Pervert part two

I went for a walk a few weeks later and I stopped by a house in another neighborhood and listened to the sound of a horse. I knew what was going on, the woman of the house was out in the barn with the horse. I thought the horse might have been mating with a female. My dick got hard thinking about what the woman was doing so I took my chances and walked up to the barn and stopped and looked in and saw two women naked on their knees licking the horses Dick. I stood there watching for a minute and they both started sucking its Dick. I wanted to step inside the barn and fuck both of them. they must have known I was watching because they stopped and turned their heads and the woman on the left said come here and fuck both of us fill us full of your hot gism you know you want to the woman on the right got off of her knees and turned around and walked over to me and said if you do this it'll be okay take your pants off and step over to the horse. I took my pants off and stepped over and the woman stopped sucking the horses Dick and turned her head and looked at me and said yeah fuck me get on your knees and fuck me. I got on my knees and she got in doggystyle position. I slid my Dick into her pussy and started fuckin her and the other woman layed on her back with her head between my legs licking my balls. I kept fuckin the brunette trying to finish but I couldn't almost an hour passed when she said hurry up let's not take all day, fuck I started fuckin her as quick as I could and the woman licking my balls started licking quick and after the hour passed ten minutes later I felt myself cuming, I pushed all the way in and filled her full of my gism and she rocked back and forth on my Dick for a minute and stopped the other woman stopped licking my balls and I felt it when she kissed my balls and they both said good boy the woman that was licking my balls whispered good boy. I pulled out and my Dick was all red when I looked at it. They both laughed and said it should do you for a while. (to be continued)

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  • I wonder whose comment is 1 I don't know.

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  • Everyone else doesn't

  • Am I right ?

  • You know who you are person commenting

  • I was right

  • It's amy

  • Evidently written by some sad, middle-aged virgin, living in his folks basement.

  • I don't care what you think or don't think. so I don't wonder who's comment is 1 down or who's
    commented. Do yourself a favor and
    Get murdered

  • Just maybe people would comment if they thought the post was worthy

  • I have thought who's comments the comments are. I know and how I know is it has to be somebody that I came into contact with before. Tell me I'm right. Y'all are all Mitra's. I understand.

  • Here's comments for the comment that says "worthy" I dont give a mother fuckin goddamn if nobody comments so why don't every commenters go to hell and take your goddamn families with you alright

  • Get gang-raped, beat up gang raped again beat up again and murdered comment 1 down

  • Now really how would you expect anyone to even consider this had a piece of truth

  • You don't believe anything do you ? did you ever think that some things are okay and some things happen and another thing, I know there's really not anybody posting comments.

  • So to whoever commented 1 down
    so is your mouth

  • Write your own story and I'll have the
    same comment for whoever.

  • What a load of shit, clearly could not believe this crap, I bet you are still wanking over posting this fantasy, wish the horse would have mounted you, OH !!! sore bum, really sore bum.

  • Уоця мама шiтн нояses. ¿ or is iт отнея меп. иош, геаllу тнеге's а соммеит. соммеит ьаск мiтrаs.

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