Wife’s aunt

I have a crush on my wife’s aunt. We flirt a lot and we have confessed our desires. She is married And we have both agreed we cannot do anything , so we flirt and tease each other. She is 65 and I’m 50. We have a strong connection and we chat all the time. I didn’t expect this to happen but it did. I think of her a lot. My marriage is solid and we have no drama. Wife and I are very open minded. Aunt lives out if state. We see each other every year or two. Things are mellow between us but the desire is real. It looks like I’m not alone from the posts in this forum. Anyone else had a strong connection with an in law. How did you handle the temptation if you never had sex with them? I don’t like being teased and. It getting what I want so I’m considering stopping the flirting. Anyone else have a thing with an uncle or aunt in law? Part of me wants her and the other part says no. Help!

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  • I handled the temptation by succumbing to it, and I’m so glad I did. After we fucked it was like a weight was lifted off of us. Once the tension was gone we could relax around each other.

  • I say go for it. My daughter’s husband has helped himself to my pussy a few times and I love it.

  • Keep it under wraps. It's called self-control. Maybe in another time, another life you and her aunt would be perfect together. I think we can all say that about someone we've met who is other than our spouse. I've been happily married for years, but can think of two people I've known who also would have been soulmates, had we been "available."

  • If you aren’t satisfied at home why suffer.
    I’m pretty sure she’d keep her mouth shut about it. Ask yourself this...If your woman totally loved sex with you why is so limited. Have fun while you have time

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