Some years back now I bought a video camera and like many married couples made our own home movies , Also I used to get hold of porn videos and swap or let friends have a look at them . I had a video tape full of adult stuff of my wife , A guy I was friendly with one day asked me if i had any porn , I said yea I have a few tapes , So he said can I have a look at one ,I said ok the next day I brought one in to work for him , A couple days later he gave it back to me he said have you got any more like that , I asked him what was it about and I will check , Then 'horror' he described my wife and what she was doing in the first part of the film , Somehow I picked up the wrong tape I don't know how but I did , He did not know my wife at the time thank god, The contents of that tape well you would not want to know , It gets more embarrassing

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  • Our sex life was average not on my side but on my wife's, I bought a video camera, one night in the front room I was learning about the vid camera.
    I pointed the camera at my wife and jokingly said when you see the red light on the front of the camera its recording, take your clothes off for me to my surprise she slowly stripped slowly and did different poses, I wanted her to show her vagina and play with her self but she wouldn't, we talked about it she said she really enjoyed being naked and stripping for the camera,
    I suggested we make our own porn movie she was reluctant, after she had drunk nearly a bottle of wine she said start the camera and put it on a side table, it seemed as if all her demons were released, normally she would only go down on me briefly but she was licking my dick like a lolly another surprise was she would never take it up the arse, but she wanted to be buggered and said so something she never did was dirty talk her language was disgusting, some of the things she suggested was shocking

  • You knew what you were doing

  • It was a genuine mistake , But a couple of months later I bumped into him I was with my wife shopping ,I could see straight away he recognised my wife from the tape , He smiled and said well are you going to introduce me to this sexy lady , My wife was going into a changing room to try a skirt on at the time I said it was a mistake I explained the mix up with the tape and my wife doesn't know anything about it ,He laughed then said I've never met a porn star before I'm glad I took a copy of the tape , I don't know if he did or not but I was feeling quite sick at this point , my wife appeared asking me what I thought of the skirt I said you look nice in it , Then he said I can picture you in something really short it would suit you I've got this vision of you ,My wife just nervously laughed then went back into the changing room , I said im not amused then he said get your wife to try on a short skirt then I won't say anything else about this , I convinced her to try a short skirt on when she came out with it on he said to me I know what's under the skirt don't I , My wife did not here any of this she went back in to change , Then he said buy her that skirt I want you to make a nice film of her in the skirt with no knickers on then we are quits , I still have not done it yet

  • Bet it's a 35mm am I right?

  • You're right. We do not want to know. 😴😴😴😴

  • Yeah wtf mention it and not elaborate?

  • It's called attention seeking.

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