I want the world to know this

I thought a long time about if I was going to post this or not. Months. Every time I thought about really sitting down and actually typing this out, I would get so nervous. But every time I would think about someone reading this and knowing that this really going on somewhere would get me really wet.

Maybe no one will read this. It's in a little spot on the internet with so many other posts. This might just sit here and no one ever find it.

But this is also the internet so there's the whole world out there. So maybe not only does someone read this but maybe hundreds of people read this. Maybe thousands. And all these people will know this about me even though they don't know who I am.

And the thought all those people knowing this about me makes me really really wet. And so here I am typing this, getting wetter about someone reading this.

So this is what I want to tell. Like most days, when I got home from work I was greeted by my Master, my Owner, my Dominate, my lover.

I know to the depths of my soul that he OWNS me, that I BELONG to him. Every bit of me, inside and out. And that I have willingly given myself to him to own.

Even though I had only been gone to work I was as happy to seem Him as He was to see me. I immediately knelt before Him and He kissed me. I love His kisses.

After many kisses, He moved around behind me. I know what He wants and I am always willing to give Him what He wants. I leaned forward while reaching back to raise my skirt. I don't often wear panties anymore so as soon as my skirt was high enough I felt Him licking my pussy. He has a VERY skilled tongue and it wasn't too long before I was dripping and feeling the approach of an orgasm.

But I have also learned that when He wants to fuck, He fucks. And so instead of feeling that orgasm, the next thing I felt was Him grabbing me around the waist. I spread my knees as felt His cock bump up between my thighs and against my pussy. I felt His thighs against the back of my thighs as He had moved closer against me. I felt His chest against my back. I moved my hips to make it easier for Him. I feel His cock find my pussy and push into me.

My Master is almost always a very enthusiastic lover. And when He fucks me it's usually very hard and very fast. It wasn't long before I felt that orgasm after all. I love being His to fuck. My mind was swimming with pleasure and bits of thoughts about how I'm completely His, how I love this, how good it felt for Him to take me like this, to fuck me like this, to cum on His cock, and to feel Him cum in me.

And I know He loves to fuck me just as much. We fucked like that until He did cum in me. And when He cums, my Master cums A LOT. And I love the feeling of every pulse of cum He shoots into me.

After He had finished cumming in me, my Master pulled out and went to clean Himself, leaving me trembling, as usual, on the floor. He did eventually come back to check on me.

He kissed me and I put my arms around His neck. I told Him how wonderful He had been and how happy I was to be His. I knew there was a good chance He would want to fuck me again that evening. If I was very lucky and He was particularly horny, He might even fuck me two more times before we went to sleep that night.

I told Him I need to get changed out of my work clothes and then we could go for a walk before dinner.

And my Master, my Owner, my Dominate, my lover answered by barking and wagging His tail. I am one very happy bitch.


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  • I too am my dogs good little bitch. He owns every inch of my, when I'm at home I am always naked and crawl around the house on my hands and knees, I let him take me anytime and anywhere in the house he wants too. I love also when he knots in me and locks us together. I can also lay on my back start sucking him off, and he'll start fucking my mouth, I will swollow his cock down till I get his knot in my mouth. He will pump hus hot liad of cum right down my throat.

  • This morning I woke to my Master kissing my face & pawing my side. Once I was fully awake, I realized what He wanted.

    To fuck.

    His pawing was pulling the blanket to pull it off me. I pushed off the blankets & was about to rollover & present myself but once my pussy was uncovered, His head was between my legs & licking me.

    I LOVE these kind of mornings! Wasn't the first time He wanted to fuck first thing but it doesn't happen a lot. I spread my legs & just enjoyed His tongue. Knowing what was going to happen next, didn't take long to get wet. When He's ready, He'll stop licking & look at me. If I don't get into position fast, He'll paw at me & sometimes bark. This morning, He didn't have to do either. I was as ready to be fucked as He was to fuck.

    I rolled over quickly & He mounted me just as fast. It sometimes takes several tries to get into the right position for Him to enter me. This morning, it was only a few missed thrusts before I felt His cock push into me. His paws tightened around me & at the same time He went into full fuck mode. His hips start rapidly pounding, instinct driving Him to fuck, to knot, to breed His bitch.

    This is how He claims me as His bitch.

    At first, the most I can do is brace myself & take it. If I'm really still it helps Him drive into me. Once He gets into a solid rhythm, I can gradually lean back into His thrusts. It helps me take His knot.

    I love His fucking knot!

    I make sure we get locked together by squeezing on His cock & knot, all the while I feel His knot growing. During this whole time, He never stops fucking me until His knot is full size.

    Then He starts cumming.

    There we were on the bed, locked together, His hot cock pulsing & shooting warm dog cum into me.

    This is how I'm reminded again He HAS claimed me, that He OWNS me, that I fucking BELONG to Him & to no-one else.

    To me there is no better way to start a day. When I get home from work, I hope He'll remind me again & again.

    And again.

  • Damn that was intense. I heard they pump hard and fast. Wish you would describe the difference between the two

  • The biggest difference? It's that He doesn't fuck me out of love or lust or for my pleasure or even for His pleasure. He fucks me out of pure animal instinct. He doesn't have any idea whether I like it or not. And He doesn't have the ability to even care about. I think that all He knows is that I appear to be a bitch in heat and that triggers His instinct to fuck. Humans don't really go into heat like some animals when there is a specific time of year when they breed. Humans can breed any time of year. We just get turned on. And when I'm turned on, He thinks I'm in heat. So He wants to fuck.

    And boy does He fuck me!

  • My god you sound perfect. I’d love to watch him fuck you.
    Please could you tell us how you got started with dogs? And in detail.

  • I did it once. At my husband’s friend’s house. I felt so dirty, but it felt so good. It was an Irish Wolfhound. I learned what knotting was.

  • Dirty little bitch x

  • I beg your pardon! I'm an OBEDIENT little bitch, thank you very much. 😉

  • You have made me really hard just thinking of what it must look like...you letting your dog fuck you. Have you ever taken his hard crimson cock in your mouth and sucked on it till he filled your mouth with his doggy cum? Growing up as a child, I used to jack off our German Shepard until he came in my hand. Then I'd let him lick my hard cock while I masturbated.

  • Yes, I have sucked His cock but not often to orgasm because he usually wants to switch to fucking me.

    And when He wants to fuck, I don't ever refuse.

    See, it's not ME letting Him fuck me; it's that HE wants to fuck and I submit to Him. If anything, HE'S the one who's LETTING me feel His cock. He's the one letting me take His knot. He's the one letting me have His cum.

    I'm just a lucky bitch that gets to be fucked and knotted by my Master.

  • I know the feelings you tell about, we have two labs and both are very large, much bigger than my husband. I often spread a blanket out in the bedroom and they get excited because they know what is about to happen. I get down on the floor with my rear high up and they mount me over and over fucking me hard and fast same as yours.

  • Wow! Bigger than hubby sounds extremely hot. Does he have any idea and how often do you let it happen? That’s a lot of cum

  • Lucky you! But I think my Master would not like sharing me with anyone, dog or human. I feel like He's very possessive of me, His bitch, and I love feeling possessed by Him.

  • Sounds great

  • So that's at least one person who now knows. 😊

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