Cash Creek

My husband Jim and I have discussed the possibility of one day him sharing me with another guy and it seams that lately that is the only he can get it up is when he is fantasizing watching me do another guy and some of the things he comes up with are kind of fun and once he tied my hands and feet to the bed and said that he had a guy in the other room that he was going to get to do me and I knew different but he left then a couple minutes later he was back and without a word he mounted me and it was kind of exciting I knew it was him but the blindfold left some doubt. Well he would do this from time to time each time telling me it was going to be another guy and I learned to go along with his fantasy it was a little exciting then for my birthday we went up to cash creek and we took a room as we unpacked he showed me his stuff and the velcrow tiee dwons and the blindfold was in ther to nd he told me he was going to find a guy to fuck me but by know I was sure he was full of shit so I went along with it.
there was times when he would find me and remind me what he had planned but I was having fun but around 2 AM I was getting tired When he came up to me and said I found a guy lets go upstairs and I was tired and wanted to go to sleep but Jim was wide awake and wanted to play so I let him tie me to the ed nude and blindfold me then he said I will be right back but he took much longer this time and I was tied to the bed and all of a sudden I started to itch and I couldn't scratch the itch and I wanted to call out but I didn't want someone to come in with me naked on the bed so I laid there wondering why he was taking so long then the door opened and I said Jim I am tired untie me so I itch all over and I want to scratch and he said I found a guy and he is waiting just outside so I said well then let him In I itch so you can untie me and I felt the fresh air come in and Jim said there she is and I heard a deeper voice say Nice.
My body went rigid when I heard that and I said Jim what's going on and I started to struggle and the guy said hey I thought you said she was willing man I don't want any part of a rape dude and I heard Jim calming him down talling him to take it easy he said all I know is you first name and I don't even know what town you live in she did tell me that someday she would give in just finger for awhile and maybe lick her cunt a little and if you still want to leave you are free to go and the guy said man I don't know but if you say so and I heard the rustle of clothes as he undressed I was scared shitless my hands were fisted in the sheets and even though it had been warm in the room before I felt chilled and goose bumps covered my chest and belly .
I was afraid to try to say anything because my voice was sure to break so I decided to just lay there and let him do what he had agreed to do and the bed gave as he sat on the edge and then his fingers began to tweak my nipples and they responded to his touch much to my despair then his fingers traced circles down my body into my pubic hair then he pulled the lips of my vagina apart and started to slide it up and down and it felt good but I was determined to not cum for him so I gritted my teeth and laid there helpless as he had his way with me my body tried to betray me but I was determined not to let it show I had actually led my husband to believe I would do it from time to time but I never thought he would actually do it.
When his fnger slipped into me he said she is wet I think she likes it and Iground my teeth together still gripping th bed sheets with both my hands as he started fingering me and I prayed that he wouldn't finger my clit but he did with his thumb as he fingered me my body so much wanted to respond but I wouldn't let it then he said I want to taste her so is it ok if I untie her legs so I can get at her pussy ? Jim gave him the go ahead and I was having a hard time concentrating on refusing them the pleasure of me responding to him so I laid there and he untied my legs and at first I tied to struggle but he was very strong and he forced my legs apart and laid them over his shoulders and I could feel his hot breath on my pubic hair as he pulled the folds covering my vagina apart then his hot breath hit my Vagina my whole went rigid and as is tongue licked me from bottom to top my body began to shake uncontrollably and I heard Jim his voice hoarse with lust god I think she likes this and his tongue slipped into me and my body rebelled and started responding to him and I couldn't help myself I was using my thighs on his back for leverage now forcing my vagina against his teeth amd I was no longer fighting I was responding with my whole body I could hear my grunts and curses at myself and my orgasm grew inside of me and it demanded release and I no longer cared what they thought I was whimpering and talking filthy like my husband likes me to do when we have sex telling him to eat me I was going to cum all over his face and that spurred him to greater heights and he began to lightly bite my clit and I exploded in orgasm thrashing around wildly unable to control y body and I let my orgasm claim me washing over me like a ocean wave caresses the beach leaving me breathless and my body jerking helplessly then I felt him move above me and I wanted so bad to kiss him but I was blindfolded as he lifted my thighs over his hips and I felt his cock at my entrance then he moved forward and his cock was inside of me My body began to respond to his as he pumped into me both od his hands gripping my breasts almost painfully but that just accentuated the pleasure of his cock inside of me and the friction of his cock plunging in and out I was breathless now gasping like a dying bird when I felt another Orgasm rising inside of me and I let myself go and his cock stopped for a few seconds so I could enjoy it then he started fucking me again rapidly grunting his pleasure and he said Man tour wife's pussy is tight,tight,tight as he thrust into my and I was a minded piece of flesh now just letting whatever happened happen I come once more before he did then His hot seed squirted into me and I could actually feel his cock pulse each time he hot more of his seed into me and I was now coming down from my high and I was laughing uncontrollably but I also was very proud of myself for making him cum like that.
Jin took my blindfold off and I looked up into this guys face he was as black as the ace of spades and I was a little surprised but he had given me much pleasure so I let him kiss me then he sat back as his cock slipped out of me and I was surprised to see that he was bigger than Jim's cock by an inch or two.
He dressed and thanked Jim as I watched still in the warm after sex glow and I don't know why but I asked him what his name was and he said David so I said thank you David and he left.
We are now comfortable with me doing other guys but I wont let him fuck around .


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  • I wish my wife would make me her cuckolded hubby.

  • Mmm found on TRENDING posts as in essex sounds like fun couple and if that true where live near me may be can chat email etc

  • We live in the Bay Area of Calif.

  • Where all the other cock sucking, cheating, sharing and queer pricks are

  • That is certainly correct plus the area is home to a large number of poofters

  • I told my wife I would like to see her fuck another guy and she was all for it. So she made it happen. No blind fold bull crap. We checked into a motel she striped naked. About a half hour later we got a call from the guy. She gave him the room number. He comes in the room she drops to her knees and starts sucking his dick. They then go to the bed he fucks her twice. He gets dressed and leaves. I high five the wife and dip into that well fucked pussy of hers. We have repeated this format dozens of times. Its all good.

  • My wife would wean on my dick for hours while watching TV. Sometimes she'd sleep with it in her mouth. I'd also get many awesome blowjobs. She goes to her chick dentist. X rays show her teeth are moving. "you just got married a year ago, are you weaning on your husbands penis?" she's like red face ya..
    She tell her don't be embarrassed -- you're not the only one -- She fits for a retainer like device. And it's just out of this world to get a blowjob when she has that in. We have kids and the weaning mostly stops. But I still get good retainer in blowjobs. PS I joined that 4 Hour Club 500 times.

  • You high fived your wife? Why do I find that hard to believe. She's your wife, not your buddy from the bar. I call BS, no one high fives their wife during or after sex.

  • My wife asked me once if I wanted her to keep on sucking after she had just given me an orgasm, I of course told her she could do it as long as she wanted. She gave me a great second orgasm like twenty minutes later then right after with my cock still in her mouth she held a hand for me to slap it giving her a high five.

  • Awesome I want my wife to fuck other men I am trying to get her to do it

  • Same. Good luck.

  • OMG there is another one like my husband. 20 years ago he'd tie me on 4 legged padded fuck table, blinfolded and pretened to be his buddy (who i wanted to fuck). He's a pretty good actor, was hard to tell sometimes. At first I'd do it for dinner at a fancy place, then i stared to love it. Then it was the buddy fucking -- omg-- must i confess this? I could tell his cock was longer and thiner. His hands on my tits and ass were rougher. So then i call him up and say fuck jim, lets get a motel room. For 10 years he was my side fuck.

  • You, ma'am, are the perfect wife!

  • You know she's getting that BBC regularly now.

  • Great story

  • I really don't think this happened at all

  • OK so just don't believe it then.

  • My husband was suggesting it because guys are always all over me when we go out and he gets excited by it. Halloween we went to a party and I was dressed as a sexy school girl.....It happened!
    Now it's not difficult at all.

  • My wife made up sports like jersey with "nymphomaniac" in the name area and a little "serta" mattress attached to her back for a Halloween party. I was working, her GF sent me a picture. I'm like wtf honey? She said, you wouldn't let me wear that, i took the opportunity and had some with it. Barmaid called her Hussy, soon everyone did.

  • I got my wife into fucking other guys as well. It was difficult for her the first few times but she loves doing it now. Even goes on the hunt for guys herself and brings them home. I love watching her get pounded

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