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I’m in my early 20s (f) living with a friend from college. She has recently started dating a guy that I have known for awhile but have only been acquaintances. He’s very good looking, tall, and out of my league. My roommate is a gorgeous blonde so they’re the perfect couple. Anyways, a couple months ago I started getting turned on by listening to them have sex and talk dirty in bed. We share a wall so it’s very easy to hear what’s going on. I always get wet thinking what he’s doing to her. As of the last couple weeks, I have taken it a step further and have been getting their used condoms out of the trash and wiping his cum all over my body, putting it my mouth when it’s still fresh/warm, and will put it in my panties to walk around the apartment. I have never seen him naked but would love to have some sort of threesome with them eventually. I’m not into girls but would pretty much do anything to get a chance with him. I plan to start being naked more in my room and will the leave the door cracked hoping to get him turned on. I have some other ideas as well that might work. Ps I have a runners body, long legs, b cup boobs, confident. Wanted to get this off my chest. We’ll see what happens

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  • I did this too, a college friend too, I would masterbate listening to them, and cum, always Mede me cum. With no bin in her room he would drop it in the bathroom bin, I would get it warm, and flick it from the condom up my naked body pretending he had shot his load on me.
    I became a bit of a cum addict and used to offer free hand jobs to strangers, just to get cum on.

  • That's pretty gross, but I get it. Growing up my older sister used to fuck her boyfriend in her room, and I'd go in later and dumpster dive for a used condom. I only did it out of curiosity. I wanted to know what cum tasted like. Her boyfriend tasted pretty good, I should add.

  • I use to do this when I was younger too. I would go into my parents room and get my step dad's used condoms and rub his cum all over my titties. Then I started draining his cum from the condom into my mouth and swallow it. I would even turn it inside out and slip it on my fingers and masturbate using the cum for lube. Now that I am in high school I really hope I can tease him into giving me what I really want.

  • Take the used condom, put the opening against your vagina. Holding the the cum filled part, push it inside, emptying it as deep in you as you can. It would be so hot to have his baby.

  • Sorry to hijack the post but I done this, 7 years ago until i got pregnant. I was young and stupid then, but my daughter's my world.

  • Go for it gal

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