Got Pregnant On Business Trip and Husband Assumes The Child Is HI

I was traveling for business and met a rather handsome man at the hotel restaurant. I went back to his room with no intentions of doing anything but to talk and relax. I got caught up in the moment and we had sex. When he was about to enter me I asked if he had a condom and he said that he didn't. I wasn't on birth control (my husband uses condoms) but I thought I was safe and let him come inside me unprotected.

And yes, I got pregnant. Though we generally use condoms, when I came home I had sex with my husband and asked him to come inside me without one. He refused as he said he didn't want to get me pregnant.

I later told him I was pregnant and that the condom must have failed. He totally believed me and now we've been raising our daughter for a year. No one knows and thankfully, the man who got me pregnant looked similar to my husband.

I'm just worried about the future if anyone finds out later due to blood tests or DNA tests.


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  • I think you should have more kids this way. It is hot

  • Poor poor man. Raising a child he thinks is his. You should tell your husband and give him the dignity of finding someone new.

  • The truth will come out. The chickens always come home to roost, eventually. I feel bad for the kid, that's the one who will suffer the most.

  • I'm assuming that the guy you met and had sex with is a stranger to you and right now, you probably don't even know his last name. That's the way it usually goes with these chance relationships. It happened and you can't undo it now, so I think it's best to leave everything as is and please do not mention it to your husband. That's not saying that someday, something may come up that will create suspicions, but until then, keep it quiet or you may have serious problems with your marriage.

  • Take it to your grave. You will only be unburdening yourself by placing that burden on him and the child. You did it, you live with it. Just hope the child looks like you.

  • Do you think telling him will really go anyone’s way? The guy that got you pregnant most certainly doesn’t want to know. You can tell him or live with it.
    You tell him and I’m pretty sure someone will be packing their bags

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