Your moms or family

I want to know around what age and why u got into ur mom or ur sister what did u see ? What u herd

10 months ago


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    • I’m with my sister. We’ve always been super close. I was 20 she was 16 the first time we saw eachother naked. That was her first time seeing any guy naked it was also her first time touching and sucking a cock. We ended up having sex a few months later and have been together ever since.

    • Accidentally started new comment lol

    • I got spanked by my son once. I knew he always had a little crush on me and one coming of age birthday I told him he could have a special gift and it could be anything he wanted and he said he wanted to spank me. He said when he was little he would see husbands doing it to their wives and then kissing in a romantic scene in old western movies we used to watch and he said he always imagined we were in the movie and I was his wife and he would do that with me. I was taken aback to say the least but I eventually softened up and decided it was harmless. I went to dinner with him then after I waited for him in my room to come put me over his knee and pull up my dress. It was a very positive bonding experience for both of us but we never really talked about it after

    • Im 30 now. Think I was around 15 right after I lost my virginity I started having “ideas” of my mom. All my life I remember my mother being a very busty woman. Like bigger than double D. I’ve curiously spied on while in the shower and have been caught playing with myself more times than I wanna admit. One time that stands out out of all the others was when I was 23 and was renting my parents rental unit. My mom was downstairs cleaning and I went down and asked her generally concerned about what I found out was nothing but a pimple on the mid part of my shaft. Well I brought it up awkwardly and than finally just pulled my basket ball shorts down and asked her what she thought “it” might be. Flustered she said it doesn’t look like any genital disease and told me to give it a break from playing with myself. Jokingly I laughed and said your probably right. Put my shit away went upstairs. A few days later my mind grew curious and she caught me trying to pull her right breast out while I was standing over her fully naked. She woke up and was shocked and said Jesus she pulled both her breast out quickly pushed them together she said is this what you wanted? Does this really turn you on? Your mother’s boobs? My dick was so hard I could barely answer. I don’t even think I mumbled an answer she told me to go to bed and jerk off away from her. Honestly since than still to this day I think there’s a slight attraction. I’ve never tried to hide myself from her and she’s seen me naked many time since than.

    • 32 sister

    • My mum would have sex In same bedroom we shared when I was 10year old

    • Bull shit

    • My mom started me young. By the time i was an adult, i liked it and we continue.

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