said he was an amazing fuck with a big dick.So I asked if she could,would she?She said probably.So I told her go for it.

  • I'm a white guy married to a half black woman.She only ever dated white guys before we got married.I always get thinking that she wants to try a guy of her own colour.I think I would let her too.

  • As a bull, I love making that pain-pleasure connection for a hubby.

  • Do you have a friendly trusting relationship with the cuck?

  • I am currently cucking a couple, I make the husband wear women clothes while I take his wife in every way possible, he gets to clean us up when I am done

  • My wife cucks me. I dont have a big dick. I'm on the smaller end of average at 5 inches. She doesnt fuck men tho. She makes me watch while she fucks her girlfriend.

  • You really need to think about chastity if you want to be a real cuckold.
    Best cage is a plastic style from Europe with an internal locking system bit expensive but well worth it comfortable for long term lock up's, you both will certainly enjoy having your wife as the keyholder and in total control

  • It is the best thing ever. Once or kids were grown and out of the house I convinced my wife to try another man. I had a fantasy of watching her with a big black guy. She finally gave in and wow did she love it. Now I get to watch her and clean her up after every guy. We also had a great sex life before but now it is way better. She is more confident and she loves to fuck so much more. I average size too but her favorite thing to do is tease me about my little dick. She will even ride me until she cums and then gets of of me and tells me I don't deserve to cum and that my dick is too small for her. She will then make me jack off until I cum. She will feed me my cum from my stomach and laugh at me. Works for some people!!

  • Maybe she would love for you to wear her pretty panties and other items of her lingerie while you jack off. Then she could call your dick a clit and further humiliate you by calling you her panty-boy.

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