Time with friends

I went to visit some female friends one day when I got there I knocked on the door and one of them let me in. I said hey to everyone and we sat down and we started talkin about some different stuff when Julie sittin in the middle across from me Whispered to Kristen "you don't have on panties do you" Kristen whispered to Julie "no I don't" and angel sittin next to Julie whispered to Julie "do you think we should put on panties" Julie whispered "look hes looking" after a few minutes Julie laughed and I think she saw me lookin between her legs because she had on a short skirt and no panties and her bush looked nice I wanted to lick her bush. she spread her legs and I could see her pussy when she changed the subject to horses and they were talking about horses that's when angel said "Kristen have you ever sucked a horse and Julie was lookin at my bulge in my pants I saw her lookin and Kristen whispered Julie "his dick is hard look" Julie smiled and angel whispered to Julie "I wonder if he'll fuck me"Julie whispered to angel "it's a foot long" Kristen asked angel if she had any story ideas and Julie said "I have one"angel said what is it Julie said "it's about a guy with a Dick that's a foot long and when he was going to Fuck a woman doggystyle he shoved his hard Dick up her pussy and she started cryin"Angel said "I don't know about it how long did she cry" Julie said thirty minutes and angel said "what's the name of the story"Julie said Maria's pussy got hurt"and told that all she wanted to do was kiss angel whispered to Julie "his Dick is hard look"Julie whispered "I think he wants to shove it up your pussy"angel's face turned red and she stood up and walked into another room a minute later Kristen went to see about her it was only me and Julie she said "like lookin at my pussy"she went to see about angel and I sat there for a few minutes and they came back in Julie whispered when she got close enough to me "let's go in the bedroom"we went in the bedroom and she clos?d the door and said "Fuck me shove your Dick up my pussy Fuck my pussy make me cry"she pulled my pants down and turned around and got on all fours I got on my knees with my pants down to my ankles behind her and slid the crown in and she said "please"I waited a minute and shoved my Dick up her pussy and she screamed loud "ah my pussy"I started fuckin her quick after almost about ten minutes she started cryin and I only had six inches of my Dick in her when she reached her right hand between her legs and put two fingers in her she lowered herself and she had her butt in the air and she reached with her left hand and played with my balls she pulled on my balls for a half hour and I was cumin she held my balls and cried "don't cum"I came in her pussy as much as I could before she let go of my balls she stopped cryin and I pulled out slowly her pussy felt so good when I pulled out I waited a minute and she said "I'm not gonna suck it you hurt me my pussy hurts"I said ah baby you said you wanted me to do it"

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