I want my father in law....

I usually stop by unannounced to his house to drop off food that I cooked. Last time i wore a sundress with no underwear. i made sure when i went by that i told him i was placing it in the oven. i bent over slowly knowing well enough you could see my pussy. He was nervous and excited, i could tell. Should i come onto him more or let him take me?

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  • How I got my fil to fuck me was I was wearing a short dress and just me and him was in the kitchen, he was making us coffee, I started fidgiting, lifted my dress to my waist, pulled my knickers down and stepped out of them, bent down picked them up of the floor and put them on the worktop, THEN pulled and smoothed my dress back down. I said excuse me, the lace was annoying me. He seen all my bald pussy and stood mouth gaped in shock!

  • U need to put on a real sexy pair of panties, and make sure to pull em off right in front of him, and ask him "you want to fuck me, don't you? I'd be willing to bet, that he jacks off all the time... thinking about you. Put it on him!

  • Bend over and put something in the oven again but this time before you stand up, run a hand slowly up your leg to your bare pussy and gently rub it

  • It's already started. He's noticed and he wants more. He's going to watch you to see if this turns into a pattern. So you should keep up the sultry moves. It'll drive him mad. He'll spend every waking hour wondering what it means.

    Eventually, his discipline will begin to break down, and he'll start flirting. No matter what he does, offer no resistance or sign of boundaries. Accept whatever he does. Tempt HIM to seduce YOU. It'll be fun. And easy.

    Tell us how things progress.

  • I agree. I'd like to add that you do provocative things in a natural way. For instance, in the case of the oven, lean over as you would normally and dont advertise by being slutty about it. It's a bigger turn on when the girl has no boundaries and doesn't flaunt it. It may be a slower burn but the rewards are better. Some more ideas for you: accidentally touch his crotch and only say sorry without acting embarrassed, scratch your tits or adjust your bra openly, don't arrange your skirt when you sit so it hikes up more, say you have to go to the bathroom and start lifting your skirt before you enter, etc.

  • Do it, you make the first move. Do it tomorrow.

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