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Ok ladies has any one asked you to have sex with another man or men? What was the first thing to go through your mind, what did you think? Did he want to watch? Did you do It? What happened?

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  • Yes my husband asked me to fuck his alpha male friend.I'd thought he'd gone mad and thought he wanted me to get pregnant by him too.We hadn't been married long and were trying for a baby.He did want to watch out of curiosity he said.So I did go through with it and it turned out to be the best fucking I ever received.

  • After being married 5 years, my husband started dropping hints that he would be into swapping with one of his friends and his girlfriend. Evidently they were receptive to the idea. I was not. If my husband and I weren't still planning to make children together, I would have kicked him in the balls. Fuck no.

  • While dating my husband he had told me about his ex wife cheating throughout their 6 years of marriage. He finally had enough and divorced her. One evening after we had been married for around two years he started asking about my sexual past. He was asking about my ex husband and the things he like me to do ,wanted to know how many guys I slept with . I realized pretty quickly the sex talk was getting him aroused and it continued into our bedroom with him all over me. Months went by with him wanting to know everything about my sex life when he finally admitted that he used to press his ex wife for details about her fucking the other men she cheated with. It turned him on and he would masturbate thinking of her fucking these other guys. He told me it wasn't so much the cheating as it was all the lying that drove him to divorce her. Then came the night after sex that he asked me if I was interested in anyone at work or turned on by any of our guy friends. I told him I wouldn't cheat on him if that was what he was worried about. He responded by saying if I wanted to fuck other men he was ok with it then with an embarrassed look on his face told me he just wanted me to tell him about it. Months went by with him asking and asking until I finally thought if this is what he really wants I will give it a go. I met one of our contractors from work , we had drinks one night then met up in a park and lock near our house. I got in his truck sucked his cock and then rode him until we both orgasmed. When I got home my husband was waiting in bed asked where I had been and I just blurted out I was at the park with another man, I gave him a blowjob and let him fuck me. The next few seconds were a blur with my clothes coming off my husband kissing me then sliding his cock inside me. As soon as he was in me he moaned" Oh my god you let him cum in you! I can feel his cum!" He didn't last but a few more seconds before he came in me too.

  • It's not cheating if your husband watches.

  • Yes my boyfriend wanted me to screw a guy he knew in exchange for his grass.At first I wouldn't do it but then I went thru with it.Best sex ever.High sex even better.Was even hotter when the guy would just start getting it on with me in front of my bf,not even asking or anything and my bf would sit and watch and wank.

  • Had a similar experience with an ex boyfriend. We were supposed to be going to a party but had to stop at this guy's house first. Once there I found out he was buying pot. The guy tells him he would give him it for free for some time with me. I was like no fucking way! My boyfriend pulls me into the kitchen and starts saying it was no big deal trying to convince me to fuck this guy. I eventually said I will give him head but that's it. He walks in tells the guy I will blow him and the guy is all over it. I get back into the living room and the guy yanks down his shorts right there. My boyfriend was freaked ,tells him to take it to the bedroom but the guy tells him to sit back and enjoy the show. This kind of turned me on and I went down on my knees and started sucking his dick. It just kept going further he eventually played with my tits , my boyfriend objected, again it was just sit back and enjoy all the way up to him bending me over flipping my skirt up and fucking me right in front of my boyfriend. He kept taunting my boyfriend telling him how good my pussy was and wanting me to tell him how good his cock felt in me. I looked directly at my boyfriend and told him how good this guy was fucking me and I loved his cock. My boyfriend lost it, pulled his dick out and jerked off until he came as he watched this guy cum on my ass.

  • Yes. After being married for six years and having my husband's friend Jason over our house ALL the time. My husband asked me if I would be willing to have sex with him since he hasn't had a girlfriend since his divorce , over two years ago. At first I thought he was testing me or something and got pissed he had asked. He assured me he really wanted this to happen and wanted to watch . I finally agreed and after a few drinks on Friday night I started kissing Jason to judge my husbands reaction. He was all smiles so I knew he was ok with it. We ended up in the bedroom , my husband watched me suck his dick and get fucked by Jason . At one point he just walked out as we continued to fuck. I woke up the next morning to Jason still in my bed sleeping and found my husband out on the couch. Things were weird after that , he kept wanting me to have sex with Jason and we almost never had sex anymore. We ended up divorcing and two years later I married Jason. They are still best friends.

  • When I was 16 and had my first real boyfriend( thought I was in love) he talked me into having sex with two of his friends on day after we skipped school. We were sitting around drinking beers and smoking pot , they put on a porno and he brought up the fact they were both virgins and I should help them out. It took a while but I finally agreed. He sat watching as they each took a turn fucking me and having me suck them then he took his turn. Luckily I didn't get pregnant as none of them used a condom or pulled out.

    Fast forward 30 years, I'm divorced . dating a guy for almost two years when he asked if I was ever in a threesome. I related the above story to him and he was really turned on by it. He started asking if I would want another man to join us as he really wanted to watch me getting fucked. I finally told him if he could set it up and I liked the guy I would go along with it.

    We were having a bbq with some friend and at the end of the night everyone was gone except one of his friends and he asked me if I was into him. He was good looking so I told my boyfriend if this is what you really want I was up for it. That set every thing into motion with my boyfriend telling his friend to follow us into the bedroom. It ended up being me and his friend having sex while my boyfriend watched. He never once joined in just sat stroking his cock. We have done this a few times since, he loves it.

  • Guy here, When I was 16 I lost my virginity in a threesome. At first my friend and his girlfriend just started making out in front of me then clothes started coming off . I got up to leave and she told me not to go. Next thing I know she is crawling over to me and then pulling my shorts down. I looked over at my friend and he told me it was cool ,he wanted this to happen. We all ended up in his bed with us switching back and forth from fucking her to getting our dicks sucked. Also found out my best friend was bi sexual even though he later claimed to haven't just got caught up in the moment. I was making out with his girlfriend and she was stroking me, he was eating her and just turns his head and takes my dick in his mouth . She told me not to worry no one would ever know so I just laid back and let him suck me off.

  • My bf had a friend come home from the army. They all talked about it, oh Mark is coming home, you’ll love Mark, all the ladies love Mark, oh and he has a huge dick. I’d seen big dicks before. How big could it really be? Well, it was the 90s and we were enjoying the times. Lol. So one night my bf “convinces” me I want to not only see Mark’s dick, but suck it too. And he was right! It was like a Pringle’s can! I wrapped my mouth around as much as I could and went to town. My bf starts taking off my clothes. Then he says he’d like to see me get fucked by Mark. Mark puts on a condom, and starts to stretch out my pussy. I’m just gobbling up my bf’s cock, moaning over Mark. We change positions and Mark pulls off the condom just before he plunges in to me. He gives me the “shh” signal and I shut up as he slips the condom offthe side of the bed. My bf comes up behind and plunged in to my ass. I lurch forward and slap Mark in the face with my tit. He just grabs on, starts sucking. I came almost immediately. Mark let go so hard in me my bf said he could feel it. Neither of us could feel him cum, but I felt the cum trickle out of my ass as he pulled away.

  • My husband brought up that he wanted me to have a threesome with one of his male friends, and my first thought was why do you want to disgrace our marriage? We talked about it. His friend was attractive, better looking than my husband, so we decided to do it. We had him over and told him that we'd be up for sex, if he was into it. He said yes. It was really awkward. His friend was eager, but so nervous that he couldn't stay hard. I think he was nervous because my husband (and his best friend) was there.

  • My husband asked for a threesome for a few years and I always told him no because I was afraid it would ruin our marriage. I finally relented and he set everything up with a man who worked with his company but from another city. He came to our house, we had dinner and drinks . My husband started the ball rolling with kissing me and unbuttoning my top in front of his friend and inviting him to sit next to us and join in. He wasted no time and soon was sucking on my nipples. Everything was going pretty well as we went into the bedroom. I started sucking the friend as my husband went down on me before fucking me from behind. He didn't last long, overly excited I guess. But then he thought it should just stop He got jealous when I told him to just watch until he got hard again and I continued to suck and eventually fuck his friend. He ended up leaving the room and we continued to play for another hour. My husband has never asked me to fuck another man again.

  • My husband told me he had this fantasy and when we moved into our new house he came up with a plan where he could hide in the closet while the internet/cable installer set us up. If I wanted to I was to flirt with him and try to get him to have sex with me in the bedroom so my husband could watch. My first thoughts were he would not go thru with it and walk out after the installer arrived but he stayed in the closet. The guy was pretty attractive but younger so I was not sure he would go for it but he did and it was a great time. My husband thought it was great as well and we have done a few similar things since.

  • I was dating a guy who brought it up one time that he wanted to watch me have sex with another guy. I agreed and he made the arrangements. That weekend he brought in a friend of his. His friend was in much better shape and had a bigger cock. He fucked me super hard and got me off multiple times all while the guy I was dating sat there and watched.

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