Let's hear about losing your virginity.

Ladies and gentlemen tell us about your first time.

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  • I was 18 and met a girl at some bar, she was up set because her boyfriend had just left for the Air force, After many drinks we left for a local beach and sure enough we were in the back seat of my Ford and we did the deed. This happened for a long time until he came home from basic.

  • My first time was gay sex with an older boy who fucked me senseless from nine years old to twelve. The first time with a girl was after my mom got remarried when I was fifteen and she was 19. I thought I was gay and confided to her that I thought I was gay. She'd have none of that and seduced me quite easily.

  • I was a late starter at 17. Lost it to my friends Dad. Her parents were divorced so we sometimes stayed at her Dads and I stayed sometimes.Her Dad was cool too.One weekend I needed some peace and quiet to get some studying done so I asked if I could go to his.He was cool with it but didn't get much work done.He flirted with me and I liked the attention so we ended up kissing. He guessed I was still a virgin and took things very slow.He ate my pussy for like half an hour and I had the most explosive orgasm.Then he penetrated me so gently because it hurt like hell and never pushed his whole dick in me.It was too painful for me to orgasm again but he went slowly until he came over my tummy.I never told my friend and fucked him 2 more times after the first time.Those were alot better fucks.

  • I was 11 with a much older boy who I met with a the movies. I just melted from his kissing and touching me. He deflowered me in the closed balcony and I had an assortment of sticky candies stuck to my panties.

  • I was 18 when i lost it in the back seat of a ford. she was way ahead of me , she lost it at 16. Both of my wives lost it at 18

  • I was 16 and to my 19 year old step brother.

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