Yes, another cuckold story.....

I know many of you are becoming tired of cuckold stories but I will share mine anyway. I am not what most people would consider a typical cuckold in that I am not a sissy, not feminine, not submissive, not in a cage, and not into worshiping my wife's bull. I am your average white married white guy but happen to have a very small cock. My wife enjoys guys with very thick cocks but has never denied me pleasure. This particular story is about a lover she had for about 2 years. He is a divorced white male who has about 8" of cock but it is incredible thick, even thicker than a coke can. When she first started fucking him she would come home sore and stretched so she usually just had me lick her to orgasm and she would give me oral. After a couple of days she was back to normal and we had regular sex. She had always been very tight but was starting to feel loose because of being stretched so much by his cock. She started seeing him 2 or 3 times a week and eventually she became accustomed to his size so she was not too sore for sex with me. The problem was that she became so stretched that she could not feel me inside her and I could hardly feel anything but a bit of wet warmth around my little cock. This was not all bad because she still wanted me to enjoy sex with her so she had me fuck her ass instead of her pussy most of the time. We found that we both enjoyed it because her ass is so tight and she started having anal orgasms during our sessions. She said it was different and that the angle and pleasure-pain made it enjoyable for her. He ended up moving away and while her pussy was never quite the same after being with him for a couple of years, her pussy actually started to feel tight enough again for enjoyable sex for both of us. She has had quite a few well-hung lovers through the years but none stretched her the way he did.

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  • Nothing like watching the facial expression of a female taking a huge cock

  • I caught my wife in bed with her ex again recently.Its ok,we have an arrangement.He did give us two amazing children.Because I couldn't get my wife pregnant,she asked him and he agreed,with her agreeing to sleep with him whenever he wanted.
    So on occasion I've come home when they're busy at it and I've just left them too it.

  • Dude if you caught her with her ex again you say. Want a child because you can't get a baby but you sneak her ex? Get rid of her

  • Dude that's fucked up. You should just leave them alone since they are the family unit and find a woman you are compatible with.

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