Showing wife

It all started with my phone I would take photos of photos with a scanner at first it was normal photos , I had some of my wife on my phone dressed normally I would show my photos to friends sometimes , when it got to my wife's photos they would pause and look a bit longer I liked them admiring my wife . I never took rude photos of my wife with my phone but I had some photos I could scan from a while back , At first I put some of my wife in really short skirts high heels and different tops on , I would still show friends but this time they would pause for longer and make a comment about her legs most the time . Then I scanned a lot of photos of my wife then put them onto the phone , I could not show these to anyone I knew my wife would go mad if she found out , I had photos of her with a black piece of tape over her face and the same photos without the tape , At first I never showed anybody then I was in a transport cafe I was talking to another driver and i showed him a photo of my wife , My wife was in a short skirt showing her knickers he was quite blunt he said I'd fuck her got any more , The plan was gradually show more but I showed him one of her topless he said nice tits I would come over them ,Now he had seen her face so there was no point showing the ones with the tape on them , This one all she had on was her stockings and heels sitting in a chair with her legs open this was giving me a buzz , This time he looked at her he said I would love to fuck your wife I would come in every hole ,Hearing his comments was really getting me hard , I've done this now many times I think I'm out of control I even want to tell them her name and where she works .

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  • Does anyone remember when they gave into the temptation of showing off their GF/fiancée/wife?

    I remember when I first did. I’m a cuckold in a relationship with a virgin. Ever since she told me that she’s a virgin, I’ve always fantasized about another man deflowering her. Each day that she remains a virgin makes my fantasy become more intense. One day, showing off her nudes to online bulls and letting them know that she’s a virgin entered my mind. The more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t resist imagining another man seeing every part of my virgin fiancée and me begging them to take her virginity... until one day, I couldn’t resist it. I almost needed bulls to see every part of my virgin fiancée’s naked body. My adrenaline made me tremble the entire time.

    The only reason I want to show bulls her nudes is so that it leads to one of them deflowering her.

  • I have a few pics of my wife, and I have only shown them to guys I would not she is my day to day life. only two of them have seen her in person after they saw her pic. They have no real way to know who she is or where she lives.

  • Yeah and when they turn up and tell her, you showed them pics, I'm sure that's going to pan out very well for you.

  • The risque ones I would only show strangers not friends

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