I'm not super well hung. 5.5 inches hard actually. But I love when my wife measures me. I ask her often , she will pull out the tape and measure ME giggle , smirk , shake her head and tell me it's a good thing I'm so good with my tongue. DRIVES ME WILD .
Then I prod her to show me with the tape some of the big ones shes had. Then beg her to tell me about the encounters.....always very interesting. Sexy little kitten

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  • This is such a goofy guy post. 5.5" is totally fine, my husband is 6", and no woman I've ever met wants to be fucked by an 8"+ dick. It hurts.

  • There's some truth to that but I think its all in her head and not all women are the same.Vaginas are amazingly resilient and adaptable.I went from a 5 inch to a 9 and it was just a matter of him giving it to me gradually and pretty soon i was taking him all in and loving it.

  • Yep for I am taking 11inches right to his balls

  • I’m sure you loved it, but actually vaginas are on average only 4” deep. And most men are actually only about 5” long.

  • Best time is when your pumping her good. Ask her if she misses those big cocks that used to pump her good

  • I agree with this. You won’t be able to resist cumming, when you hear the answer.

    Oh, and one more thing. You’re eventually going to become a cuckold. 😆

  • You sound like you might really enjoy letting your wife fuck another man who a bigger dick than you. It would drive you wild, when you compare sizes with him! You’re going to LOVE the humiliation it causes you.

    You’re not going to be able to resist this.

  • Many a female has dumped the dickless wonder boy after she gets hooked on big cock.

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