Caught Crossdressing and Loved It!

When I get the house to myself and I know I’m not going to be disturbed, I like to indulge in my secret passion of crossdressing.

This morning was one of those days and after my morning shower I sifted through my considerable collection of undies, costumes, wigs etc for something sexy to wear.
I chose a black lace waist cinching corset which pulled my waist in to give me a feminine silhouette.
After taking time to pull the corset laces as tight as I could bear, I rolled on some black sheer lace-top stockings and fastened the suspenders making sure they were all perfectly straight in the mirror and pulled on some matching lace panties, loving the tight, restrictive feeling of the corset. Next were the 5 inch black stilettos and I clip-clopped out of the bedroom ready to start my day!

I didn’t do anything special that morning, just went about doing what I normally do but in a very feminine manner.

Just before lunch I decided that today would be a special day when I’d fully transform and be totally feminine so I unpacked my makeup!

I’ve done my makeup many times and can create quite a sexy look so I set about making myself beautiful sitting in front of the makeup mirror in the bathroom.

After about an hour, I was happy with my look, false eyelashes, dark smoky eyeshadow and sympathetic lipstick highlighted with contrasting lip liner.
I added some hoop clip-on earrings and a sexy necklace to complete the look. I was very happy at the image staring back at me in the mirror.

I tightened my corset a little tighter and then completed my look with a short brown page-boy style wig and stuck on the sexiest set of French manicure nails which make me feel extremely feminine and submissive.

I then set about my daily cleaning chores feeling very sexy indeed!

It wasn’t long before I had the urge to lube up my favourite and most comfortable butt plug and slide it inside me.
Next, to complete my feminisation, I slid on and padlocked my see-through chastity cage.

My kitchen is the only room not overlooked in the daytime so I set up my ironing board and got to work.
My music was on and I was loving the feeling of being able to relax, be myself and have some fun in natural daylight rather than be locked away in case anyone saw me dressing up.

My feminine side was really coming out as I daintily picked up my ironing being careful not to break my sexy nails and being extra girly. I admired myself in the mirror several times and felt very excited by what I saw!

As my arousal grew, I decided that I needed a larger toy inside me to make me feel more girly so I took off my chastity cage, grabbed my long, veiny suction cup dildo and headed back to the kitchen with my lube.

I removed my small plug and took my time easing my new toy gently inside me. I stood with my back to the wall slowly fucking myself and then stuck my toy to the wall so I had both hands free to caress myself and feel like I was getting fucked, completely losing myself in my music and daylight.

I had the most fantastic, feminine orgasm, my nails dragging along my balls as I ejaculated into my hand and promptly savoured the taste of my own cum as I finished juddering.

The next step was to clean up, wash my toys, redo my makeup and resume my day.

I had just started to wash my toys in the sink as I caught something move out of the corner of my eye. As I looked up I saw three builders on next door’s garage roof looking in at me and laughing!
I was horrified as they would have been able to see my every move from where they were, they had a perfect view!

I panicked and ran as fast as I could in my heels to the bedroom, my heart racing at the prospect of my secret being discovered of even filmed!

When I finally calmed down I redid my makeup and made sure I looked perfect again and took a sneak peek at the builders. They were still there looking over and laughing as they worked and I knew I’d been properly busted!

Hoping that even if I was filmed, my face couldn’t be recognised I changed my wig to a long sexy blonde one and put on my satin maids dress.
The rest of the afternoon was spent away from the viewing builders but occasionally walking through the kitchen to show them I was still dolled up!

I always assumed that the thought of getting caught crossdressing would be far better than the stark reality of actually getting caught but no, once the shock subsides it’s a fantastic experience!

I now have the urge to start risky crossdressing again and taking much bigger risks!

Does anyone else have similar experiences?


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  • I have been straight cross dressing for about six years only at home but my wife supports me and her best girlfriend loves helping me select clothing and assists making me up when she comes over, even though I am totally versed with everything Femme I love her doing me up while naked, I always get a roaring hard on and my wife plays with and torments me.
    We are certainly going to start going out with me dressed and I just feel so horny about it, first the Mall for some new lingerie then a picnic in a park nearby I am so very excited, the furthest I have gone so far Femme is to the car for a road trip, I loved it.

  • That is just so good, I have never been caught but something inside of me certainly wants to, I leave curtains open when I am dressed and doing my housework but noone has been looking.

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