Eye candy

I was at my best friend's place watching a game with him over the weekend. His wife was out back drinking cocktails and tanning with another friend of hers whom I had never met. I went to grab a few beers from the kitchen and could see them out in the sun, glistening from lotion and sweat. They were maybe 30 feet away and didn't know I was there. They both had mom bods, since they are in their 30s, but looked great in their bikinis, which were the basic type, nothing too skimpy.

The thing about it, though, was that my friend's wife was rubbing one off out there on the deck. She was facing down, on her elbow, ass slightly up, and rubbing her clit inside her bikini. Her friend sat up next to her and fondled her tits through her top and I could hear her a little through the window, saying things like "go girl, get it." Watching her orgasm was about the hottest thing I've ever seen.

I went back down to my buddy and didn't tell him that I had just seen his wife have an orgasm. I'm guessing that his wife has a lez thing going with her friend, but damn, I think constantly about fucking both of them. I can't get that image out of my head.

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  • Great fun watching the ladies. Love it

  • Thats smoking hot. My wife is EXTREMELY HOT still at 47 but everyone thinks she is 25-29 years old. I'm talking the HOT that everywhere we go she is constantly checked out. My son had a tough time with his high school friends talking about his Mom but she is just that hot.
    Anyway on to the story. My wife in public and for the most part around home is pretty conservative but sometimes something turns her on to the point she quits holding back. That happen about 2 years ago. I missed it happening but came home to a wife that couldn't get me in bed fast enough. She told me the story as we played around and she had gone out to our pool to swim and lay out. At that time we lived in a subdivision with houses on both sides but had installed a privacy fence with both sides finished out, She was already almost naked since she was wearing her tiny orange bikini. After swimming she got out to tan and as she laid there she started to first rub her tits outside her top and then under the top which quickly led to no top she said. Same thing happen with her bottoms and she said before she knew it she was ass naked and in the exact position you just described. She said it was getting VERY good and knew her ass was going up and down as her fingers went deeper and more were inserted. She heard a board on our back deck pop as if someone had stepped on it and as she looked she saw a quick glimpse of a gas company employee who had been there to read our meter. I ask her what she did then and her reply made me even harder. She said I stopped for a minute and then started to wonder if they liked what they saw. She was now on me and riding me hard I thought but when I told her I'm sure they loved what they saw and were probably going to replay that tonight while they jerk off thinking of seeing your ass working so hard

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