Whats your sluttyest moment?

Ladies...love what i read on this site and i wish to ask all the ladies who post and comment, what is and has been the most sluttyest act or sex event you have been involved in and performed?
example being...a threesome with two guys? cheated with someone you shouldnt? etc

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  • Had sex with my dog, while my husband was away for a couple weeks... he was bigger than my husband and I didn't have to worry about getting pregnant...

  • I had a threesome with my bff and her boyfriend. Well afterwards he kept texting me wanting to hook up and I didn't tell her. The sex was so good I wanted it again. So I started fucking him on the side. I felt so horrible and like such a slut but the sex was so fantastic. There were days she would tell me about the great sex they had that night and I knew he had just been over at my place.

    They broke up after she walked in on him fucking another girl. But she never found out about us. I fucked him a few more times before calling it quits.

  • When i was in high school I was a cheerleader. One night after a game the football team and the cheerleaders partied at one of the guys house whose parents were away on vacation. We had plenty of booze and weed. Everyone was a little high when i asked where was my friends Allison, and Katie? I was told they are upstairs getting gangbanged. Your next I was told. So they take me upstairs and I think about of third or our team stuck their dick in either my mouth or pussy. I was cum covered. The next day I found out that Allison and Katie did go upstairs with just there own boyfriends for sex. The only one that got gangbanged was me. OMG did I feel like a asshole.

  • I was the opposite end of that spectrum. I was the emo girl. I went to party and I ended upstairs with a bunch of dudes and ended up getting gangbanged. I loved it.

  • How many guys? Did they cum in all of your holes?

  • Did you enjoy it though?

  • But how did your asshole feel?

  • I got mad at my husband for something he said about my sister being hotter than me. (34b vs 38d) So I thought to myself lets see with other men think about me. Well turns out women's tits sizes don't matter with horney men that's for sure. The first guy I seduced was fucking me 20 minutes after we met. He came as fast as the affair started however LOL. So I did it. Had sex with another man but it was not worth it pleasure wise. So I thought I would try someone else. The next guy was much better in bed. Long story short my husbands boob comment lead to me sleeping with eleven men over a six month period. I had to get it out of my system. I needed to know if I was still attractive to other men and the answer was yes. Now if I need my confidence back all I have to do is turn on the charm and I can seduce anyone I want.

  • Whats your number ? 😂😂

  • LOL...……That story above happen six years ago when my hubby told me my sister was hotter then me. I went crazy fucking any man who wanted too. I have calmed down now. I think the total number of guys I have fucked over the last six years was the eleven over six months and 23 more over the remaining five and a half years. Total fucked by my husbands comment 34. As far as I know in the same period my sister has only fucked four men. Prior to that comment I had only cheated on my husband six times over a six year period or just one man a year. I was a good girl then.

  • Haha so naughty. Your husband called and told me your sister is hotter.. are you gonna take that? 😂 I can be a shoulder to cry on or a dick to sit on 😁

  • The wife admitted to fucking 2 guys at once. they were brothers and when one finished , the other would take over. she said she managed to out fuck the both of them and was proud of it.

  • Definitely at my husband's 29th birthday party. He had his friends over and we all got smashed. Somehow it seemed like a good idea to take the party to the bedroom. I fucked 5 guys that evening.

  • Were you already married, and was your husband one of the guys you fucked?

  • Yes we were married and my husband fucked me too. He had whisky dick so he wasn't too involved and mainly watched. He was fine when it was all happening but the next morning didn't really want to talk about it anymore. We're still happily married. We're 36 now.

  • Glad you two are still together and happy. Is he still friends with the other guys?

  • Yeah, some of them. They are still really nice to me, though I haven't had sex with any of them since. We all got to cross that barrier that night only. It was fun though. My husband wouldn't want me to do it again, so I won't.

  • Would you ever feel tempted to have sex with any of them again, even though you know your husband wouldn’t approve?

  • No. If my husband approved I'd give it some thought. It was a great time.

  • Do you generally like getting drunk and having sex?

  • Sure, doesn't everyone? A few glasses of wine and an orgasm or two is a nice way to spend an evening.

  • Oh, definitely. Drunk sex is amazing...any other smashed experiences you’d care to share?

  • I joined the military as a medical tech when I was 22. I was a nurse in Afghanistan. I was married, but my husband wasn't in the service and we were apart for 7 months at a time. I did two tours. I'm not proud of it, but I fucked a lot of guys. They were away from their wives; I was away from my husband. You need relief from the hell-hole and screwing helped.

  • How many is "a lot of guys"?

  • OP here. It was 9-10, most multiple times. I really had to like the guy(s) to do it.

  • Totally understandable. Thank you for your service. Are you still in the military?

  • OP posting. No, I left the military years ago and work as a nurse in the private sector in home health.

  • You ever have sex with a patient?

  • OQ (if that makes sense) here. Thanks for your reply. Are you still in touch with any of the guys you were with, and did the experience affect your relationship with your husband at all?

  • When I was 16, I had a thing for older men, and specifically my friend's dad, he was cute. It was a very wrong infatuation that I look back on as a mistake. At the time I acted like a huge slut to him to try to get him to want me, I really wanted to lose my v to him and was in ore of him.
    He used to give me lifts home and I would make my short skirts come up so he could see my panties, lean over so he could see down my top, and give him hugs and things, hoping he'd touch me. I think he wanted to but knew it was wrong. I kissed him once, and he didn't stop me, but looking back I really shouldn't have, plus now he's pretty old lol.

  • I went backpacking with my friend Savannah around Australia when we were 18, at first we went place to place by coach, staying in hostels, but the bus journeys were long, boring and it was always the same people at the hostels. At on place we met 2 guys one evening who were talking about buying a car. We befriended them and joins them on the journey. There was chemistry between us and that quickly turned to sex. We kept it open amongst the 4 of us, often having sex as a 4 some.
    Our thing was to book one double room in a hotel instead of 4 beds in a dorm. We had roll mats and would alternate who got the bed, but wasn't unusual for us all to be in it for sex. The guys favourite was to bend us both over a bed and do us from behind as they chatted to each other.
    We failed to notice just how sexual our lives had become and got in to sex based dares. Too much to mention but we got a big wake up call when we got pulled over by police when i was naked, getting nailed in the back of the car as we drove along, with by breasts up against the window for people to see. He let us off with a verbal warning in the end. I was just a slut for weeks, I have never told anyone I know what went on, and never repeated it. Both me and Savannah have said we missed it and wish we could have a sexual reunion.

    As a small side story, we had a reunion, just us two, and tried just girls for the first time, but it wasn't the same, but we both ticked that curious about being a lesbian box lol

  • Licked the box to tick the box?

  • Haha I guess

  • Me and my best friend decided we wanted to go to New York to check it out. We lived in Nevada. With limited funds we decided that we would hitch hike all the way to New York. Took us 17 days getting a ride here a ride their and we must have given out 35 to 40 blow jobs each along the way. Once we got to New York we continued exchanging blow jobs for food and a place to sleep. We stayed three weeks and then we took what little money we had left and caught a bus back. That was our summer vacation of 2008. So nice to be young and carefree. Eleven years later now and I am 27 years old married two kids wishing for a summer like 2008.

  • My best friend and I did that too! Except we went to California from Oklahoma. We sucked and fucked our way to San Francisco. One guy was so nice he went 300 miles out of his way and bought us a hotel room. We ended up giving him a threesome. We met a pair of cute guys in Cali and ended up being swapped by them a few times but they let us have a place to crash. It was a great time and I would do anything to do it again.

  • Having sex with black men for my husband, he likes to watch me be a whore for them.

  • My sister and I went on vacation to the Bahamas. Just two sisters hanging out on the beach was the plan. Well day one my sister got so sick from something she ate and then It became one girl on the beach. Day two I was taking in some sun and a several of the local guys chatted me up. That chatting and a couple of drinks and the next thing I knew I was getting fucked on the beach by three guys. Next day I am back at the beach and another local picks me up and I fuck him on the beach. Later that day I went dancing and ended up fucking one of the waiters after the club closed on a moon lite beach. The following day nothing...……...duh what happened LOL. Last day on the beach I hooked up with the waiter and a friend of his on the beach fucking. So four days six guys not bad. When my sister asked if I had a good time I said it was kind of boring on the beach without you. To this day I never told her what she missed.

  • Did you let all these guys fuck you bare and cum inside you? So fucking hot, l am jealous.

  • I did some of them bare I just don't remember how many however. I get off fucking strange men so if they have big dick I never let a lack of a condom get in the way. Small dicks condoms are a must. Recently I have had condoms in my purse. I sorta picked up a little something from one guy about five or six months ago. Thank heaven for modern medical advances.

  • I hear you. I get off blowing strange men, especially if they are married. Love to swallow.

  • The Horn brothers. Lol. The name is real they owned a camper sales place in Sheboygan Wisconsin. I was dating one brother and his older brother was trying to seduce me. One night my boyfriend's brother Greg took me to his house where he was rooming with the brother I was dating and I let him seduce me. The brother I was dating came home and caught us. I recently ran into Greg and he told me he took his brothers share of the business and the brother I was dating moved away 20 years ago.

  • Strange how this man's former girlfriend, his mother, and his brother Greg himself all read this same confession site and have all posted about this.

  • The fucking idiot does not even know that the word "I" is capitalized.

  • My sister was seeing this guy when we were all in high school in the early 80's. I knew they were having sex because I had watched them getting it on in a tent we had set up in the back yard. After watching them i found myself masturbating thinking about him. A few days later he shows up at the house when my sister is at work. We talked for a few minutes and he asks for a drink of water. I let him in and he asks me if I'm a virgin? I blushed and tried to deny it. He says its ok and claims he has always had feelings for me. We end up making out and I tell him this is so wrong but we ended up doing it that day. For the next few months he was doing my sister and I. He claimed that I was better in bed but he didn't want to hurt my sister. My sister caught us getting it on a few months later.

  • How is the relationship between you and your sister now?

  • Not so good. Our family moved to another state after graduation and I ended up doing it with her new boyfriend too. She doesn't trust me at all. Now I'm older and will never be close to my sister.

  • I once worked as an assistant supervisor for a records dept. It was a shitty job, but not bad for my age at the time (23). We had to work one Saturday, because the company had some departments open that we service. It was a skeleton crew, just three of us, me and two guys about my age. The day was totally "dead"--we had nothing to do. We had maybe 20 minutes of work, but had to be there the whole day.

    One of the guys I supervised used to flirt with me. On that day I was helping file back records with him, when he hugged me. We then kissed, and it escalated from there. Our department was private and secure, so we went for it and had sex. My other employee joined in. I fucked both guys, and we had a great time.

  • Eating my brother's cum from his girlfriend's asshole.

  • That's hot.

  • Are you his brother or sister? Please tell more.

  • I have an ex that I despise with a passion but the sex was amazing. Well I was drunk one night and was posting it on my snapchat when he text me saying he would destroy my pussy like old times and make me scream like the slut I am.

    I was drunk and thinking about the sex push me past the point so I said fuck it. Caught an uber and went to his place. He was there with two of his work friends. We drank more and I ended up getting gangbanged by the three of them.

    It was some of the roughest sex I ever had. I was bruised and sore all over. My ex wouldn't let me live it down for the longest time. Reminding me what a nasty slut I was that night.

  • I once fucked another girl's boyfriend lying on my back on a table while slamming beers from a beer bong while a dozen people watched. I got sicker than fuck that night, puking all over. I wouldn't have remembered any of it, but some friends who were there sent me the pics.

  • Once a month me and two friend of mine had girls night out. Our husbands took care of the kids and we would go out and have dinner and drinks. Well this one place we went to was a hook up bar. We enjoyed getting hit on it was good for the ego. While nothing happen the first couple times we went to the bar my friend Dee left with one of the guys and got fucked. She told us what she did and we wanted all the details. Boy they were steamy. Next time we went to the bar a guy I was dancing started dry fucking me from behind. I got so wet wanting to fuck him. He and his friends invited us over to one of their homes. So we went. Long story short seven guys three girls. We got our brains fucked out. End of the night they told us you married sluts need to get home to your husbands. They threw us out of the house with out our clothes on. Stark naked we all drove home. As luck would have it my husband was asleep and I never got caught. Dee got away with it too. Beth got busted. That ended her girls night out. I hooked up with a couple of the guys again for one on one sex and always...………..repeat always keep a spare set of clothes in the trunk of my car.

  • In HS a neighbor friend of mine invited me on a ski trip. She was a bit older (20), in college, but we had known each other for a long time. We didn’t have steady bf’s, but she invited some guy friends from her fb to meet up and ski with us. We met with three of them.

    We rode the slopes hard during the day, and rode some hot, throbbing cock at night. Threeways, fourways, daisy chains, dp, we had it covered. I could barely ski the second day, my bod was so sore. I had never been dicked like that before or since. We went at it like it was an Olympic sport. Not something I tell my husband, btw.

  • He threw me off of him onto my back, and started to ravage me with his hands and mouth. He started kissing his way down my body, and I could tell where this was going, but didn't want him to know I did have sex 20 minutes ago. I tried to stop him, saying I just wanted him to fuck me. He asked what was wrong, and if I didn't like oral sex. I told him I did, but he cut me off and said "I am eating this pussy, or I am going home."
    I reluctantly laid back and spread my legs slightly for him, and he continued kissing his way down. I knew he would know right away I had lied, but I was too drunk and horny to care. When his tongue hit my pussy, I was in heaven. My legs instinctively spread wider as he was giving me pleasure. He stopped briefly, looked at me with lust and said "you DID fuck him" before continuing to lick me to the most amazing series of orgasms I have ever had. We fucked like animals, and when I woke up, he was gone. I saw him a couple weeks later at the bar, but he acted like he didn't know me because it turns out he was there with his gf.
    I have never done anything so slutty like this in my life, and I can't stop thinking about it.

  • So sexy

  • I had a slutty moment a couple months back after a night of drinking and partying. My gf's and I went to a guy's party after the bar closed. We didn't really know him, but I had seen him and his buddies in the bar a lot. He was in great shape, and pretty cute. We started talking, and he asked if I wanted to go somewhere and talk. We went downstairs to his bedroom, and ended up having terrible sex. It was over before it started. As soon as he put it in me, he was cumming. Literally 2 pumps. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I went upstairs and told one of his roomates to call me a cab. Feeling sexually frustrated and still needing to get off, I basically made his roomate come home with me in the cab. He could tell I was upset, and asked if I had fucked his friend. I denied it, and said I guess he wasn't into me. As soon as we were at my apartment, our clothes were flying. I just needed a proper lay. I jumped on top of him on the bed and wanted to ride him, but he did something that has shaken my thoughts ever since.

  • .....cont

  • The sluttiest thing I ever did was dress in my wife's lingerie and meet a man at his house.
    We met online, he gave me his phone #. I called. He gave me his address. I wore thigh high black nylons, a pink thong, and a lacy camisole top under my regular clothes.
    I went to his house, and was shocked to find he answered the door completely naked, with possibly the biggest cock i have ever seen.
    I had never been with a guy before, but i followed him inside, stripped down to my sexy lingerie and dropped to my knees in front of him.
    Feeling him grow in my mouth was amazing, and stroking his hardening cock was so exciting!
    I was more scared than i had ever been in my life as i tried to give him the best bj i could. I was terrified that if he wanted to, he could easily rape me and know i wouldnt tell anyone. I worked his cock the best i could, and was amazed by his stamina.
    When he finally announced he was going to cum, i stroked and sucked him until he finally filled my mouth with his load. It was such a powerful feeling to know i was the one responsible for making his big dick spurt like that. I still cant really believe i did this, but i vividly remember feeling so slutty while i serviced him. ;)

  • Would you like to come over to my house dressed like that. So hot

  • I would love to be someone's secret gf. I saw him 3 more times with similar outcomes

  • My slutty moment came last year when I went shopping for a last minute birthday gift for my husband. I knew that when my husband got home from work that night I was going to fuck him so I did not put any underwear on. So off to the store I go. I bought this huge grill for him and I was trying to get it into my car when these two black teenage boys stopped to help me. They got it into the car and I tried to give them some money as thanks. They refused but the one boy said looking at my creamy white breast was enough payment. I realized when they were loading it I was trying help and my blouse was open exposing my nipples. Well I liked the idea of them commenting on my breast we talked we flirted we fucked. Not too often a 39 year old gets fucked by two well hung 17 year olds. We drove to a near by motel and I paid for a short stay rate of 3 hours. One came three times the other four times. Cum filled and exhausted I gave hubby his grill said I am sorry honey but I got a headache and went to bed. I gave the boys my number and we texted and have met up several times since.

  • Are you still seeing them? Anymore hot storues?

  • You slut ;)

  • Thanks, I love being called a slut it makes me wet.

  • I love when a woman goes out with no panties. You're such a hot slut.

  • I started college last year and went to my first frat party. Got chatted up by two guys who kept bringing me drinks. They invited me over to their dorm to smoke some weed, and I agreed. Got high then things transitioned into a more sexual nature. And I can't say I didn't know what they had in mind when inviting me over. And I went along with it.

    I fucked both of them, one at a time. Then I Got double teamed. I had never done anything like that before. It was an awkward yet amazing experience which I am sure was enhanced by my inebriation. I got off so many times, or at least it felt like I did. It was great. After it was all said and done I fell asleep in one of their beds.

    Woke up the next morning being fingered by one of them. Ended up fucking him alone right there. Finally performed the walk of shame home feeling guilty because I cheated on my boyfriend who had gone to another college, promising I would never cheat on him again. which I didn't keep because I became fuck buddies with those two guys. Had a wild few months before my grades started to slip and had a manor wake up call. Eventually I broke it off with my boyfriend too.

    Learned all to well how easy it is to lose yourself to the party life.

  • Did you enjoy cheating?

  • A friend and I went to a concert where afterwards we were having drinks at the bar when an older gentleman came up and bought us some drinks. He was extremely bold and forward, kept buying us drinks, and then told us that he wanted to fuck us both. We took him up to our hotel room and had sex with him. He knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid to take it. He was issuing commands and we were drunkenly saying Yes Daddy. He got us both off. Came a couple of times then left. It was fun.

  • I broke up with my boyfriend because I found out he had been cheating on me with like thred different girls. I was infuriated. So I went out on a week long bender. Downloaded tinder. And fucked a different dude almost every day.

  • I put a profile on POF last weekend, and ended up sucking off 5 different guys within 3 days (one twice) and swallowing each and every load. I do not even know their names, so I guess it was kind of slutty.

  • And whats your profile name?? 🤣🤣

  • Sluttiest up to my divorce.
    Another couple, my wife and I went to downtown Chicago to celebrate new years eve. We were standing in the street at State and Randolf as the clock ticked toward nightlight. The cock struck and we all kissed. We continued to mill about. A woman knelt in front of me, unzipped my pants and gave me a no with 1000s of people around.. My wife was pissed

  • I went through a period when I was drinking a lot and dealing with an addiction to video poker. I used to play at the local seedy bar, and lost a lot of money. One night, way past midnight, I was broke, and one of the regulars joked that maybe I could turn tricks to fund my habit. I said, "Is the price right?" and unzipped my jeans and showed the guys my panties. It was meant to be a joke, but things got really serious really fast. Offers were made and accepted, and before I knew it I was leaning forward on a bar stool, pants around ankles, ass slightly off the edge of my seat, taking cock from guys from behind as they handed me bills while I played video poker. I think I fucked 5 or 6, not sure, I was drunk and busy gambling. It was a low point for sure.

  • Hell... how much did you charge? Did they fuck you bare and cum inside you? I would love to be used by a few guys, that is my fantasy.

  • Was on a vacation with my parents in the Bahamas. Went off on my own because parents were lame and all that. So I went to the beach where I met a cute older guy. He bought me some drinks and it probably wasn't an hour before he had me on my back in his hotel room. We had sex a few times through out the vacation.

  • I was into dating jocks while in college. Most of the guys played football. Well one night after a big win I went out with a group of guys. We stopped at an off campus spot and everyone was getting buzzed. Next thing I know I am naked and I have eleven black cocks hard as a rock. They used me good that night. I had what seemed like gallons of cum leaking out of all of my holes. Best night of my life. I wish I was still in school. I would major in sex ha ha. That was almost 20 years ago. I still get a urge to fuck bbc every once and a while. What hubby don't know won't hurt him. I have not been gangbanged in four years. Gee life got boring.

  • You should totally confess to hubby! If my wife told me this story, i would be over the moon excited. So sluttily sexy!

  • When i was 13 i camped in the garden with my brother and two of his friends. We chatted alot, and somehow they got on to the subject of girls. Being young boys they were super curious and desperate to see a girl naked. I said i would take my clothes off if they did. So they did. We were all naked and they all started to get hard looking at me, staring at my small breasts and pussy. One started jerking off. Then another, then my brother. I laid there as they all jerked off round me, and one by one came on me. Looking back, how slutty was i to allow that to happen.

  • Do you regret it?

  • No, not really, part of growing up i suppose

  • Have you and your brother talked about it since

  • We did quite recently actually, 10 years later, both comfortable with it. It wasn't the last time we saw each other naked anyway

  • Oh? What else happened? Mind emailing? Funfun99@outlook.com

  • Hey, not sure i am comfortable sharing my email address, by emailing you, but happy to answer any specific questions here.

  • Did anything sexual happen between you and your brother? Would love to hear about it.

  • We explored masterbation together when I was 13, a couple of months after that time in the tent. It was at a time I was just coming in to my body and his interest in girls was intensifying. There was a lot of curiosity.

    There were a few other occasions growing up we were naked together, either out of convenience or desire. Always been very close growing up.

    As adults, we went in different directions but fought up when we could, and we were still just as comfortable around each other as we were when we were young, if you know what I mean?

    Let me know if you want to know any more about anything?

  • When I was still with my ex. We would do all sorts of things, mainly out in the open/public because it would turn us on so bad. I loved it when he would fingered me in the movie theaters or in the beat seat of the car while my sister drove. Once, he ate me out in the garden. We went to school together so you could imagine all the things we did at school. A lot of groping and naughty touching. His and my parents were pretty religious so we would always stayed after school and do naughty things around the campus. He ate me out at the football fields, we had sex in the girls restrooms, blow jobs behind the gym, etc. We had a lot of hidden spots. I’m wet just from writing this post.

  • You should probably take care of that ;)

  • Right now is currently my sluttiest moment in my life. I am currently going through a divorce because our marriage just fell apart. He accused me of cheating and I hadn't but he would never believe me. And so things just went down hill.

    I have recently moved back home and being seperated from him I have been fucking like crazy. I have fucked seven guys in less than two months. Two of them together. It was a crazy fun and drunk time.

    I even sought out a guy I knew he hated. Got really drunk with him and let him fuck me. He even filmed fucking me doggy style and sent it to my soon to be ex who blew up my phone. Calling me a slut, whore, all manner of things. Told him I wasn't one when I was with him but might as well be now.

  • If my wife did this to me, i would blow up her phone too! Confessing how hot she was taking that big dick, wishing i could lick her as he took her. I would absolutely love it if my wife wanted to cuckold me!

  • Wow, tell me how you ended up fucking two guys together, that is my fantasy!

  • In college I worked as a reporter for the school newspaper. Me and another reporter (also female) covered the baseball team out of town and stayed at the same hotel as them. One night we hooked up with a few of them in one of their rooms. We fucked four guys. Glad I brought the birth control with me.

  • I [26f] went to my male friend Aaron's [29m] divorce party after work and there were 4 guys and 2 women there. He was renting a condo near work that overlooked the city, so beautiful. After drinks, dinner, and small chat, the clothes came off. Me and the other girl there, my pregnant friend Kendra, our receptionist [22f], ended up getting fucked by the guys by the window, overlooking the city. It was so slutty, but so oddly romantic. It did make things a bit awkward at the office the next week or two.

  • Was the pregnant one single? Lol

  • No, she was married. I was divorced/single but dating a bit.

  • Fuck thats sexy... love a pregnant girl lol and a naughty friend :)

  • When I moved out of my parents house and got my own apartment I went wild. I wanted to experience freedom, and being that they were crazy religious and borderline racist. I wasn't allowed to even think of dating guys that weren't white. So having my freedom I fucked all sorts of guys. Black, Mexican, Asian. If they weren't white they were in my apartment fucking. There was one day when I fucked three different guys in one day. It was like a revolving door. One would leave the next one would be there within an hour or two. Ended the night with Corey. He wasn't the biggest but he fucked the longest. And he was always ready to go again.

  • You slut.. ;)

  • I was. I had my freedom to do what and who I wanted. I almost always had someone over and ready to have some fun.

  • Honey. I did the same thing. When I got my own apartment. I was bouncing off more cocks than I could count. I was pretty much always RTF. If you brought alcohol there was a high chance of you getting laid. Had guys showing up with beer and liqour all the time. It was party central.

  • My best friend and I cheated on our boyfriends in a threesome. Her mom took us on a cruise with her, and she basically let us run wild, and even told us that if we meet a cute guy and bring him back to the room to put privacy sign on the door. We said we wouldn't because he had boyfriends but she said whatever.

    We met a cute guy who kept buying us drinks. As we are both eighteen we couldn't buy them ourselves. He flirted with us, told us how sexy we were. And somehow he talked us both back into our room. He had us at his finger tips. We both sucked and fucked him. The sex was great.

    The most embarrassing part was the fact that we didn't put up the privacy sign and my friend's mom comes walking in why I'm riding him and she is sitting on his face. And she made it even worse by hitting on him as he left. And reiterated the privacy sign. And then teased us about the threesome. I wanted to die. But she forgot to put the sign up twice so we ended up walking in on her both time with different guys.

    I ended up having sex with him again by myself a couple of times. And I'm pretty sure my friend did too.

    We didn't feel guilty on the trip but when we got back it started to sink in. So we devised a plan. And decided we would give a threesome to the each other's boyfriends and swear them to secrecy. So we got drunk alone with each of them and initiated a threesome and played it off as an oh my god, I can't believe that happened, you can't tell him!

    So far the plan has worked. But I still fill guilty every now and again. But I feel even more guilty because even though I have been loyal since I so badly want to have sex with other guys.

  • Wait... so your plan to stop feeling guilty for fucking around on your boyfriends was to cheat more and also fuck each other's boyfriends?

  • For our honeymoon, my husband and I toured France, and spent a day/night at a nudist beach (Cap d'Agde). Although "lewd" behavior was prohibited, I'm not sure what that meant, since people were fucking and sucking out in the open the whole time.

    We were casually screwing when an older couple near us came over to watch/play. They were in their 50s, the guy had short white hair, but was fit with a nice uncut dick. His wife had big tits and thick hips, short blonde hair. We learned that they were from Spain. They didn't speak much English, but their smiles and hands did the "talking." They were also kind enough to bring over their umbrella so we could have some shade.

    We settled into having a relaxed foursome and we started attracting a crowd, mostly guys, but some couples too. While we were fucking, some of the onlookers stroked out some loads on us--I remember getting my face, tits, and back pasted by complete strangers that day. It was a vacation I'll never forget.

  • My sluttyest moment came while traveling in Europe. i had missed my last train to the destination that i was staying at The train station was basically empty except for a few pepole waiting for trains to other destinations. I was approached by one of them. He said he had a four hour lay over. We chatted next thing you know we walked down the platform and we started making out. Then he lifted my skirt and i dropped my panties and he started fucking me up against a pole. We got caught by two railway workers. They let him finish then they both fucked me too. I got the first train out the next morning and was greeted by my boyfriend (now my husband). He felt sorry for me being up all night. We went back to our hotel he gave me a massage and then we fucked. Four men in say six hours. That's my story.

  • Did the two workers ask to fuck you, or just get their dicks out, or what? Did they all cum inside you? Fucking hot story!! I am jealous.

  • The two railway workers confronted us. The asked why we were having sex at the train station. My new male friend explained we had just met an we both needed sex. The worker agreed and so did I. I figured they might call the police or something so why not just fuck them. No condoms were used.

  • When i was 15 my mom and dad rented this beach house for the summer. My parents worked so they commuted to work leaving me alone all day. I usually went to the beach and hung out with the local teenagers. One day i decided to just go to the beach and work on my tan. Well these two guys in there 30's started talking to me telling me how hot i was. Next thing i know they had talked me into going to their motel room to fuck. Well they took turns fucking me all afternoon. they got done I went back to the beach house and my boy friend came over. We had sex before he had to go to work. I had dinner with my parents then went to hang out with my friends, They introduced me to a new guy and i fucked him too that night. So a pretty good day fucking four different guys.

  • I cheated on my husband during a new years party with my best friend's husband. We had always been flirty but we were drinking a lot, and when everyone had gone outside to watch fireworks I stayed inside to lay down because I drank a little too much and was feeling dizzy. Well he came inside, we talked, flirted and we ended up going to one of the bathrooms and fucked. He bent me over the counter and pulled up my dress and we just fucked. When my husband knocked on the door he answered and just said he was helping me cause I had felt sick. And I went with the lie. Eventually went home and ended up having sex with my husband too. I should have but I never felt guilty. Knowing I cheated on my husband and fucked my best friend's husband. We never did it again but I he still smirks from time to time at me when we all get together.

  • One time I walked out of a tanning salon that was right next to a gym and was about to get in my car when these guys rolled down their window and called me over. Asking if I was going for a work out. When I said no, I was tanning they asked me if I wanted one. It was crude but funny and they were super charming. So I ended up going back to one of their apartments where they proceeded to take turns fucking me. Neither of them wore condoms and they both had large amounts of stamina. It was a good time though and really got me going got the gym more often.

  • While in college I let a group of men tie me up and poke all my holes. It was really cool being the center of attention to about 15-20 guys. Very little sex was involved mostly nipple and clit punishment. I got one major ass spanking. I came out of that dorm with a set bruised purple tits and a red ass. Maybe six of the guys stuck their cocks in me. None of them came in me. Afterword i became a very popular date on campus. Best year of my life for sex.

  • But how did you end up with a group of men that wanted to tie you up? Were you at a party, or did yo answer an ad... how did it happen? I love how it made you a popular date.

  • I was at a frat party. I was not the only female their either just the drunkest. One of the other girls got tied up first but freaked out so they untied her. My friends dared me to be the next one and I went for it. Several other girls followed me. That's that.

  • Definitely when I fucked four guys in two days.

  • On holiday I was very drunk and took three men at once, it was the best sex ever having all my holes plugged at once and treble spunkins, I loved it and want more

  • Sounds like a hot holiday, please share some more details.

  • In college I worked as a waitress at Hooters. Having guys hit on the people who work there was exhausting, really, and most of the time I'd just ignore it. One day I was serving four guys who had just come over from the Gold's gym across the street. They were the big body builder types, really amazing bods. Their muscles were rippling through their t-shirts, they were so cut, fit, and fine. One guy gave me his number, said they were having a party later, and invited me over. I had a boyfriend at the time, but these guys were really intriguing. I asked a female coworker friend of mine if she'd go with me, and she said sure. We went straight there after work.

    We got to the party, and it was already rocking with plenty of booze. I danced with one of the guys, and he was basically feeling me up. I was cool with it, as his bod was so muscular and sexy. By the end of the night, the clothes were off and it was game on. I fucked three guys and had some of the kinkiest sex ever. One guy was so strong that while standing up, he flipped me upside down in his arms and ate me out while I sucked his dick (that was a major head-rush literally). The guys that night were incredible.

  • Did your bf find out? Would you do it again??

  • Hell no I never told my bf! I'm a bit older, in love, married, have kids, so no, I wouldn't do it again. But it was an awesome night.

  • But.. that would make it so much more fun lol

  • Bad girl ;)

  • Hot!

    What exactly do you mean by the "kinkiest sex ever", what did you do?

    Did your co worker friend fuck the guys, too?

  • By "kinkiest" I mean that I'd never had a threesome, nevertheless got ganged, with a cock in my mouth, someone sucking my tits, and another fucking me. I saw my friend having a 69 with a guy, but I was too busy to follow what she was doing. I did see her go the kitchen to wipe her vag later, so she received some cream filling for sure. There were two other girls there, but I think they just had sex with their bf's (they were couples). The guys I played with were single, or so they said.

  • This old guy messaged me on Facebook once saying he would pay me 1000 dollars if I would come over and let him fuck me roughly, no condom and did everything he said. I said no at first but then I ended up agreeing. Went to his house and ended up doing some kinky stuff. He put a collar on me slapped me around. Fucked me roughly. Had me lick cum off the floor and even peed on me. He fucked me more times in a row than most guys my age I've fucked. It was degrading but kind of fun. And I made the money and left. He wouldn't let me take a shower there so I left his place smelling like sex and piss.

  • Met a guy on tinder. Fucked him that same day. Met another guy on tinder. Fucked him the next day. Thought I had a type. Turned out they were brothers.

  • Hot. You should visit their Dad and fuck him, too.

  • If I ever met him I probably would.

  • Haha at the same time!

  • Haha thats badass

  • I got invited to hangout with some guys in college and I didn't realize I was going to be the only girl there. Well we all got stoned and then I ended up fucking all four of them.

  • Love that story, I wish that would happen to me!

    Did they run a train on you or did you have group sex, more than one hole being used at a time?

    Did they all cum inside you?

  • It started out with a couple of them. They showed me so much attention. Then it turned into more of a train. They all came in me and then a couple of them came on my face and tits afterwards. It was my sluttiest moment. Lol

  • Two years into our marriage my husband started working a lot of overtime. Seems he was too busy to pay a lot of attention to me. So I had several one night stands while he was at work. Long story short I got carried away with this one guy and got pregnant. To this day he has no clue that his only daughter is not his. So now when i full around I make sure the guy has brown hair and brown eyes just like the husband LOL.

  • I feel bad for ur husband... do you not feel guilty?

  • Lol you slut ;)

  • Thanks for the slut comment. My husband always said I am a nice wholesome soccer mommy but a slut in the bedroom. Little does he know once I am out partying I become a slut for well hung studs. I love big hard cocks.

  • Lol I fucking love it!

  • A couple of years ago I was visiting a friend to go swimming in her pool. It was just the two of us, as our husbands were working. We later were chatting on her patio, getting some shade, and having some drinks when her neighbor started chatting with us over the fence. My friend invited him over a chat and a swim.

    The neighbor came over with a guy friend of his, so it was four of us. They complimented us on our swimsuits and were really fun guys. We chatted for about an hour, and then we jumped back in the pool. My friend started horsing around with the neighbor guy, who was grabbing at her tits. I was totally shocked when he took off her top. She said to me, "You're not gonna tell, right?" meaning her husband. I said, "No way."

    Well, they got out of the pool and started fucking. The other guy joined in and she started sucking his dick. With loads of guilt and desire, I went over to join them. I was craving some dick. We fucked both guys that afternoon and took more than a little cream from their pipes. It was the only time I've ever cheated on my husband in the 13 years we've been together. Honestly, I felt terrible afterwards, though the sex was really good.

  • Sounds like your friend had done it before and has probably fucked him (maybe both) lots of times. Wish my neighbor was like that

  • Sounds like a good neighbor!

  • I work as a waitress at a sports bar and one day these two guys came in, sat in my section and flirted with me all night long. Hitting on me, and trying to get my number. Even heard them whispering about taking me home and fucking me.

    Well I went outside for a smoke break when one of them followed me out came up and kept flirting. When he straight up told me that he and his friend want to take me back to his place and "tag team the shit out of me. " I turned him down at first. And told him I still had four hours left on my shift as I was closing. They sat there for four hours. Buying drinks, leaving me tips, and flirting. And the whole time slightly throwing the idea out there.

    Eventually they wore me down and I ended up going home with them. And they did as they said they would do. And fucked me. Each took turns with me and then they fucked me together. They even put both their dicks in my pussy at the same time and the orgasm I had from it was amazing.

    They had certainly done this before and I kept up with them for a while and had a few more experiences with them. It was fun but probably the sluttiest time of my life.

  • I worked in a large office in NYC so on night a group of black female co-workers was heading to the elevator talking about going out for drinks. They asked if i wanted to join them. I said why not I had a ruff week i could use a drink. Well we went to this black bar in Mid town. I got wasted. I forgot the time and my last bus back to my home in New Jersey had already left. So one of the girls suggested i go home with her. I took her up on it. When we got to her apartment in the Bronx we found out her boyfriend was partying with a group of men. One of the guys kept commenting that he never had any white pussy. Next thing i knew I am naked and he is on top of me. He was getting his first piece of white pussy and i was getting my first black cock. Next thing i knew and another black cock was in my mouth. Then another one was in my ass. I ended up fucking six black men that night. But the night was not over. I ended up getting my first taste of black pussy. She was my first female ever. ng Sex with seven people omg i was in sex heaven. The fucking did not stop until about six in the morning. Needless to say I stayed over her apartment again in the Bronx. My husband never caught on that when i stayed over night in the city his soccer mommy was getting ganged banged over and over. That lasted until my company moved out of the city. Damm i miss those days.

  • Me and my husband were visiting New Orleans having a good time in a local bar when he accused me of flirting with a group of guys in a bar. He suggested we go back to the hotel room where i could take care of his needs. We did but my stud husband passed out drunk. So I went back to the bar and hung out with the guys that i was flirting with. One of the guys talked to the bouncer and got permission to use the back room to fuck me in. Seven strangers and the bouncer. Great night. I got back to the hotel and my stud was still asleep. He never found out either.

  • You fucked 8 men? You have one lucky husband!

  • Yep 8 men in one night. The most i have done since in one night has been 3. Big let down for sure. I would like to try that again perhaps go for a even dozen. Could be fun.

  • I went on a trip with my family and they all went to bed early. I decided to stay out at the hotel pool and got in the hot tub. A couple of of older guys came over and started talking to me, named Roy and Tyler. Well they started buying me drinks at the pool bar, I didn't tell them I was only 20 so I wasn't suppose to drink, and just drank with them. For some reason I got crazy horny and they invited me up to one of their rooms.

    I ended up having sex with both of them. They double teamed me. Then each had sex with me separately. Roy was better. And took way longer with them. After I took a shower and went back to my room. I was so tired I slept late the next day and just told my family I stayed up late.

    Ended up running into Roy at one of the Hotel restaurants. Told my parents he was just a nice guy that had kept some annoying guys away from me. It was super awkward. But I ended up fucking him again once more before the vacation was over. And as much fun as it had been with the two of them just being with Roy was a blast. He really knew what he was doing and got me off more times than any guy my age had. It was a fun but probably my sluttiest experience. Neither of them wore condoms and I wasn't on the pill at the time. And Roy came in me quite a few times when we were alone.

  • My moment had to be when I went to Scotland on vacation. I had sex with almost every man I met over there.

  • More details, please. That could be 2 guys, or 20!

  • There was eleven guys in total. I was there a month. So not every guy I met but I whored out pretty bad over there. Getting drunk and fucking hot guys with hot accents was fun.

  • My sluttiest moment had to be when I hooked up with a dude in less than fifteen minutes after meeting him. Granted I was young, 18, and living on my own in a trailer I was renting. I was outside hanging up laundry in nothing but a robe and my underwear cause I hadn't done laundry in forever , and didn't care cause I was in the back and didn't expect anyone to be walking by.

    Well another guy who had just moved into the trailer park was talking a walk around. Spotted me and came over and started flirting. And within minutes we were inside my place fucking like rabbits. We put every place in that trailer to good use. The cabinets, the couch, the walls. I had some serious rug burn on my hands and knees. It was some wild sex. It never happened again, but I did end up fucking a couple of his friends too during my time in that trailer park.

  • Im a recovering meth addict as is my ex-husband. We had lots of troubles but at our worst it was pretty bad. We were separated once and I was staying at a crash pad with other users. A group of us were pretty much on a constant binge for almost a week getting high on the drug which also makes you horny af. It got to the point where it didnt matter who i was fucking, we were all high and craving sex. I fucked 7 guys regularly over a week- night and day - in between binges. We rarely showered or even brushed our teeth. It was a mess. btw, I'm sober 4 years now.

  • Congrats on the 4 years, well done.

  • My sluttiest moment had to be when I went to a biker party with a guy. Ended up getting drunk getting gang banged in a tent by three different guys. Two of them much older, one of them fat. Found my "date" after went to his tent. Fucked him that night. Went to sleep, woke up started drinking again, and ended up fucking the fat biker again.

  • I hooked up with a guy who was in his 50's. Which isn't that slutty but the next time we were going to hook up he had three other guys with him. They all fucked me, and used me in every hole.

  • I was one of the unpopular Latina girls in school--chubby, big ass, and short, but with nice tits. I went to a party with some friends, and there was lotsa booze, which was a new experience for me. We all got really drunk and I started making out with one of the guys who wasnt even a bf, just an acquaintence. Long story short, we fucked at the party and word spread like wildfire. Everyone knew, and a couple of other guys asked if they could have me too. I was drunk and wanted friends, so I said yes and ended up fucking three guys that night, each twice. Of all the girls there, I was the only one who gave it up that night.

    It was way slutty and I regretted it, because soon the whole school knew about the party and I was subject to a lot of mean words. It was 25 years ago, but I wish I had that moment back.

  • I actually did this in school too. Except I didn't learn my lesson from it. I would repeat it over and over again. Go to a party. Get drunk. Fuck some guys. Deal with the drama. Do it all over again. But I don't regret it now days. I was having fun and I loved the attention. And most of the girls that were mean and hurtful about it didn't like to find out I had fucked some of their boyfriends too.

  • Darling, a lot of those girls are wishing they had fucked every guy in high school and wonder what the hell they bothered saving themselves for. You should consider this your walk on the wild side and be proud you had a sexual adventure. You were young and drunk, forgive yourself.

  • I was seeing a guy who it turned out he was married, and I didn't know. So once I found out I went straight to his wife and told her. The two of us got to talking, and actually became and are still friends. So as payback we went out and had a threesome with a guy he really hated and let him do literally anything he wanted to us. Filmed it, and sent snippets of it to him. It was one of the sluttiest things I've ever done.

  • Being newly married 23 year old the thought of cheating had not crossed my mind. My mother became ill and I had to fly to her side to help her out. I was seating on the plane next to this tall and handsome black gentleman about 50 years old. We struck up a conversation and he invited me out for drinks later that evening. Well I was in a strange city the only one I knew was my mom and dad and she was in the hospital so why not. We met and had a good conversation and he took my mind off of what was going on with my mother. He asked me if I would like to come back to his room. I knew he wanted to have sex and I did too So I went we fucked until about 3 or 4 in the morning. I woke up about 10 and looked over at his huge hard cock and starting to suck his dick. We fucked again then had a bite to eat. Then we fucked again one last time. I never seen him again but omg he would be welcome in my bed anytime he wants too. He was my first black guy and the oldest man I ever fucked. I think that was one of the best fucking's I ever had. He turned me on to trying different things. Now I prefer black men when I cheat and age is not a big deal with me. I have slept with maybe a dozen men since him but none as exciting.

  • Your a great wife! Your husband is lucky that you cheat on him. You should let him eat your pussy afterwards! Women should be able to fuck whoever they want whenever they want! If hubby doesn't like it find a man who appreciates the privilege of cleaning your well fucked pussy.

  • My moment was when I was really depressed, I had a family member pass away that I was really close to. I was at a party drinking and this older guy came up to me, after a while I started to get these really rapey vibes from him. he kept on trying to offer me things to get me to come back to his place, even though I knew what he was trying to do I didn't care and went back to his place with him. I ended up waking up in the middle of the night completely nude, I was face down ass up and he was fucking me, I noticed he wasn't using a condom and at this point I basically let him use me however he wanted, and at one point I ended up letting him cum in me. The worst part was that he was a ugly creepy person and he got a job where I work and started to brag that he slept with me and told everybody all the things that I did and now all my friends know.

  • Sluttiest moment has to be when I was bored at fuck at work. Hadn't seen a customer in hours so I started playing on Tinder. Talked to a cute guy. Hit it off. Told him where I worked, met him out back for "lunch" Fucked in his car. Then he bought me Wendy's.

  • In college I got invited to hang out with a guy I was fucking and some of his friends in his dorm room. We were drinking, smoking and after we had gotten high/drunk enough they got the courage to tell me they really wanted to run a train on me. It took some convincing but I fucked five different guys that night. Even got double penetrated, it was my sluttiest night ever.

    My husband and I swap past sex stories all the time but this is one I won't ever let him know.

  • Your one sexy woman! You should be proud of yourself for getting all the dick you want! I would love to hear a story like that from my girl

  • This doesn't come close to the other stories here, but it's my slutty experience. My bf and I went to watch the car races with a friend and his gf, and we stayed at the track all weekend in a rv. At night the scene got pretty wild, with parties and the like lasting until nearly dawn. We'd meet up and party with others who were total strangers, but were there having fun at the races too.

    One night we ended up partying with a group of about 30, and the guys were all drunk and saying things to us girls like "show us your tits." We were all drunk too, so we did. After a while, we girls talked about how unfair everything was, so we told the guys "show us your dicks!" To our surprise, many of the guys did.

    As the night wore on, we saw some of the girls giving public bj's, and I did that with my bf and a couple of other guys who looked tanned and cute. I had no idea who they were. I also fucked my bf while people were watching and jerking off. It was hot to see some of them drop that lovely white goo right in front of us. There was security personnel there, but they turned a blind eye to pretty much everything that night. I'll never forget it.

  • How old where ya?

  • In high school my bff and I had a crush on the same guy. The bad boy man whore, drank underage, smoked weed, bad guy. Well apparently it got out and he invited over to his place over the weekend his dad was gone. We drank beer, smoked weed, played strip poker and then ended up having a threesome.

    We spent the whole weekend at his place getting drunk and high and having sex. It was a fun weekend.

  • I was so mad that my husband left his boss at the house and went on a fire call, his a volunteer firefighter, and told me to entertain his boss while he's gone. So I did as he requested, I was in my Bikini swimming, I asked him to join me, he did. We fucked in the pool, then the kitchen, and last in my bedroom, he finished in my ass. When hubby finally came home, he said he was leaving and that I made him a salad. I fucked hubby without taking a shower that night. And now every time he leaves a friend behind, I keep them entertained

  • Wow your one sexy wife! He's a lucky man to have you. I would love and spoil a woman who would openly fuck other men for her sexual pleasure especially if she let me eat her pussy afterwards!!! I love bad girls who fuck other men and loves cuckolding me. Talk about a priveleged man!!! I would marry you and eat your well fucked pussy anytime you allowed me too!

  • You were mad your husband had to leave to fight a FIRE? I hope your house never catches flame.

  • Hey just paging through seeing a reply to my post. I was not mad because my husband left to fight a fire. I was mad because I really did not know his boss that well. I felt a little weird being left with someone I had only said hello to before. As you can see we got to know each other pretty well LOL. I have fucked him on and off over the last several years. Sometimes I thinks some of the guys I know set a fire just so he will leave the house ha ha. I have my own fire radio so I can track their progress. We would not want the firefighter to come home and she his wife's pussy is on fire with another man.

  • Well you knew his boss well enough to fuck him over and over. Or I guess I should say you knew him really well after fucking him over and over. Has the boss ever asked for a repeat? Gone along with it? Has hubby ever found out about any of them?

  • She loves cuckolding her husband. He's lucky to have a wife like her. I wish my wife would fuck other men and let me eat her pussy afterwards and if I'm lucky allow me to have sloppy seconds! Women should be able to fuck whoever they want whenever they want. If her husband doesn't like it he doesn't deserve her.

  • Give it a rest cuckold. Not many men are as perverted as you

  • A friend and I spent spring break of 2015 in Cancun. We basically lived off of margaritas the whole week. We met some guys at a club and they invited us to a party at a hotel. We walked in, and it was two rooms that were adjacent and linked together. There must have been a dozen people just hanging out fucking, and another dozen hanging out drinking and watching. It took a couple more drinks, but my friend and I undressed and joined the party. I think I must have fucked a half dozen guys that night. I'd never seen so much cum in my life. Guys were blowing it everywhere.

  • That's so fucking sexy! I would marry you and let you fuck other men any time you wanted!!! Your100% wife material!!!! 😘😍

  • That is fucking hot!

  • My big moment was back in high school. Several of the boys stole cases of beer off a truck and invited every one to a local park for beer and sex. I was told there would be lots guys and girls coming to the party. Turns out my girl friend and I were the only girls who showed up. If my memory is correct 23 boys showed up. After a couple of beers the gang bang started. Considering that I was much better looking and had bigger boobs then my girl friend I got a lot more of the action. The good news teenage boys cum fast the bad new is they cum often. After about a hour and a half they ran out of condoms. They started taking us bareback. I thought for sure we would get pregnant. Lucky us no babies. I don't think I had sex for two months after that night god I was sore. I have done a few gang bangs since that night but with way less guys. They are always planned now. I bring lube and plenty of condoms. I always make sure that my hubby is one of the guys just in case things get out of hand.

  • Oh my God! I would marry you and eat your well fucked pussy anytime you allowed me too!!! I would love a wife who allows me to watch her get gang banged!!! I would eat your pussy for hours and after each man cummed in you so your clean for the next guy in line! You're husband is a very lucky and priveleged man to have you as his wife!!! I think I'm in love with you! 😘❤

  • I got pregnant really early in life and I am only 15 years older then my oldest daughter. I am only 33 right now. So when one of my daughters boy friends came over looking for her I fucked him. He told me I was better in bed then her so I have been seeing him now for four months. He is still fucking my daughter too. Gee if he marries her I will have a bf for life LOL.

  • You let your fifteen year ol child sleep with people. I would roast her bum if she was my daughter..

  • You're bad a math. If she is 33 and is 15 years older than her daughter, then her daughter is 18 and an adult.

  • One time I was closing the store I worked out and was walking to my car when some cute guys came pulling up in a truck and started talking to me. Offered me a beer, which I was stupid to take, then another. And finally just left with them to go drink and party.

    Ended up back at one of their places where they took turns with me. The next day one of them took me back to my car and I never saw them again.

  • Sexy woman!

  • When I was 19, I used to hang with some slightly older goth types who liked to party. Most were in their 20s, but a few were older. We'd meet up in the industrial section of town to party on weekends, as businesses were closed and the cops were never around. We had free reign of the turf.

    We'd take pills, drink a lot, ride weird bicycles, and dress up in costumes and goth outfits. Back then I had green hair and used to wear miniskirts that barely covered my ass with black and white striped tights. i liked the witch look.

    One summer evening the party with about 100 people was getting out of control. There were a few fights, some people were tweaking, and it was a bad vibe. It got better, though, and on a long-bed trailer that was parked at one of the businesses two girls were fucking two guys, with a bit of an audience cheering and a line of dudes waiting for turns. One of the guys I liked asked if I wanted to screw, and I said, "Okay." I'd had the hots for him forever and he was really popular, so I was down with it. I was on the pill too.

    I joined the other two girls and went about screwing my guy. I was pretty high and when he was done, another guy moved right in. I did three before I was beat and said that was enough. People cheered for me when I was done and it made me new friends, which made me feel good at the time.

    However, I got herpes that day and now, at age 34 and married, I can't believe I was such a slut.

  • A slutty woman is beautiful! Be proud of it and fuck other men when husbands not around! If he catches you he can be a lucky man and clean your pussy for you or be a bitch and pout!

  • Went on a date with a guy I met on tinder. Ended up getting drunk and going back to his dorm room to be double teamed by him and his roommate.

  • Very sexy!!! Good girl!!!

  • How did you end up getting double teamed? Did they just ask, or what?

  • I've always been really picky about who I date or end up with, I've been told I have unrealistic expectations and have been called prude. that's why it's kind of a huge surprise that when I get drunk I've been turning into a slut. I first noticed it when I got really drunk one night, most of the night is kind of a blur, but I do remember being in a dive bar being face-down in the bathroom getting fucked by some old guy. I guess I was looking at the condom machine and he came up to me and asked if he bought one if we could use it, I guess that's all it took. When I get drunk I'll let whoever wants to fuck me.

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  • At my husbands holiday party his boss was flirting hard with me, and taking lots of pics of us together some with my husband and lots without. Somehow he got me alone, and w went back to his office, and had sex with him, then I told him I'm bringing my husband back to have sex in his office and he said okay

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  • I went to a frat party once and found myself the center of attention between three guys who talked me into leaving with them and having a private party back in one of their dorm rooms. Where we got drunk, and I ended up getting gang banged. That night turned into a weekend of fun. Had group sex, had sex with them one on one when someone got tired. Pretty much ended up with a weekend of drinking, having sex, drinking some more and more sex. It was a really good time and kept up with them for a few more romps for a few weeks. College was great.

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  • To answer a couple of questions about my camping trip. The first one asked how it started. Simple booze. We all got drunk and the guys got very suggestive of what I should do for them. Finally I said what to hell. It did it fucked them all. As far as me swallowing I had never done it before nor had I had anal. With five on them and one of me I no longer had control of what happened to me. Thus I swallowed and took cock in my ass for the first time. So that became a turning point for me. I now enjoy the taste of cum and as long as your not packing more the 7 or 8 inches I enjoy anal. If your bigger than 8 inches if hurts but then again I will give it up just to get that big cock in my pussy. Last question did they cum in me the answer is yes.

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  • I was commenting to my male hairdresser that I was scheduled to take a group of young people from our church camping. I told him I had never been camping before. I said to him that this is going to be weird as I knew nothing about camping out. He said he and some of his friends where planning a camping trip that weekend. He said if I wanted to join them he could show me the ropes.

    I asked who was going and he said four of his friends and two of their girl friends. I told my husband about the opportunity to learn a little bit about camping and since he thought my hairdresser was gay he approved.

    Number one I found out my hairdresser was not gay and none of the other women showed up.

    Here I was with five hot young studs 20-24 years old and I am a 39 year old married women. All five of the had there way with me numerous times during a three day weekend. Sometimes one on one sometimes all five of them fucking me. That was the best sexual weekend of my life.

    A couple of things that before I thought were taboo had happened. I never had swallowed cum before nor had I done anal sex. Of course I never had been fucked by five men at once.

    Now I can't wait to go to the hairdresser. Me and Gary and some of his friends get together and fuck our brains out. This has been going on for the last four years. I hope it never stops. I found out that is never to late to have great sex.

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  • How did it all start once you got there?

  • If you had never swallowed or been fucked up the ass before, how did it happen this time? Were you just so turned on you did it, or did they just go for it and you decided you liked it? Did you let them all cum inside you?

  • While I'm not a lady, I was dressed as one and what happened was the sluttiest thing I have ever done. Still I can't believe I did this

    I was in college and rented a house with a friend and his girlfriend. They were both going camping for the weekend so I thought, so I planned on doing my usual cross dressing thing for some of the weekend. I had a kink for panties and stockings and had a few things I liked to dress in and masturbate, watch porn, etc... It was a release from stress I guess. I had also just found that my roommate had some seriously sexy lingerie when I saw them drying on a line in their bedroom a few weeks earlier. I had planned on grabbing a few of these items to add to my fun.

    It was Saturday evening and they had both been gone since that morning. I felt I was in the clear. I had a few drinks, dressed myself in these sexy things I had taken from my roommate's dresser. A garter, hose, panties, a light top piece and some high heel boots I found at the local thrift. they must have been a stripper's because they looked like porn. I looked like porn and was feeling horny and free at home alone. I'm watching some of my favorite porn on the living room right off the front foyer when the door burst open in a split second. there was nothing I could do and I froze, boner, cross dressed masturbating and a rather large dildo I liked to use, all right there in the middle of the room. I thought they would certainly throw me out and tell everyone we knew.

    turns out, guy roommate went on his own with friends and girl roommate stayed in town, never planning on going camping. I had just assumed they were going together.

    She had gone out early and had brought a few of her "friends" home for more drinks. She was planning her own fun while guy roommate was out of town.......

  • .....They, 3 guys and herself walked right in and laid eyes on me doing my dirty business. nothing I could do. Blood rushed to my head and I thought I was going to pass out. "Holy shit that's hot" she blurts out after a few eternal seconds of silence. She turns to the guys and tells them to go down the hall and she comes into the room. " I won't tell guy roommate anything if you don't" she says since she was obviously going to fuck these guys with her. Two of whom I sort of knew.

    she called them back down the hall and told them that if they wanted to do her they had to do me, too. I couldn't believe that. It was weird and hot and awkward and all kinds of crazy until the guys looked at each other and said "ok". We were all around 20, young, fit and I guess, wide open to whatever, and stoned and a little drunk

    Those 3 guys treated us like they had scored a pair or twin strippers. it lasted all night. The dirtiest thing we did was when she had two of them DP me from behind in some magical position while I went down on her and another fucked her face. She basically choreographed all the moves and we all did what she said which amounted to just about every porn maneuver you can imagine. They all came in my ass at some point and near the end they all came on mine and girl roommates faces, I blew them all and fucked girl roommate while I took it from behind and she blew the 2 other guys, there was a train, they all took turns on us.... etc, etc, etc.....

    Her boyfriend came back the next evening. in the meantime she dressed me up again and we had sex the next day before he returned.

    My wife and I still know her and her current husband although we've never told a soul and my wife has no idea. We still get together for dinner and drinks.

  • I broke up with my high school boyfriend because a bunch of guys were showing me attention after graduation. I had sex with seven different guys in a two month period and then ended up going back to my boyfriend after having my fun. I've never told him and never will.

  • You should tell him... I bet he eats and fucks your pussy like never before! I know I would!!! Women should be able to fuck whoever they want whenever they want and it's a privelege to have a woman who will openly fuck other men and let you watch her or if allowed eat your pussy after your done.

  • My boss took our entire company on a trip to cancun last winter to reward us for the best year our company has ever had. We were all allowed to either A) bring a significant other or B) join rooms with a co-worker and get a bunch of resort credits. I joined rooms with our company's marketing director who's a really sweet girl and about 10 years younger than me. The first night, my roommate and I were at the bar with the group when our bosses' son walked up to us. This guy is so good looking. He's about 20 years younger than me and he's an attorney. He didn't come to the family business but he's our attorney. my roommate was smitten and so was I to be honest. As drinks kept flowing, I could tell one of us was going back to his room and I kinda wanted it to be me. I got a little competitive. As the bar was closing, we both had our claws into him so to speak when he said, "So, you guys have a room together, right?" I replied yes and he said, "We should go there for a nightcap then." I looked at my roommate and she looked at me. We both were very curious about what was going to happen. He totally took control of the situation when we were back in our room and we wound up having a threesome. It was crazy. I never imagined I'd be in any situation like that in my life and it was so wild. I'm 50, she was 40, and he was 30. We woke up with him in between us. There weren't a lot of words exchanged that morning but he was very proud of himself. I found out after we got back home that she and I both hooked up with him individually after that as well as two other women in our office. What a man-whore. I don't regret it though.

  • When I agreed to be my husbands slave, his whore to fuck and suck off any one he wants, I knew he wanted to see me get gang banged and swallow all the cum, to be a black cock whore. I didn't know how far it would go I have know idea how many black men have fucked me, how many have cum in my mouth down my throat, hub insists I swallow, it's in the hundreds I was to drunk at times to know who or many.

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  • I went to a biker party one night with some friends and ended up getting drunk and gang banged by a bunch of bikers old enough to be my dad. Probably the sluttiest moment of my life.

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  • How did you dress?

  • Was wearing jean shorts and a tank top

  • My moment was when one night I was driving home from work, stopped at a stop light when a car pulled up beside me blaring music and all the people inside having a good time. While waiting on the light a couple of the guys got out and talked to me, and convinced me to pull over to chat. So we all pulled over and started talking/flirting.

    They were all pretty drunk and asked me to go party with them. I told them I couldn't I had to work but they wouldn't take no for an answer. They were hella funny and charming and first ended up showing them my tits on the side walk cause the girl with them did it first and dared me too. With that act I gave in and went partying with them. Ending back up at the other girls place, we drank danced, and ended up having a lot of sex. I had sex with two of the guys and even sex with the girl. Was a fun but slutty night.

  • During spring break I was the girl that got Eiffel towered. Went to a beach party. Got drunk, couple of guys kept me drinking. Finally went back to their hotel room and let them have their way with me. Double teamed me, then fucked me individually. Had a lot of sex that week, but it was all really fun. A week of partying, drinking, and sex. Even had a threesome with a guy and another girl. It was a hell of a week.

  • Back in collage i had rebound sex with a group of guys running a train on me, i was bent over guy after guy fucking me from behind and when they were ready they would move from behind me and walk round to my face and cum on my face. i was wasted and cant actually remember how many guys it actually was.

  • Wow that is so sexy! Did any of them eat your pussy? I would have gone off on them if they didn't!!! You gave them the privilege of being able to fuck you they should have been nice enough to clean you afterward!

  • I don't like the word slut, but I get it. I'm 46 and have been a professional for 23 years. I do pretty well, but not great ($75K a year). I've been divorced for 15 years and have never remarried. I don't see a need for it, though I would consider, if I met the right guy. I've been told that I'm pretty for my age, and I keep in shape.

    I've had big gaps without having a bf or sex, sometimes a year or two at a time. I dated a guy very briefly last year who liked to throw football parties with his friends. He was not quite my type (too blue collar), but he was fun for a bit, and being with him made the weekends feel less lonely.

    At one of his parties, there was a mix of people I was just getting to know. I made friends of one of the wives of my bf's male friend. She was a little crazy, like she was a former addict or something. She didn't seem right. We were making lasagna in the kitchen when all of a sudden she bailed. When I went out to the living room, she was sucking her husband's dick while getting fucked by my new bf on a table. I totally became unhinged and my bf and I started arguing. Shit, we had barely just started dating. He said he had played with her before, so it was okay. I was like, what?!?!?! Do you have a hole in your head?!?!?!

    I said out loud angrily that if we're having a so-called good time, well, let's have a good time. I unbuttoned my jeans, slid them off, and picked out a couple of guys in the room (that I barely knew) to fuck. They were other friends of his. I didn't even care, I was a bit upset. I fucked them both. I'm menopausal, so I wasn't worried about getting knocked up. The second guy actually gave me an orgasm, which was nice.

    I stormed the fuck out, changed my phone number, and thank god I never heard from him again. Looking back, it was slutty, but it was revenge too. I also left the lasagna in the oven, and I hope it burned.

  • Good girl!!! He should have got on his knees and begged to have you back after that! I would have been turned on by you fucking those other men like that!!!

  • The sex as revenge part I get , but burning the lasagna, that's just mean!

  • I once went on a three day trip out of town with my son's baseball team during the summer. They were playing a tournament, and I was asked to be one of the chaperones. My husband had to work, so he stayed home.

    After the kids were in their hotel rooms asleep, the adults would meet up in one of the rooms for drinks. There were eight of us, four of which were two married couples. Then there was me, another woman (both married, but sans husbands) and two male coaches (both married, but sans wives).

    It was really hot (close to 90 degrees at night), so we were all dressed in skimpy outfits. We hung out, played cards, watched TV, and drank a ton. By the last night there was some inappropriate flirting going on, and it came out mostly in the form of dirty innuendos. We started sharing crazy things we had done sexually. One of the coaches said, "Imagine if we were in a position to go one up on these stories." The whole vibe immediately got awkward.

    One of the married couples left shortly after, but the other stayed, as did the rest of us. Without a doubt we were all thinking about what the coach said earlier. I then went out with one of the women (the other without her husband) and we had a smoke and talked privately. I asked if she was turned on, and she admitted that she was. I admitted that I was too.

    When we went back in, we dropped our shorts and panties, and led the two coaches to the bed. We started giving one another head, although the remaining married couple talked about it first and watched for a few minutes, before joining in (they were hesitant). We daisy chained and then fucked like rabbits. It felt good to be slutty. I was wasted after four orgasms, but by that time over an hour had passed and the room smelled like sweat, cum, and pussy. We tried to keep the noise down, but it was tough. We kept our lips sealed about that night, and our spouses never found out.

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  • I was once dating this guy while screwing two of his friends. one day i screw both his friends during the day and he then screwed me in the evening, he ever said "your wet down there already?" i just brushed him off saying i was really horny

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  • I went on a date with this guy, and he a high school basketball couch and he invited me to one of his games. He was sweet so I went. After the game, we and a couple of his friends went out for drinks to celebrate. We end up back at his place and doing shots. When I asked him quietly if we could find a place alone to have some fun when he said there was no need, because he and his friends wanted to run a train on me. While this isn't something I would have normal done, and after some awkward reassurance, and a little more liquid courage I got fucked by three different guys in a row. It was really fun. One would finish and the next one would come right up. I had a lot of sex that night.

  • Did you get any of them to clean your pussy for you? One of them should have been nice enough to clean you afterward!

  • Did they all cum inside you?

  • When I was a nursing student a female friend and I used to date a couple of the doctors at the local hospital. They would sometimes pay for us to stay downtown in a fancy hotel and buy us gifts. We both knew implicitly that fucking them was part of the deal, but we liked the attention.

    We'd meet up with them for expensive dinners and sex. We weren't that emotionally attached, so swapping partners was no big deal. Sometimes the doctors would even invite a friend or two, to make it three or four guys on us two girls. We'd drink some wine, fuck and suck until we collapsed from exhaustion, then do it again. We'd then go out to a show, dazed and sloppy, have a good time, then go back to the hotel to get fucked again.

    We partied like this about twice a month for nearly a year, until my friend got pregnant. That was a bit of a wake up call that scared the shit out of both of us.

  • Did you and your friend ever get double penetrated?

  • I never took it in the ass, but my friend did. I remember her getting double penetrated a few times.

  • DP love to be tail end charlie. It is tight back there

  • I take it watcher her get double penetrated didnt convince you to try it then? did you two ever interact?

  • I got spit roasted plenty, but I don't like anal. I'm also not bi, so I tended to just take on the guys.

  • Where you ever dressed up? heels, boots, stocking, lingerie?

  • I went to work right out of college in a male dominated company, I was one of two women working for the entire company. Needless to say I was flirted with and touched on a constant basis, even though it was not right I for some reason did not mind it back then. I wore clothes entirely appropriate for work and my first desk sat right in front of three offices with glass fronts. When I turned around in my chair the man in the office directly behind me would very often be looking at my legs and one day it dawned on me that he could probably see right up my skirts.
    I was in the bathroom one day and feeling a little bad, turned on, horny, what ever you want to call it. I took off my underwear and even though back then shaving that are was not in I had pretty much always just left a strip of pubic hair up top and would routinely shave everything else with my legs.
    I went back to my desk and began going about my usual thing but would on occasion turn around and pretend to be working on the table behind me which was open in the back, I saw him on numerous occasions getting a nice eye full of me. I was pretty bad about it sometimes sliding myself right to the edge of my seat with my legs open at least a foot, I could feel the cool air right on me.
    They threw a party at the end of every year and handed out bonuses, the company did pretty amazing one year and everyone was getting pretty liquored up. I was talking with him and some others but when it was just the two of us he told me that he loved my legs. I told him thanks then asked him if he would like to kiss them, he stared at me for a second then told me he would love to kiss my entire body. He got his wish that night in a hotel room and I never told anyone about it. He was always nice to me and treated me better than all the others did even before that night.

  • My husband works in sales and often spends a lot of time away, sometimes a week or two at a time. One night I was invited by a friend and her husband to attend a party at their place. I went because I would have spent the night alone otherwise, as hubby was out of town.

    There were about 12 people there, some of whom I had never met. There was a hot tub, so I brought a simple one-piece swimsuit for the occasion. Seven of us were crammed in the tub, so we were all touching. I was in between two guys who basically had their elbows rubbing against my tits the whole time. One of the other girls there was sitting on her boyfriend's lap, and it was soon obvious to everyone by the expression on her face that she was riding his dick. Her bf had pulled her swimsuit bottoms aside and simply went for it while we were all chatting.

    We were all like, "Really, you two? Are you really doing that?" It was more funny than anything. While we watched them fuck I could feel the guy to my left rubbing my thigh. I should have stopped him, but it felt nice. I leaned over and kissed him on the neck, and soon we started making out. The guy next to me was kissing me too, while rubbing my tits through my swimsuit. I reached down and could feel his hard cock straining through his trunks. It was all totally wrong, but we were all a bit drunk and turned on.

    It was way too crowded in the tub, so I led them to the patio where we fucked on the lawn furniture. I hadn't been laid in about two months, so it was lovely getting worked over like that. At one point my friend, the hostess, came out was said, "WTF, girl? Are you crazy?." She couldn't believe that I was cheating on my husband and doing so in her backyard. I felt really bad about it afterwards, but God, getting cock that night felt so good.

  • Would you do it again?

  • I used to go to these parties when I was in high school afterwards people would usually find a room to pass out in, I ended up passing out on the couch in the living room. I ended up waking up to somebody standing over me, they asked me if I wanted to have sex, I said yeah sure. I was on the couch face down ass up and he pulled down my pants, as I felt him start to go inside of me I realized I don't know who this is, he wasn't who I thought he was. I tried to move around so I could look to see who it was but the whole time I had my face buried into the couch cushions and couldn't see anything. The sex was unlike any sex I had ever had before, most guys I have been with were gentle. but he fucked me hard and fast and didn't slow down, and it was the first time anybody fucked me without a condom and it felt way different. I was kinda surprised my friend didn't came out of her room and say anything because my ass was slapping off of his hips really loud,and I'm not sure but I might have been moaning part of the time. When he was finished he didn't say anything, I just heard the front door open and I caught a glimpse of his back as he walked out the door, he had an outdoors country Look to Him and he looked much older, immediately afterwards I passed out. And I never found out who fucked me that night, one thing I never told anybody and I always thought was kind of suspicious, is I woke up feeling like I had the best sex of my life, when I awoke I was still in the same position. I was face down ass up and I had no clothes on, when I wiped my hand across my ass chick I realized I had dry cum all over my ass and I was really wet, so the part that I thought was suspicious is if I woke up feeling like I had the best sex of my life and I was in the same position for hours out in the open, how do I know there was only one guy?

  • My husband works constantly and barely pays any attention to me. I joined a workout place with the hopes of getting into shape and losing some weight. I met some really great people and then one day Josh asked me if I wanted to get something to eat after we were done working out. He knew I was married, I always wear my ring, he was never flirting with me so I told him sure. He told me that he only lived a short distance from the gym and we could walk or he could ride with me if I wanted to drive. My spine was tingling as we drove to his place, I had no idea what I was doing and it felt great. I followed him up to his apartment and we were only in the door a minute and he asked if I wanted to grab a shower first. I felt like I was in a dream saying yes, next thing I knew I was following him down a short hallway and standing in bathroom. He turned on the water and stepped into the shower, I took off my clothes and stepped in behind him. We took turns getting all wet then he soaped up a scrubby and began washing my body. We were both soaped up kissing deeply, both my hands were stroking his now hard cock, it felt magnificent in my fingers. He came after a few minutes of stroking, we never stopped kissing. We then rinsed off and went to his bed, he kissed and licked every part of me and I moaned out quite a few times in pleasure having two or three orgasms.
    I left his place feeling like I just ruined my life but the other half of my mind told me I could not wait to do it again.

  • Have you?

  • I told my prof I would give him a blow job to pass a class, he was not very good looking and he had me come to his house to do it. When I got there he changed the deal, he wanted to have oral with me first, access to everything then a blow job. I took off all my clothes and laid down on his bed, he kissed and licked like every inch of my body, it felt like he was a dog cleaning me. He licked me for at least an hour giving me multiple orgasms. He stuck his tongue everywhere. When he finally had enough of me he rolled over onto his back and I started sucking on him. I figured I better swallow or he might not think I gave him a good one so I just closed my eyes and pictured an old boyfriend while he came. I never felt clean for about a week, all I could remember was his tongue licking me and that black mustache rubbing my skin.
    God I still shudder just remembering it!!

  • My sluttiest moment was the week after my second marriage . My new husband was an over the road truck drive and had to go back on the road the night we got back from our honeymoon. He wasn't out of our driveway a hour when my ex husband and two of his friends stopped by . They talked their way into the house, talked me into having a few beers with them then talked me out of my clothes. I spent the first week married to my husband sucking cock and getting fucked by my ex husband and his friends. Five different guys in all that week.

  • Good girl and a lucky husband you have! I would let you fuck other men anytime you wanted!

  • You are the fucking slut

  • I love slutty women who need more than one dick to satisfy them!

  • Did you continue to fuck your ex and his buddies after that week, or settle down with your husband?

  • I would often fuck my ex while my husband was on the road, My ex wasn't a very good husband while we were married but he was always great in bed. Yes from time to time he would bring a friend or two to fuck me.

  • After coming home from a holiday party with the family, I showered and went downstairs to finish wrapping the last minute gifts. My daughters boyfriend was still awake and watching tv, he is the most handsome man I've ever seen, and I definitely fantazied about him in bed. He helped me wrap a few gifts, and I noticed his cock through his shorts and I couldn't help myself, I sucked and fucked him, before going to bed. Christmas morning I went into my daughters room and woke him by sucking his dick while my daughter was still sleeping, we moved to the floor to finish off. We continued for a year after they broke up

  • I guess my big turning point into becoming a slut was when my husband and I went on a 10 night cruise. On the second night my husband when down to the casino to gamble his money away. The cabin boy stopped by to turndown the bed as I was just stepping out of the shower. He got a eye full and I got a mouth full of the blackest cock I ever sucked. Needless to say every time hubby went to the casino the cabin boy fucked me. The best was yet to come the cabin boy brought a buddy one night and they both fucked me on the balcony. That was the best vacation I ever had even if hubby lost a ton of money in the casino. Now when the husband asks me where I want to go on vacation I always make sure their is a casino and lots and lots of blackcock.

  • Hot. On the vacations after that, how did you pick up the men, flash them again, or just tell them you want fucked?

  • Well mine was more of a slutty time period. When I was in college I still lived at home to make it on a budget. One of the neighbors was an older guy in his seventies and I started cleaning his house for extra cash. One day he was completely staring down my shirt as I was cleaning the table in his living room. I joked about it with him and he told me he was sorry but could not help looking. He joked back and told me he would double my cleaning pay if I did it nude. I told him yeah but then you would want more than just looking, I was actually embarrassed that I told him something like that. He then told me he was serious about doubling my pay, I thought why not give him a thrill so I stripped down and kept on cleaning.
    About two hours later I was laying on his bed, legs spread wide with him licking me. We did this numerous times for about a year and a half, he was a great lover but could not get erect anymore, I even tried giving him a blow job but it was no use.

  • I'm 61 and have been widowed for six years. I never remarried, and went four years without even having sex. After losing my husband, I figured that part of my life was over. Slowly but surely, I've been getting back on the beam in that regard.

    A couple of years ago I took a part-time job at a sports bar, and I love socializing with the regulars. Most of the guys who come in are in the 45-70 age range, and I've become friends with a lot of them. It's my little social network. I'm a little short and heavy, but I still have fairly firm DD tits and the guys like my big hair, thick legs, and sense of humor.

    I've hooked up with a few of them over the years, but probably the sluttiest moment was when I got drunk after work and had sex with a guy in his van at 3 AM. Some of the other guys came out to watch. The guy I fucked lasted like two minutes, and I hadn't gotten off yet, so I let the other guys play too. I wasn't counting at the time, but afterwards I realized I fucked four guys in a row. Having all of that ready dick was hot.

  • Wow, good for you, I love your story. Were the guys that fucked you in a row regulars? Did you see them at the bar again?

  • All but one were regulars at the bar where I work, so I see them regularly.

  • So, if you see them regularly, have they asked you for sex again? Do you speak of it or act like it never happened?

  • Yeah, they've asked. We also talk about that night. I've had sex with a couple of them again, but never a gangbang.

  • A friend of mine in high school was house sitting for a week. His parents had to attend a funeral out of state, so he was watching the house. Of course, it was an opportunity to throw parties. He did, over about three nights.

    It was a great chance to drink and have some sex. We had about 15-20 at the parties each night. One night I fucked two guys at once, and they were the athletic, popular types. I was never really a member of their group before, but I sure was afterwards. A few of my friends got laid too, some for the first time. It was pretty hot seeing all the sex going on. I had never really seen cum before, but we had it everywhere that week. We all got laid every night.

    Looking back on it, the whole thing was a little slutty, but we were young and just exploring sexuality. We were curious, hot and randy, and new at experiencing how boy and girl parts fit together. No regrets.

  • I went away during spring break with a few of my girl friends just to get away and relax, and of course we all agreed some lucky college stud would have us. Well it turns out one of my daughters ex boyfriend was there, drinking, dancing and one thing lead to another and pretty soon we were in bed. We met up the next day and had some more sex, and that night he brought a friend, first threesome ever, and on our last night he brought 2 of his friends. I haven't run into him since but he did friend request me on Facebook

  • Did your girlfriends get fucked too? Would you do it again?

  • Yes, and YES

  • Defiantly the time i met 7 black guys and got gangbanged by them, if course at time i thought i was only meeting 3 and then when i did i realised i could count and thought "fuck it, why not" god i was sore for days after

  • Defiantly? Why were you being definant? Or can you just not spell and meant definitely?

  • Bullshit

  • Tell us more...

  • When I was first married my husband got a new job and started drinking and playing cards with some of the guys from work. At one of the card games he got drunk and lost almost all of his paycheck. In order to get our money back I sucked two of the guys off , by the time it was the third guy's turn my jaw was getting soar . I sucked him some then just let him fuck me because he was taking to long to cum. The slutty part was I did it all right in front of my husband .

  • Wow, did they cum in you? Did your husband ever mention it again?

  • They did cum in my mouth and the guy that fucked me came in me. The next day my husband acted like he was so drunk he didn't remember anything from that night. That Monday the guys all wanted to know if they could have the next card game at our house. He stopped playing cards with them .

  • When I was 16 me and my friend found a sex offenders app. We ended up finding somebody we seen before and we dared each other to go over to his house and tease him sexually, when we showed up he was there with a friend in front of his house. After I teased him a little bit him and his friend came up and asked me for my phone number, I wrote a number down and give it to him and my friend was kind of freaking out. She said "I can't believe you gave him your number" I told her it wasn't my real number it was one I made up. Me and my friend were walking home and after she left he called me, I gave him my real number. I just didn't want my friend to freak out and tell anybody. I knew my parents weren't going to be home so I had him meet me at my house, him and his friend showed up, we didn't talk much I took them up stairs to my bedroom. I set him down on the edge of my bed and I rode his bare dick as his friend fucked me in the ass. to be honest thinking back on it now, doing stuff like this is probably why I had a kid at the age of 17.

  • My daughter used to travel all over the world with her work leaving her husband and kids behind for weeks at a time. I would go over from time to time to help my son in law out , clean, doing laundry and cooking some meals for them. On one of my trips over to their house , I walked in on him laying on the couch masturbating to porn. He had apparently taken the day off , I apologized , he was so embarrassed telling me he hadn't been with my daughter in three weeks and needed relief. Again I apologized and told him I would leave him alone , under his breath he says I wish you wouldn't .
    I guess I felt sorry for him , and just asked what he wanted me to do . He pulled his cock back out of his shorts and asked if I would suck it. I spent the next hour and a half naked in my daughter's bed sucking her husband's cock and letting him fuck me like a whore.

  • My husband and I own three multi unit apartment buildings. After finding out he had been having an affair I was crushed and wanted revenge. I admittedly had to much to drink one afternoon and decided to visit one of our tenants. He was in college and having parties. That day was no different, I knocked on the door and there was a group of guys drinking . I partied with them for a while before I let one of them lead me to a bedroom before I realized it we had an audience .Long story short I got my revenge , I let six different guys either used my mouth or pussy for their enjoyment and mine.

  • You really told him....

  • My husband and I once hired a couple of my Dad's friends to build a fence in my backyard. I knew them pretty well, but not great. They worked their ass off, so I made them lunch one afternoon. It was just the three of us, as my husband was at work. I was seven months pregnant at the time, and one of the guys commented about how good I looked. The comment made me feel good, since I was a bit self-conscious about my frame. They wanted to know if my husband and I had to change our bedroom routine at all due to my pregnancy. If I didn't know the guys, I would have told them to fuck off and mind their own business. But I did talk to them, and even told them that I hadn't been laid in nearly a month, simply because things had been busy.

    We chatted for a few more minutes when one of them said, "You look so great that I think we might be able to give a discount on the fence." I didn't know what he was talking about, but he took my hand and put it on his crotch. I was like, "Uh, what?!?" I said I had to think about it. I stopped smoking when I became pregnant, but damn I needed a cigarette. I was virtually shaking at their proposition.

    I told them "okay" and we went into the living room. We fucked for about two hours, with some breaks mixed in, and they only charged me for the materials for the fence. It was some of the best sex I've ever had. My husband never found out.

  • Pregnant girls are so sexy

  • So I've always had lots of guys interested in me and throw themselves at me, it's gotten to the point to where I don't even acknowledge people when I catch them checking me out, out of the corner of my eye. I usually rarely date and can come across as kind of prude. I ended up having a couple of my close family members pass away, and it kind of messed me up and left me in a really bad place, for some reason the next guy that hit on me, I became really passive and did whatever he asked of me. It was no time at all before he had me bent over in the back of a van and he was fucking me without a condom. When he was finished he ended up cumming in me, and I ended up snapping out of it and realizing I was having unprotected sex with a complete stranger, somebody I didn't even know. I think the reason why I did it is because I wanted to feel something, I either felt sad or nothing like 24/7. The next couple of months I ended up doing the same thing with three other strangers.

  • When my husband decided to build a custom pool in our back yard, he had his childhood friend come up and stay with us. Mostly because he has alot of experience with that kind of construction. I was awe struck on how handsome and how hot his body was. So the two of them were outside doing measurements and calling in favors to help. I snuck into Bradley,s room and was going threw his personal items. There wasn't much I grabbed his tooth brush and used inside of me. Then felt weird so rinsed it and put it back I took of my robe which was all I was wearing and rolled around on his bed and pillow naked. Then quickly jumped up and left. The next day when I woke up my husband left for a couple hours to go rent equipment. I went into the kitchen where I found Bradley sitting drinking coffee and looking at his laptop. I said good morning he just looked up and said it might be a great morning we're about to find out. I looked at him puzzled he turned his laptop towards me and there I was naked in his room acting like some kind of porn slut. I just stood as he got up walked over and took me by the hand to his room were he and I had sex over and over and over.

  • I'm glad he caught you and fucked you. He must have suspected something or why would he have left his camera rolling.

  • I suppose I stared at him alot and flirted some as well

  • My friends and I are all good looking, mid-20s, successful women from NYC. We decided that the four of us were going to go away for a girl's weekend last summer. We chose Miami. Our one friend, Kelly, told us that one of her friends from college had a boat there and was having a party. We knew we had to go. We were out on the water and Kelly introduced me to her friend. I met him and knew I was going to fuck him. I had a lady boner. I asked him for a tour, which is code for find us a room, and he happily did so. I don't think we were in his cabin for more than a minute before he was inside me. A couple minutes later, I looked over my shoulder while I was riding him and saw Kelly watching from the cabin door. I waved her in and she closed the door behind her. She stripped and jumped on the bed next to this guy. She rode his face and I kept riding his dick. We gave him the best two hours of his life and I was so turned on watching Kelly and I at the same time. Certainly the sluttiest thing I've ever done.

  • Every year we rent a cabin for a week. My husband and son usually spend their days out on the boat fishing leaving me at the cabin alone . This last time at the cabin they had gone out on the boat and I decided to go for a hike. I was hiking maybe an hour when I met up with two guys on the same trail. We stood talking and drinking some water when one of the guys asked if wanted to smoke a joint with them. It had been years, but I said sure and smoked with them. The conversation seemed to turn to sex as soon as we finished smoking, them telling me how horny pot makes them asking if I could help them out.It didn't take much convincing and I was soon in the grass sucking one of them as the other one fucked me.
    When I got back to the cabin the guy in the cabin next to us came over asking where my husband was. When I told him my husband and son were out on the lake fishing he was all over me. I was soon riding his cock and taking another load of cum. Two hours later my husband was back telling me our son was hanging out with some kids at the lake. I was just getting dinner started and he was kissing my neck , feeling my tits . Pretty soon he had me bent against the counter fucking me from behind. He kept saying I must have really got you worked up, your juices are running down my balls. That was my sluttiest, 4 different cocks in one day.

  • I have been on the phone to my boyfriend while sucking his mates cock. does that count?

  • Thats a real slut :)

  • I'm 43, mother of 4, I babysit on occasions for extra cash, so I went away with 2 couples to a casino resort, throughout the day & night they came back to check on their kids. One time one of the husband (Lance) came back, I had just finished taking a shower, and he pulls my towel off, he told me he's willing to share half his winnings if I let him fuck me, which I did, after he left, 10mins later the other husband (Jeff) comes to my room pretends to check on the baby, but I fucked him too.. about an hour later, my husband shows up, and I fucked him too. The next day the process started all over, Lance came back to the room, then it was Jeff, then when they won more money they both came back together, and that was my first threesome. They all came inside me, since I've had my tubes tied, they tried busting in my mouth to make me swallow but I didn't and just spit it into a water bottle, but that night my husband was thirsty and drank from it, water to two separate sperm mixed in it. They've tried to have sex with me again, but I said not until they pay me. I made $18,000 that weekend

  • Mine would probably be when i guided this guys cock up my friends arse for her first anal fuck.
    we were all in a group. me, my friend and 6 lads on a holiday in magalof, she had never done anal before so i helped her out, the guys loved it. oh and after a while of fucking her arse i suck him off straight from my friends arse!
    yeah that was very slutty

  • WOW this almost goes to the top of the hit parade, helping your girlfriend with her first anal was very nice of you but the sucking the guy straight after makes me shiver

  • Haha it was proper filth of us all but the guys loved it. who can blame them?

  • I have a few...

    Late last year I dropped my kids at their sitter then went back to my house to meet my best friend's husband, and his also married best friend for a threesome.

    Recently there have been several times that I have had sex with my friend's husband and another man in the same day - but neither knew about the other.

    Camping with friends - sneaking off with friend's husband to suck and fuck in the dark in empty campsites. Also - sucking him off while sitting around the campfire late at night, while friends and his wife slept in tents 10 feet away.

    Threesomes and foursomes...MFM, FMF, MFMF...

  • What a great wife!!

  • I spent most of my second year at university house sharing with three guys and we all fuck constantly. all three guys had girlfriends aswell so i was theit slit when their girlfriends were not around. sometimes id fuck them individually and sometimes all three at once

  • I worked as a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas for two years. Not just me, but all the waitresses, got hit on regularly. I probably turned down 99.99% of the offers to meet up with guys after work. But then there was that .01% . . .

    Every once in a while I'd meet someone who was drop dead gorgeous with the right vibe and charm. I'd usually bring a friend along, for safety reasons, but we'd meet up at the guy's hotel room, and often he'd have a friend or two there as well.

    I can't say they were anything more than one-night stand type of hookups, but we were at that age when you just want to fuck all of the time. Some of the sex that I had (and saw) was amazing. Some of the guys we met were fascinating. I used to joke with my waitress friends that I was going to "get my hip fixed" (aka fucked) when we were planning a meetup. Oh, good times, but yes, a bit slutty.

  • I told my buddies about this post because it's amazing. We all went on a bachelor party a couple months ago and as part of a dumb dude's bachelor party scavenger hunt, hooking up with a club host or waitress was on the list because it's nearly impossible. It was one of two items that did not get accomplished. The other one was earning an upgrade into a villa. I hope you don't take this reply the wrong way, it's meant with respect.

  • When my husband was in North Dakota doing construction for the oil companies. I paid two male strippers for sex. I met them at a club, after the first night they didn't charge me for the other times we got together. They were my first anal experiences and even though my husband is home now I still see them, I still have never had anal sex with my husband.

  • Back when me and my husband were first dating, we fell out had a huge row and i went out on bight out with friends,i lost both friends and got chatted up by one guy who i then got real close to him and his friends. took turns snogging them at the bar before going back to one their places with all 3 of them, sucked them all off in the taxi, turning into them tag teaming me repeatly at their place. i remember them all lined up sat on the sofa as i climbed over riding each one in turn. next morning made up with my boyfriend and now my husband, he still knows nothing of this.

  • What im loving about this post, is that there is no hate, name calling (bar 1) or judging! woman are just as much equal in their sexaul desires and appetites, just society seems to label and judge where a man can fuck anything that moves and not be judged

  • I agree I have a open fun relationship, I've asked her many times to post something here but she's reluctant because some here can be insulting or worse.

  • This thread is amazing! I have loved reading the comments. I held a surprise 40th birthday party for my husband at his favorite bar and invited our friends from all over to come in. My college friend Karen flew to town for it too. Karen was the only person who stayed at our house that night and we had a three-way with him for his birthday nightcap. I talked to her about it when I invited her to the party and she agreed to it. It was really exciting and I know he really loved it.

  • My sluttiest moment happened last summer. I was home alone with nothing to do. I decided to play with my dildo and record myself on my phone. Watching the dildo enter me on my phone got me so turned on. In my clouded head, I decided to "accidentally" send one of the clips I made to my brother-in-law. I knew my sister was out of town so it would be the one time i'd get away with it. When I sent it, I sent another text that said "Oops. wrong text. Please don't tell anyone!" He replied and said, "aren't I lucky? don't tell anyone I said that." I was so happy he replied that way and said, "you can be as lucky as you want today. Don't tell anyone." He appeared at my house 15 minutes later and fucked me silly for the rest of the afternoon.

  • Fuck yes

  • I sleep with the neighbor when my man is at work. I have to admit my husband has asked if I was cheating he didn't know how to ask me why I had been feeling looser down there without hurting my feelings, I just told him it's just because I'm getting older.

  • Darling that is not a slutty moment it is not even above normal pretty mundane really most of us stay at home wives have at least two lovers and usually our husbands know and agree with at least one while they are not around, your pussy should be OK for hubby to use pretty quickly after you have been fucking nothing to do with old age Dear are you sure your a girl ?

  • I don't know if the person who wrote about sleeping with the neighbor is a woman or not. I do know who ever wrote this comment is definitely a man.

  • Well I wrote the comment about sleeping with my neighbor, I am definitely a woman. It was actually insulting to read that comment. Just because I don't sleep with 8 or 9 men well just the fact I'm cheating on my husband is being more of a slut then I have ever been in my life

  • Ignore him, your right, you dont have to be hardcore gangbanged by a dozen guys to behave like a slut, cheating on your hubby is just as hot.

  • Ty very much

  • After I graduated from high school, a dozen of us spent a few days camping. My parents thought it was going to be just a small group of girls that I knew, but no, there were guys there too (5 girls, 7 guys). If they knew this truth, my parents would have shit and have not allowed me to go.

    All we did for three days was drink, smoke weed, and fuck. I had only had sex once before that weekend, so playing with cock the entire time was an "omg" moment. Looking back on it, it is a minor miracle that none of us got pregnant. We used condoms most of the time, but there was a lot of cum leaking from the faucets that weekend.

  • Three of my best friends from college and I all went to Florida last month for my friend's 50th birthday. We were all in the same sorority in college and were all in each other's weddings and have remained best friends. When we arrived at the house we rented, our friend Beth said, "Listen, whatever happens on this trip. No judgments. Understood?" Jane, the birthday girl, said, "Thank god someone said it." We all just laughed but we all also knew what was going to happen. I had no plans on cheating on my husband until we went out that night after dinner and this group of college frat boys started buying us shots and hitting on us hard core. Beth, who always was the sluttiest of us, gave one guy our address and told him to bring his friends. An hour later, 8 college guys and 5 50 year old women were hanging out and drinking together in our house. There were two guys that were hitting on me and competing with each other. I thought they were both cute and, since I had already seen Beth and Jane both go to their rooms with guys, I decided I was going to too. I took both of the guys with me to the room. Their pants came down and took over. I never thought I'd like being tag teamed but I was so turned on that when they left, I masturbated. I was the last woman to leave her bedroom. Our entire house smelled like sex. When I saw my friends out by the pool, they all looked like they got fucked. Hair was messy, last night's make up was smeared, and they all looked exhausted. We spent the next few hours talking about our experiences and laughing. We went out again that night and brought more guys back. I fucked 4 different guys, all my son's age, in the two nights we spent in Florida and have zero regrets.

  • Agree with the first comment...no chance you went thinking you weren't going to cheat. No judgment here though. Love it.

  • I think without a doubt you knew you were going to going to get in some serious fucking before you even went. Admit it. I bet your husband knew too.

  • He was out fucking too while she was away. She knows that. He was probably fucking his wifes friends daughters.

  • Before we moved my husband's best friends continuously were telling me he was cheating. They went so far to have pictures doctored up with him and two women. They convinced me ( I know that sounds weird ) to let them have me sexually and to film it as pay back. I finally agreed the two of them set up a video recorded and the three of us had sex over and over while being filmed. They were smart enough to have me on film stating I wanted both of them in me at the same time they even had me call myself a slut. After it was over I received a text from one showing the before and after doctored pictures of my husband. The only comments they texted was I am hot and they were sorry for lying but had to have me before we left.

  • Lol hahaha they played you , you are a slut hahaha

  • Maybe she enjoyed being one? otherwise why post it?

  • Yes ok yes I admit it I never had a greater time that's why I didn't cause problems for them.

  • I work as a secretary for a small construction company. Once I had to go out into the warehouse to talk about equipment inventory with some of the guys, and they were hanging out, drinking beer, and acting like guys. Their shift had just ended, so what they were doing was okay.

    While we were bullshitting, one of them commented about how fine my ass looked. The comment was so inappropriate, but to be honest I was flattered. They asked to see it, and of course I laughed them off. They offered me $40 to lift up my skirt. I was initially reluctant, but I did lift my skirt and bent over to give them a look at my panties. Before I could pull my skirt back down, one guy had his dick out and was stroking it like he wanted more. I looked at all three of them like they were crazy.

    I sized up the three guys and thought about whether I could "do this." They looked good enough that it was something to consider (they were in their 20s and 30s and fit; I'm in my late 40s). I asked them, "Are you going to treat me right?" They were all like, "Fuck yeah." I said okay, I'll be back, as I need to roll over the phones in the office to the answering service.

    When I got back to the warehouse, the clothes came off, and we had sex for about the next hour. Although I detest the term "gangbang" (so slutty), that's what it was. The guys were actually quite sexy, fun, and made sure I had my share of orgasms. We fucked on a table, and I remember we had to wipe it down when we finished, because there were pools of semen all over it. I was a mess too.

    I never did anything like that again, but whenever I see any of those guys, we still joke about it. That was definitely my slutty moment, and my only one, come to think of it.

  • I had a very similar experience at my husband's company picnic . Every year his company has a huge party for the employees and every year my husband drinks way to much. Last year was no exception and by 9 pm he was passing out at our table. I told his friends I had better get him home and two of the guys helped me get him into the truck. They started joking around ,telling me not to leave, let him sleep it off in the truck ,to stay and party with them and eventually I decided to stay . On the way back to where all the party tents were we took a detour into one of the workshops to smoke a joint . We smoked the joint , then another ,they flirted with me and making me feel good. Add to all that I was pissed at my husband and before long I was agreeing to give them both "just a blowjob". Next thing I know I'm on my hands and knees naked on a work table getting fucked and sucking dick. Yes I know they set me up ,but after ten years of being good, that night of being bad felt amazing!

  • That is sooo hott. Were you on birth control, or did you just let it roll?

  • As stupid as I know I was, no I was not on birth control at the time and neither of them used condoms. I'm very lucky I didn't end up pregnant.

  • My husband and I got into a huge fight a year and a half ago. Big enough that he left for his mom's for a few weeks. I called up a good friend (a guy) and asked if he wanted to come over and bring a buddy. When he asked what for I said, "To fuck me." He said, "So my buddy gets to fuck you and what am I supposed to do?" I said, "Ever hear of Chinese finger cuffs?"

    In those 3 weeks I fucked 4 guys. 3 were one nighters. My friend was over nearly every night. Husband and I have been fine ever since but I still fuck my friend once or twice a week for going on 6 years now.

  • Any dp?

  • That 6 shoulda been a 1 lol

  • Two hours before my sister's wedding I sucked her fiance's cock in their apartment bedroom. She had stayed at our parent's house the night before the wedding, I was sent over to grab my grandmother's ear rings she had planned on wearing. When I got there her fiance' was alone and a nervous wreck. I hugged him , trying to calm him down . I really don't know why because I was never attracted to him but we were soon kissing , next thing I know I'm on my knees giving him a blowjob. That's not even the worst of it , at the wedding reception we had a quickie in the basement of the reception hall while my sister and my husband were right above us.

  • Damn!

  • Bet your sis and hubby were having sex too. Time to be open about it and do a full swap.

  • Do you still have sex with him? I hope so

  • No. It was just that one time on their wedding day. We live quite far from each other only seeing my sister and her family once a year for Christmas.

  • You know he still wants you. Make plans to meet up with him soon

  • Got gangbanged by 8 guys, gangbanged again by 4 and 5 and 6 guys. iv had alot of gangbangs lol iv posted on here before about them all lol
    soph x

  • Hey Soph old girl how are you Darling, are you still going strong with just your one stud or has that come a buster and your back into your old ways ? xx

  • Yes we are, still going strong and he loves to watch so i can get fucked by several guys of his choosing right in front of him. the most so far since seeing him was 3. he spoils me rotten, my wardrobe is full and my orgasims are plenty, what more can i ask for? haha
    soph x

  • Yes i dont need to ask if you got dped! your posts are quite descriptive, i love it. good girl

  • The person who posted this question should get an award, I love these stories, so far I think the girls with the dogs are slightly in front omg I don't know what I would do but the real lucky one was the husband letting her off and loving her to continue, the good thing is I assume that most if not all at least are true.
    Please keep up the great confession's girl's xxx

  • Thanks buddy! i plan to post more direct questions for the ladies so i hope they carry on replying.

  • I lost my husband when my son was only 14 that was only 5 years ago so his brother Bob has always helped out bringing up his nephew, Bob and his wife often had my son stay over and would always take him on holiday with them, one of my son's best buddies Joe has always flirted with me, he is tall, handsome and from seeing him in swimmers quite large, I often felt very horny around him because when he cuddled me he would pat and squeeze my bum and brush against my boobs and he always got a hard on, one day when my son was away with Bob he came over and we had coffee and just talked it was hot and I only wore tight short shorts and a T shirt I knew he had an excellent sight of my nice tits and ass, we were flirting as usual it was then he asked if I would give him a blow job because he had never had one, I could not disappoint him so had him get naked and knelt down in front and took that nice large cock in my mouth giving him one of my best sucks as we finished the door bell rang I had Joe gather his gear and run for my bedroom, flustered and flushed I answered the door to have Bob walk in asking if he could get some of my sons clothes because they were going camping the following day, he did just that and left, after that I looked in the mirror and saw some of Joe's cum still on my chin, neck and T shirt Bob could not have missed it, Joe and I have been having fantastic sex for 18 months now and Bob has never mentioned anything.

  • I went to a block party hosted by a friend last summer that had a lot of booze and drugs flowing. As things were winding down, I walked into the living room to see a friend giving her bf a blowjob. She looked at me and asked if I wanted to join. I was married, but I said "What the hell. Why not?" There was no doubt that I only agreed because I had done a few lines of blow and had too much to drink. We both sucked her bf's dick and fucked him. My husband still doesn't know.

  • I had sex with my son's math tutor, I couldn't afford to pay him any longer. He and I had sex and I mean very kinky sex almost everyday. I told my husband that he was nice and donated his time. One time we had just gotten dressed I could still feel it oozing out when my husband came home and shook his hand and thanked him he even gave the guy a hug.

  • After having my hours cut back my husband was telling me we were going to have to pull my daughter from dance class because it was just to expensive. I met with her instructor and we worked out a deal where I gave him sex in exchange for the classes. I told my husband I was cleaning the dance studio when in reality I was sucking another man's cock and getting fucked by him. The weird thing for me was how turned on I used to get after I would come home and my husband would want to fool around with him having no idea he was kissing me after I just sucked the instructor off.

  • One very nice sunny, warm day about three years ago I was nude sunbathing by our pool and as usual I had the family dog licking me out like crazy with my eyes closed moaning really enjoying it just starting on my second orgasm then heard a noise and next to me was the meter reader asking where it was, oh lord I wished the earth would just swallow me up so I pointed it was around the corner and he left saying no need to wish you a nice day eh ?
    He was only a new casual while our usual guy was on leave so I have never seen him since, how embarrassing though

  • I purposely sent dirty pictures and videos to my husband, when I knew that his friend had to share the phone because his didn't have reception where they were. When they got home I could tell that he had seen them all by the look on his face.

  • I broke up with my boyfriend so his hot friend would fuck me, after a few fuck dates I went back to my boyfriend, he had no idea what was going on. Then I started cheating on my boyfriend a hell of a lot with several guys. I was 18, slutty and loved to fuck 3 or 4 times a day I was sexually insatiable. Then I got a nasty std and gave it to my boyfriend. He broke up with me and told everyone I was a slut, he was the only one who didn't know it, I fucked all his friends.

  • Did u fuck any at the same time?

  • Hopefully it's ok to write about my wife's sluttiest moment ( at least that I know of. ) this is the quick version. She did not know my friends were over and came busting in the living room naked at the same time she was saying that she shaved her pussy bald. When she seen everyone sitting there she literally froze like a deer in head lights. Although know one else actually fucked her she did alow them and I to feel her up and finger her until she came.

  • I cheated on my husband on our honeymoon, I wrote a confession on here about it

  • I want to tell you your confession (having 3 guys take you while your husband is passed out on the second day of your honeymoon) is one of my all time favourites. Hot story, I like how pushy the guy was. Did you see them at the pool during the rest of your honeymoon or anything?

  • And thank you for the compliment

  • Yes but I tried to avoid them

  • Whats the title? please?

  • Honey moon cheater I believe

  • Pulled one guy at a bar, ended up in the mensroom where he took me hard, after his friend was waiting outside so i let him take me too, after that another one his mates took me and then the cubical door was left open and guy after guy took me one after another till the condom machine ran out of condoms. i dont even remember how many guys?

  • I pretended I was drunk with one of the worst looking guys at work but he had a real innocence about him and he flirted with me all the time. We went to his car and he picked me up to put me into the passenger seat. He asked me a couple of times where I lived, I really wanted to have sex and thought he might look at my license so I slurred out that I did not want to be alone tonight so take me to your place.
    We arrived at his apartment and it was the nightmare I had envisioned, I was just praying that he did not have a twin size bed. I told him that I needed to use the bathroom and to my surprise at least he kept that clean. I sat there peeing and thinking do I really want to do this with a co-worker. My lonely, horny part took over and took off my bra. I walked out still wearing my blouse which was half buttoned, he never made eye contact as I asked him if he had a t-shirt I could wear as a nightie. He put me into bed telling me that I needed a good nights sleep after obviously seeing me naked!! I laid there after he left closing the door thinking great, no sex and now I have to sleep.
    I woke up the next morning and walked out wearing what he gave me which barely covered my rear, I paid no attention to it because I needed sex. I found a note on the counter top by the coffee maker telling me that he had made plans to visit his mother this morning and sorry he could not wait for me to get up. I waited around for him to return, cleaned up a few things and stayed in his t-shirt. The look on his face when he came home was amazing.
    We have been together ever since and he pleasures me like a sex God.

  • Mine was with an old boyfriend years ago. he was older in hos twentys and i was only 16. i had free house and him and his friends came round for the evening drinking and other substances. to cut a long story short i still had my old school uniform and put it on and gave them all a very drunk lap dance which then turned into everyone one of them taking turns having sex with me. 4 older guys and my boyfriend with a drunk me in my school uniform, it was a major fuck fest, no condoms, no pill, spunk went everywhere, I'm amazed how i never got pregnant.

  • Did you experance dp?

  • That were i have one cock in my fanny and another in my bum?

  • Or 2 in either hole... dp = double penetration.

  • Then yep i did

  • I joined the Army in 1991 women were just being on the same trade as the men.
    I was fucking my section Corporal in training.
    After my passout parade I was fucking him for the last time. When his mates came to find him. He had me bent over his desk my skirt over my back panties and tights round my ankles.
    They asked if anyone could join in he said yes. They dropped their trousers and started taking turns fucking me.
    After they had all fucked my pussy I gave them a blow job.
    I later met up with my parents l was sore and squelching my panties full of cum.
    My Mum would have disowned if she knew what I had just done.
    This was my first and only five some.

  • My husband and I are both 48 with two married daughters, I have a boyfriend a young stud from work that we have a threesome with or I can have sex with whenever I like, one Saturday afternoon we were getting it off in the lounge room me on all fours being shafted by my boyfriend while sucking my husband unknown our daughters had decided to surprise visit, letting themselves in they observed everything for at least 10 minutes before we knew they were there, I could have just died, they will never let me forget that moment they tease all the time I have made them promise not to tell anyone but they torment by suggesting they must be allowed to watch again, we have changed the lock's.

  • You poor darling, I shudder whenever I think of your situation portrayed here, how terrible to know both your daughters observed that and still bring it up, I don't know if I could ever look my son in the eye ever again if it happened to us fortunately my husband and I both have the same girlfriend but we only get together at a Hotel in another town

  • I am a stay at home wife no kid's but do a lot of charity work and keep our home very clean and tidy, from about a year ago I have let our nice Lab lick me out initially by smearing peanut butter on and in my vagina, it really feels great and he goes for hours giving me multiple orgasms, then I started giving him blow jobs that was very nice so I decided to go all the way, going down on all fours and just letting him get the knob and part of the shaft in as I held the rest out with my hand then when I was comfortable I lubed up real well and helped his dick in, it was fabulous I had three orgasms and his cum in me was just the best but we knotted and he swung bum to bum I could not release and just then my husband walked in, he took photo's and video's I just did not know what to do eventually our dog deflated and we released, about an hour later my husband said he thought it was sexy and wanted to watch the following weekend I was so embarrassed but we did and I am now so glad we were caught because I can do it whenever I like and I really love getting knotted

  • A very happy ending sweetie but how terrible for at least that hour before your husband let you off the hook, really great to hear you have no worries about being caught now with the dog

  • The week before my wedding I got fucked by the minister who preformed our wedding ceremony . The minister that was to marry us made all the couples take a compatibility test before the wedding. It was just a bunch of questions and then he talked to each of us. On the day we were to go I couldn't make it do to a problem at work. My boyfriend went that night then I went the next night. It was hot out, I was in shorts and a tank top , I'm taking the test I realize the minister is looking down my top. I kind of looked at him then at my chest then back at him, he looked away. I finish the test and he invites me into the other room saying we can sit on the couch and go over my answers. I'm walking to the room , drop my pencil then bend down to get it. He was right behind me as I stood up he put his hand on my stomach and pulled me back into him.
    He asked me if my boyfriend knew he was marrying a little tease? Feeling playful I wiggled my ass and said I can feel how hard you are, I can keep a secret if you can. I spent the next hour in his bedroom sucking him and getting fucked by him.

  • This is going back a long way , I was 15 ,I'm 58 now. My boyfriend at the time had a beat up car that was always breaking down. One night he takes me way out to the middle of nowhere and down to this boat ramp by the river so we could be alone and fool around. We are messing around when two guys bring their boat up to the ramp. My then boyfriend freaks out saying we should go, well the car wouldn't start and we are stranded. One of the guys tells us he will give us a ride but I had to sit in front with them. So there I am in the front seat between two men as my boyfriend sits in the back seat. We aren't even out of the parking lot and one guy has his arm around me with his hand in my shirt playing with my breast ,his other hand up inside the leg of my shorts rubbing my panties. I eventually had my shirt pulled up exposing my tits and my shorts and panties pulled off. I got pulled into the passenger's lap and he slipped his cock in me . I rode him until he came then gave the driver a blow job, all while my boyfriend watched. They dropped us off at a gas station so we could call for a ride home. My boyfriend was acting hurt,but said he knew I only did it for the ride. I felt bad for him and let him do me behind the building while we waited for his mom to come get us.

  • My sluttiest experience was going to a three day music festival telling my husband it was just me and two of my girlfriends going. In reality it was one other girl and eight guys. The first night there I shared a tent with four of the guys , it was my first gang bang . before the festival was over I had fucked and sucked all eight of them and sucked off three other guys we partied with. Not one of them ever used a condom or pulled out the whole time they would just cum in me. Before that weekend I had only ever been with my husband and two other boyfriends.

  • Any dp in your gangbang?

  • Yes there was , the second night. I was riding one guy when another guy pushed me forward . I thought for sure he was going for my ass but he actually worked his cock into my pussy along with the other guy's.The guy on the bottom really couldn't move but the guy on top of me was able to fuck me good. I'm sure the cum from me fucking the two other guys helped with him getting his cock in . Feeling two guys cum at almost the same time deep inside you is amazing.

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