Beautiful Dr. Nausheen Has A Little Accident

To learn about all of the horrible things that have been happening to the Beautiful Doctor Nausheen, read “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Receives Unwanted Anal – Parts 1 and 2;” “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Is Violated Again;” Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Is Visited A Third Time;” “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Learns To Swallow;” “Beautiful Dr. Nausheen Helps Me Cuckold Her Husband;” and “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Is Treated Like A Prostitute.”

These stories reveal a smart, beautiful, Indian wife and mother violated, repeatedly, in some of the worst ways possible. Every orifice of her body has been explored and she has been forcibly introduced to anal pleasures, swallowing seed, and receiving facials. She has also been forced to lure her husband into performing these nasty acts on her and become an unwitting cuckold.
This story tells of one of the most humiliating visits I ever made to the Beautiful Dr. Nausheen, a visit during which she was forced to humiliate herself in one of the worst ways possible!

It had been a several months since I made one of my “afternoon visits” to Dr. Nausheen in her office. It was 4 PM on a Thursday and I texted Dr. Nausheen, “I will be at your office at 5:30 today for another visit. Be ready for me or you know what will happen.” As much as Dr. Nausheen hated my visits, she hated the thought of me sending the pictures and videos I have of her and I together to her husband even more. She replied quickly, “Please, I’m begging you, Stop! I am a decent married woman! This is wrong! Please don’t visit again today!” I simply replied, “I’ll be there at 5:30.”

I went to her office at 5:30 to find only her car in the parking lot and the front door unlocked. I went inside and locked the door behind me. I took a quick look around her office and found it empty. I saw a light coming from her personal office, walked in, and found her sitting behind her desk trembling. She looked up at me and said “What do you want this time? Haven’t you violated me, my body, and my marriage, enough? Aren’t you satisfied yet? What could there possibly be left for you to do to me, to my body?” The huge bulge in the front of my pants left no doubt that I wanted – needed – her again. “Stand up, walk around to the front of your desk.” As she stood, I could see she was dressed in a simple red dress, dark colored pantyhose, a pair of black pumps, and a strand of pearls. “Have you and your husband had sexual relations lately.” “Please . . . don’t” she pleaded with me. “Tell me or your husband will receive all of the photos and videos of my visits to you!” “Yes.” “Yes, what?” “Yes, my husband and I have had sexual relations lately . . . we had them this week.” “Oh my! On which day?” “Every . . . every day.” “Every day! Please share all of the details with me!” “On Sunday my husband wanted regular intercourse with me and that’s all he did.” “On Monday, he . . . he only wanted me to please him . . . with my mouth . . . and that’s all we did.” “On Tuesday, he . . . because of you he wanted to have intercourse in my butt, so he did. I was just happy that it didn’t last long.” “On Wednesday, yesterday, he . . . he wanted to watch me please myself and when he had seen enough, he ejaculated on my body.” “Well, well, well . . . it sounds like your husband is enjoying every part of you, every day!” “Did you orgasm on any of these days.” “Yes,” she replied reluctantly. “On which days did you cum?” I had orgasms during the regular intercourse we had and when he made me masturbate in front of him. You are an animal! I truly hate you!”
While Dr. Nausheen stood in front of her desk, I sat in her desk chair, took out a little tripod for my phone, and mounted my phone so I could video Dr. Nausheen. “I want you to leave your office and come back in. When you come back in, I want you to slowly walk toward your desk with a ‘come fuck me’ look on your face.” She very reluctantly replied and I took a nice, 10-second video of Dr. Nausheen entering her office. “Now, I want you to slowly turn in a circle so I can video every side of your body. As you do it, slowly run your hands over your hips and ass.” I could see Dr. Nausheen was humiliated by this request, but she complied. “Now, turn your back to the camera and slowly raise your dress above your hips.” A defeated Dr. Nausheen didn’t even protest any more, she just did as she was told. When her skirt was pulled all the way up, I could see her sexy pantyhose-covered legs, hips, and ass. Underneath her very sheer pantyhose was a pair of ivory lace panties. My cock was rock hard at this point and about to explode in my pants. “Without turning around, slowly slide just your pantyhose down below your ass.” As I watched her do this, I almost started to squirt. “Now, stand just like that for a few minutes.” While Dr. Nausheen stood in front of me with her dress pulled up and her pantyhose pulled down, I quickly edited the several videos I had taken up to this point. We are almost done Dr. Nausheen, I just need you to do one more thing to complete my movie. “What . . . what must I do for you?” she asked. “I need you to take a dump in your panties while I watch!” “You . . . you . . . you want me to have a bowel movement in my underwear while you watch? Never! I will not! I cannot!” “If you will not then I had better leave so I can start sending all of the pictures and videos I have to your husband.” She just stood there for a few minutes sobbing and then I noticed her move, I noticed her bearing down as if she was trying to go to the bathroom. She would cry a little, then push a little. After a few minutes I could see something start to protrude from the inside of her panties. She was really doing it! She started out very slow. But, once she started to go she filled her panties in less than a minute. They were full and sagging when she was done.
While she stood there with full panties, crying, I finished editing the video and texted it to her phone. A second later I heard the “bing” of my text reaching her phone. I demanded she unlock her phone and hand it to me. She did so obediently. I saved the vide to her phone and opened a new text to her husband. “Are you there my husband?” Within a few seconds he replied “Yes Nausheen, I am here. What do you want?” I replied for Dr. Nausheen, “I want to confess something to you, show something to you.” “What is it my dear” he replied. “I have been having very naughty and very wrong sexual thoughts today. I acted out on them and am ashamed.” “What sort of naughtiness are you up to now my dear?” “I made a video of myself and I will send it to you.” I sent the video and waited a few minutes for him to watch it and respond. “Nausheen, I cannot believe what I saw. You are so naughty, terribly naughty! I liked it. I just took my own video” and he forwarded the video. I opened it and played it for Dr. Nausheen. It was of her husband jerking off and saying “Ohhh Nausheen, you dirty slut, now you have dirty panties” and he ejaculated. I replied for Dr. Nausheen “I am a dirty slut my husband, so dirty. I am going to clean up and come home. I have been so naughty that I think you had better punish me when I get home!” A few moments passed and he replied “Punish you? What punishment do you deserve?” “It’s up to you my husband, what punishment is right for a naughty girl that has accidents in her panties?” He responded “Naughty girls that have accidents in their panties need their bare bottoms spanked then filled with penises and sperm.” “Yes my husband, that’s what I need” I replied and sent Dr. Nausheen home to her husband.


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  • It's interesting to have an insight into Indian erotica, just to see how lame and pathetic it is. No doubt, a direct result of a repressive religious culture.

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  • This was my worst humiliation of all at the hands of this horrible man. And, what my husband did to my bottom when I got home was dreadful! - Dr. Nausheen.

  • How stupid to think that people would ever consider these stories anywhere near truth, fuck off you prick.

  • The lot of these stories are just bull shit

  • Some stories are lost in translation. It's a pity this didn't get lost too.

  • Stop going on about this Dr you fucking prick. We get it, you fancy her. Now fuck off

  • Omg yes. There should be a limit on idiotic posts!

  • Yawn more Indian twisted drivel

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