Mixed Wrestling Freak

I had always been turned on wrestling with tough girls. Since I was 14 or so. Back in the early 90's I met an extremely hot Italian girl that I dated for 3 yrs. Her body was amazing! Well, we were on the phone teasing each other one night, when she said...'Id kick your ass. Id pin your ass to the ground any day"!!! That was ALL I needed to hear. I casually responded...Ok, Ill wrestle ya. By MY rules! Her response..."...and what are those rules"? I said, Hmmmm, Ok, we wrestle in our undies. First to pin the other down and sit on their face wins! Amazingly, she responded...Ok, fine! I couldnt believe my ears! Moving forward, the weekend was here. We again were on the phone planning the night. Tossing around a few ideas, I finally said...Hey, I thought we are gonna wrestle. She said, Uh huh, we are. When? I say...how about tonight? We'll get a room and wrestle there, at the motel. Her response,,Deal. Then she says, what kind of panties you want me to wear for our fight? I was like,,,Hmmmm, you have Purple? She says, yes i do. Lots of them. Purple it is! Well, we get to the motel, check in and go to our room. After checking out the room, getting comfortable and a little small talk, she asks,,,"Are you ready to get your ass kicked"? I was instantly aroused! I was like, lol, I sure am. IF you think you can make me give..by my rules. She smirks and says,,,Yep! Well, Chris (thats her name) goes to the bathroom and closes the door. I yelled to her...Do you think I should just lay a blanket on the floor??? Chris says...Yea! I throw the blanket down and take my pants off. Then my shirt. I layed on the bed in my blue bikini brief type undies. After about 2 minutes, Chris walks out wearing a Purple Bra with matching Purple satin panties. The panties had tiny playboys on them and looked really sexy. High on the hips, narrow in the front and real tight on her ass. The type that when she bends over, one side would creep in her butt! Very hott!!! She smiles, does a spin and says...What do ya think? I was like,,,wow, you look great! She laughed and blushed a little. Her long brong hair laying on her shoulders, lightly tanned skin and beautiful smile was piercing! Looking her over I notice her phat pussy making a little bulge in her panties. It looked sooo sexy! Just gorgeous! So, we et on the blanket, on our knees, facing each other. Were both kind of laughing, when she says... Ready? I respond,,,,you say when! In like 5 seconds she says GO! The fight is on. We interlock our arms and are body to body now. Chris was real serious about winning. More than I figured. She quickly wraps her arm around my neck and gets me in a headlock. Bent over, I can stare directly toward her crotch! her phat pussy in sight, Im down low enough that I can see her butt cheeks thru her legs. Her panties are riding up her ass. I can see her little ass cheeks wiggling around. I struggle but not as hard as I could. We're both giggling, when she tightens up her headlock and flips me on to my back. Now, Im on my back and side, looking up at her. Quickly, she grabs my wrists and pushes my arms to the floor, over my head. Even quicker, she throws her leg over my body and is now sitting on top of me. Sitting on my stomach, pushing down on my arms I look up and her tits are right over my face. Chris lowers down a bit and now her tits ar right on my face! Im struggling below her. Kicking my legs, trying to turn my body. Chris, quickly scoots up and sits on my chest, with her knees planted on my shoulders. She looked sooo hot. Looking up, her hair is hanging over my face. She has a big smile on her face too. Chris says,,,go ahead, try n throw me off. I try pretty hard to push up, but she kneels harder on my arms. I tried to roll my body to rill her off. THATS when she thought I may get her off. At that point, she pushed hard on my wrists and again scooted up further. Chris' crotch was now just below my chin, as she is sitting on my neck. She looked sooo hot on top of me. Both of us laughing again, she says...You give? You give up yet? Naturally, I say no. With that, Chris moves up above my face. Looking right at her crotch, her panties in her ass, her crotch somewhat poking out the sides of her panties, she lowers herself on to my face. Holding my wrists, she relaxes herself hard on my face. My nose directly into her pu**y. Chris sits there for about a minute without saying anything. I lay there kicking my legs and moreless pretending Im trying to get free. Finally, she lifts up about an inch and says...Now you give? Huh? I laugh and try to turn my face. No, I dont give. Fine, she says and sits back down on my face. This time, shes wiggling her butt left to right a little. "You give"? I cant hear you!!! I say no, once again. Then, in one quick move, she holds my wrists together with one hand and climbs off, spins around facing my feet and sits right down on my face again! Of course, Im pretending like Im reall trying to get free. I must admit, she was very strong for a girl 4 yrs younger than me and smaller. Now, on my back, Chris has her shins against my arms which are at my sides. Her ass is sitting directly on my nose, her pu**y right on my mouth. She reached back at one point and uses her fingers to pull her panties out of her ass crack and sits back down just as fast. Her scent was amazing. Her panties were slightly wet and she smashes her pu**Y on my mouth. My nose is crambed in her ass, with her asshole right on my nose. No nastiness at all. She had no foul smell. A very light perspiration scent at the most. I was so hard, I could have exploded. After keeping me like this for maybe 10 minutes, I finally said...Ok, I give. Chris cracked up. She lifted up about a half inch and said...I win? Did I kick your ass? I mumble yes. She laughs again and sits back down on my face. This time, she pulls the front f my undies down and takes me in her mouth. I, in turn pull her panties to the side and begins to lick her! I exploded before her but made sure she was satisfied completely. This was the first time we ever did this or had any sexual intimacy what so ever. I can assure you, we had repeated this several times through our relationship! A couple years later, we broke up because I moved out of state. She didnt want to leave her family. Chris is married now to a good guy. I see hr every few years. She sill looks fantastic. I would LOVE to wrestle her once again! True story here folks!

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  • I’ve never understood men that can’t just fuck. You need to wrestle? Just eat my pussy and quit wasting time.

  • Lmao...I hear ya. Its the build up. A situation like mine is like a GIANT tease, until the final prize! I understand though!

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