To get my cloths back, I had to...

I had the desire to walk around naked in front of people since I was a young kid. When I become legal age some guys told me about a secluded place in the forest not far off where guys would go to screw girls.. One day I went there to check it out. There were like large trees with over hanging branches which almost touch the ground. I could walk inside without being seen from the out side. I BECAME HORNY and took all my clothes off. I was walking around with my young dick hard like a rock for about 10 minutes when all of a sudden I head some guy yell out "ha kid" I got scared and turned around, covering my dick with my hands. This large homeless guy had my clothes and was smiling and said if I wanted them back to come and get them. I approached him slowly and could smell the alcohol on his breath. He looked me over from head to toe and said how smooth I was and I had a nice big ass. I became both frighten and sexually excited at the same time. He said he didn't like to drink alone and would give me my clothes back after we had a few drinks together. I asked for my clothes first, but said not till we had a drink, he handed me the bottle and I took a tiny sip, but he said take a real drink and held the bottle till I was gulping his' booze. It tasted like fire and was gaging after he took the bottle away. After a few minutes I think I became drunk, and he was rubbing my plump ass (which I was always ashamed of) and I started to get sexually aroused. I had fantasy's for a long time of going down on one of my friends who bragged about how big his dick was and how several girls had given him blow jobs. The homeless guy was running his hands all over me and I got so horny that I dropped to my knees, facing his crutch. He unzippered his fly and took it out. He wasn't very clean and smelled a little and for a moment I just stared at it. He pulled my head forward and forced his dick against my lips then I open my mouth and he said " suck it good kid" I did what I saw a neighbor women do to her husband when I peeked through their window. The feeling of helplessness came over me and I liked it. I liked being used and told what to do. He began groaning and shot his load in my mouth and told me to swallow. It tasted bitter but I did what I was told. He then began rubbing his big dick all around my face and had me lay on my stomach and was dry humping me till he came again. It was getting late and I had to go home. He gave me my clothes back and told me to come back again tomorrow. I guess since I was legal he wasn't worried about me saying anything, not that I would have anyway. I jerked off may times reliving my experience of being used like a girl and super enjoying it. There is a second part to this story which I'll post at a later date.

11 months ago


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    • Nice, I wish I was there too.

    • I was almost hairless and my dick was no where near 9 inches and my skin was very fair.

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