Whats your sluttyest moment (refreshed)

Ladies...love what i read on this site and i wish to ask all the ladies who post and comment, what is and has been the most sluttyest act or sex event you have been involved in and performed?
example being...a threesome with two guys? cheated with someone you shouldnt? etc

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  • I have fucked almost all my sister's boyfriends without her knowing, and I doubt any of them did either. I'm an identical twin and all our tastes are the same. Haircut, make up. So while you can tell us apart it can be rather hard at times.

    I love my sister but I don't know why I couldn't help myself. I woud pretend to be her, and find a way to fuck them. I turns me on so much thinking they think they are fucking her when it is me. It started in highschool when she was dating a guy I liked and it continued well into my late twenties. I felt guilty at times but never stopped until I got married.

  • You should still do it 😂

  • When I was 19 I constantly got hit on by an older guy and his late 40's. He kept wanting to take me to dinner, shopping, whatever I wanted. He dropped some serious money of me, buy me all sorts of outfits, shoes, purses. Whenever I wanted. So I fucked him whenever he wanted.

    Later into our "relationship" he introduced me to a group of friends. From then on I was a much busier girl. I got gangbang by a group of older guys multiple times. I did a lot for them. But they did a lot for me. It was an amazing time in my life.

  • The third year into my marriage I went to a weekend concert with my best friend without our spouses. We didn't go with the intention of cheating but after copious amounts of drugs and alcohol we ended up taking a couple of guys back with us to our hotel room. We both fucked both of them. Swapping between them a couple of times. We even ended up giving one of them a threesome the next day because his friend was still passed out and we all woke up still in a drunken party state and kept partying. Never told our spouses and swore each other to secrecy.

  • Still turn you on thinking about it?

  • I called my husbands bluff thinking either he wouldn't go through with it or at least get it over with one time and done. He had a fantasy about women being fucked by a dog(s). I told him he would have to tie me into position though. He brought the dog over me to mate with me like a bitch. To my surprise I really liked it so it didn't end there. A week later he wanted to do it again so I let him tie me in position and after our dog finished my husband had one of his friends bring his two dogs to have a go with me as the bitch. I became addicted.

  • I got gang banged by a group of old guys in their 50's and 60's when I was 21. Never told anyone about it.

  • Did you answer an ad? Get picked up at a bar? Accidentally walk into the male sauna at the Y? How did it happen?

  • Few months ago in September, here at college which was my first semester. I met a black guy from my English class who was very muscular and played college football. Long story short. For most of the semester we would meet in my dorm on a Saturday when my roommate would go home for weekend. We would have sex and he would come in a different places every time. 1st time he came inside me, 2nd time I let him cum in my mouth, 3rd time he came on my tits, 4th time he came on my back. 5th time I let him cum on my face, 6th time I let him cum on my stomach, 7th time I let him cum on my ass. 8th time I let him cum in my ass while trying anal for 1st time. 9th and 10th times I let him cum inside me. Then semester was pretty much wrapping up. We went our separate directions. Sex was great with him, he shot incredible and powerful loads. Being an athlete probably contributes to those powerful loads he shot. I never told my boyfriend and he never suspected anything. I'm hoping this semester I find a new black man to rock my world like Mr. Football did.

  • My sluttiest moment was when I was invited to a party with some older guys with whom I really wanted to be friends. I had low self esteem, no boyfriend, really bad acne, although I was fit with nice tits. My body looked good, I just had lots of zits.

    I had the hots for one of the popular guys, and I told him that I'd fuck him that night, if he wanted. His girlfriend wasn't there. We fucked at the party, and some of his friends came in to watch. I wanted them to like me too, so I fucked them also, 4 in total. I ended up on the shit list of all of their girlfriends when the word spread.

  • I had something simular to that, low self estee, face full of spots, no boyfriend, house party with drunk older guys, told me that cum cures acne. eso ended up in a room upstairs ducking off cock after cock and getting nut after nut on my face. i got a reputation after that but my face did clear up abit

  • College?

  • No, never went to college. Earlier.

  • Oh.. so a high school slut. Lol

  • Having sex with black men while my husband watches, he loves it, the hotter and nastier the better.

  • He always wants them to cum in my mouth, he sets me up for gang bangs, it's his choice of who and how many, he's given me to black men for a night some times a week end to be there slut and whore, to fuck and suck off their friends.

  • How nasty?

  • Have sex with black men behind your husbands back, so much more exciting

  • I became friends with this guy from work, we worked on projects together, and I got tired of waiting for him to ask me out, so I asked him. He said he was busy and was going to be hiking with friends that weekend, but I asked "Can I tag along?" He said yes.

    I ended up hiking with him and two of his male friends, so four of us. The weather was perfect, and being out in nature was wonderful. I could tell that the guys were hitting on me a lot of the time. At first it bothered me, but eventually we found a place to rest by a river and broke open a couple of bottles of wine. We relaxed and enjoyed each other's company.

    The vibe changed, and soon I was getting touched and kissed. No one else was around and they asked if I was up for playing. I said "sure," and I spent the next hour getting fucked and sucked like I was the last woman on Earth.

  • Wow, l am jealous. Did they all cum inside you? What was it like at work after that?

  • Didn't expect questions! :) The first guy to cum did so on my abdomen. The second guy (my work friend) asked if he could cum inside, and I said it's fine. The third guy knew it was okay, so he came inside too.

    Work was fine. Although I went out with my work friend a couple more times (I wanted him to be my bf), he found someone else. We were still friendly at work though.

  • The week before my wedding I fucked my ex boyfriend .Got drunk and went down on my best friend ,never been with a girl before. Ended up sucking her younger brother off that same night right in front of her. The next morning I let him fuck me before I went home. That night we went out again picked up two guys and let them both fuck us . We went back to her apartment and again I sucked her younger brothers dick while she sat watching. That was my slut week.

  • Did she enjoy watching you with her brother? Lol

  • Sounds like you were having second thoughts about the wedding, and needed to have a few wild moments before settling down. Is that correct? Have you been faithful since?

  • What were u wearing for the two guys?

  • A tight dress and thigh high leather boots

  • I hope the boots stayed on? did the two guys ever fuck you at the same time?

  • Have you been faithful to your husband since your marriage? You sound like a fun girl.

  • I once fucked a friend's boyfriend in a portable toilet at an outdoor music festival. It smelled really nasty in there, but we were hot as fuck for each other.

    The worst part was that I was wearing side-tie bikini bottoms, and they came untied and fell into the toilet. I had to make the guy buy a bottle of water to try to clean them. It didn't really work. When I put them back on, they were stained blue from the stuff they put in the toilets and still smelled like urine and feces a little.

  • I guess that's the risk of wearing only a bikini to a music festival.

  • Or fucking in a porta potty lol

  • When I was interning at a law firm the boss always took the young female interns with on out of state trips. When it was my turn I went with another girl. He said they messed up and only booked one room instead of multiple.

    He bought us a lot of drinks after the meeting. We ended up having a threesome in the room plenty of times over the course of the trip. It was suppose to be a week long meeting but was actually two days. The rest of the trip was us just parting with me and fucking. Both of us had boyfriends at the time. She quit not long after. I stayed and fucked him several more times.

  • Were you concerned when you discovered he only booked one room, or did you already get a sense of what could happen?

  • What were u two wearing for the threesome?

  • Nothing. We were naked.

  • One was wearing his balls, the other his moustache.

  • Ether when i cheated on my boyfriend with his uncle, it was late at night, he was older and a pervert. used me body as he pleased. banged away behind me till he was done then sent me back upstairs to my sleeping boyfriend


    cheating on my boyfriend again in a public toilet with two black guys.

  • Okay... you have to share you you ended up fucking two guys in a public toilet... were you drunk at a club or something?

  • Yeah they kept dancing with me on dance floor at beginning of the night, my boyfriend got annoyed and he ruined rest the night in a mood, we had massive fall out and i stormed off, crying in the park i bumped into these guys again and well... we foun the park toilets were still open and i ended up getting it from both ends from both of them

  • I played poker with my husband and some of his poker buddies. I was being stupid and put myself on the table since I was out of money and thought I had a winning hand. I lost and one of the guys owned me. I took off my clothes and sat naked on his lap. He put a dog choker chain on me and I blew him in front of hubby.

    I spent the rest of the night naked on his lap being fingered while hubby tried to win me back. Hubby didn't so I walked out my house naked with just a dog collar on.

    I spent the next week at his house fucking amd sucking him and his frieonds.

  • Dan. That sounds like a good time!

  • Lmbo. I did the same thing, but in front of everyone it was only a joke. But eventually vinny brought it up again, and again. Finally I met him at his place and we ended up fucking since I was technically his

  • Regularly cheated on my boyfriend in first year of dating, last time was with three older guys i met on a night out, let them all cum on my face, i think about doing something simular again time to time but that was 6 years ago now

  • You should ;)

  • Dont lol i have been thinking about it more since reading this post

  • You gonna?

  • Time will tell

  • On the rebound after a break up
    got fucked by over 8 diffrent guys at a weekend rave, high as fuck and letting loose

  • I used to babysit for his couple every two weeks or so, after the father would drive me home and i would get paid double if i sucked him off

  • My late teens,early 20's were probably my most "adventurous".But marriage and kids followed and those days come to an end.Or so I thought.Im now in my 30's and my career is back on track and I work away alot,staying in hotels.Just last year a guy bought me a drink and then I let him walk me to my room and I invited him in.What followed I couldn't believe I had it in me.We made out,got naked,he ate my pussy,I sucked his big cock.Then he fucked me for a long time,my hubby is unable to last a quarter as long as him.He flipped me in various positions and made sure I was given several orgasms before he ejaculated over my face and breasts.

  • What were u wearing?

  • During sex I like to be naked.haha

  • Mhm have you cheated anymore?

  • Oh yes I have,I'm hooked on it now.

  • Its fucking addicting... I would love to chat more ;)

  • It is! Especially when you've been held back for years.I can't help but let loose sexually and explore more to see what I've missed out on and what I'm capable of.I felt alot more sexier lately and my hubby benefits from this too.

  • Love it. Do you have a place we can talk?

  • I went to a beach party with some friends. Friends all passed out early. I ended up with four guys with each of them cumming in me. Called an uber to take me to my hotel, ended up taking the uber guy up to my room because he was hella cute. He had no clue I had been fucked early but kept commenting on how wet I was.

  • I just turned 18 and went down to the beach for Spring Break. I got into a dance club and danced with a lot of guys. I wanted to have sex while I was out of town with a stranger, my boyfriend was back at home. I had sex with only him before. It was late and this guy I was dancing with had bought me a couple drinks that went straight to my head and I was tipsy. He asked me to go with him to his car, I did. We got to his car and we got in the back seat and had sex in the parking lot of the club with his friends standing outside of the car keeping watch. He finished then got up and opened the door and got out. I was naked and looking for my clothes, that’s when one of his friends came into the backseat and closed the door. He started kissing me and I made out with him, he asked me to suck him and I started to do it. He was taking long to finish, and I couldn’t go on because my jaw was starting to hurt, so I said just put in me to finish. He got on top of me we had sex. I went back into the club and danced some more. The next day my friends and I left and I never saw those guys again. I never told my boyfriend either.

  • Do you regret it?

  • Mine was the morning of my sisters wedding, her husband got caught trying to do a runner and i had to watch him in the hotel room to make sure his nerves didnt get the better of him, ended up with me on my knee getting my mouth fucked by him till he came in my mouth, he calmed down after that, married my sister and now 5 years later still married with two kids x

  • What were you wearing?

  • The first time?A boring white blouse and tight knee length skirt. Nowadays I carry something more appropriate to change into in the evening.

  • The post above is not me 🤬. it was my sisters wedding, so not a white blouse and skirt. i was wearing a green dress with matching heels

  • Such as? why about shoes? heels or boots?

  • Fuck..that is sexy..

  • It was bad. so bad. we agreed never to speak of it again after their honeymoon. but i couldnt get the image of hin looking down at me gulping down his mess out my head for rest of the day

  • Wow.. that's so amazing. Would you do it again?

  • I dont regret it, however wouldnt do it with him again because they have a family together now. if something simular was to come up? maybe.

  • Well mine’s been over last few months now, started my third year of uni living with three guys, my boyfriend wasnt happy and well the more jealous he got the more i thought “why not” and after the first big fighg i got into bed with the fittest one, then not after the second fittest guy and then by 2 weeks before me and my boyfriend broke up i was getting sandwiched between all three of them pretty much every night. what ended it with my boyfriend is when he came to visit at weekends, i was so exhausted from having it all week i didnt want sex so he ended it and the last few weeks of uni i spent ether going from room to room or passing out in the living room covered inside and out with spunk. now i have been home a week im craving it like mad looking forward to the spring term xlucyx

  • Now that deserves to be a post on its own? with more details

  • Okey 😁 what details do you want to know?

  • Well for one, what university do you attend and where can we meet? lol

  • My sluttiest moment would have to be letting my first boyfriend talk me into having sex with two of his friends who were both virgins at the time. This was in high school ,he was my first real boyfriend .I thought I was in love and would do anything for him. That day we had skipped school and all went to one of the boys houses . We smoked some pot and they put some porn on. After a while he asked me if I would help his friends out. It took some persuading but he finally talked me into it. So with him watching I sucked and fucked both of his friends then he fucked me while they watched. All of them fucked me with no condom and all of them came in me. I was stupid back then and so lucky I never got pregnant!

  • I had an ex who convinced me to sleep with his mates to help them loose their virginity. however i doubt they were virgins as they wer older and knew exactly what they wer doing. and once again i like u babe i was lucky not to fall preggo as none wore condoms

  • Tw come to mind for me. The first was being 15 and sucking off the dad of the kids I was baby sitting while his wife was getting ready for their date night.

    The second was fucking to of my husband's co workers at his company picnic after he got drunk and passed out in the car. They lead me to one of the garages to smoke a joint next thing I know Im naked on a work bench with a cock in my mouth and another in my pussy.

  • I want to hear more detail about you sucking off that Dad... did you have other sexual encounters with him? Love cheating stories!!

  • My boyfriend and I had a threesome that turned in to a foursythat turned in to me living with him and his friends for a month and just getting fucked constantly.

  • Me and my hubby were drinking and smoking weed.He told me a little secret.He said he was curious about cuckoldry and wanted us to try it.I was high and horny so I said sure why not.Following weekend I went out for drinks,picked up a 25 year old guy and brought him back.While my hubby listened in the spare room that young man fucked my brains out all night in our bed.I moaned and screamed out my orgasms like never before.Hubby peeked at us now and again while playing with his cock when the guy was pounding away between my legs.Things have changed drastically now since then.

  • How have things changed? HOT story.

  • Well our marriage is pretty good but we rarely have sex.Although I get to fuck my lovers as much as I want,as long as he gets to watch from time to time.

  • At our summer vacation home, after a night of some partying and drinks, I went to bed with my husband, but woke up to shower. My daughter had a few friends come up to stay with us also. After my shower I heard some noise and went down to see what was going on. The boys were still awake, and the flirting really began especially when they saw me standing there in my robe. It didn't help since we were flirting back and fourth all day in the pool and hot tub. Jeff came up behind and started talking dirty to me, I responded with as if you know what to do to me, and mike said I just want you to suck it. Needless to say I had a threesome with them,hen went back to bed. And throughout the next week every chance we got to be alone they would fuck me, either one at a time or both

  • Used to be friends with a guy ( guy here) well his girlfriend at the time and I took a liking to each other...was the start of a long loving relationship. We both lived separate lives they got married had two kids. I got married one kid another on the way but we are still very active in our relationship. We've done everything sex oral fingering public fucking road head toys pics videos to each other...the one I was meant to be with I know she feels the same way. Our next things to cross off is I'd like to see her get fucked, a three-way if we could ever if someone and recently got her plugs so she can train her ass for my thick cock. Hope you see this j---

  • I screwed my friends husband while she was away.That secret I'm taking to my grave.lol

  • How was it?

  • It was the best sex ever.I mean she said he was big but I was shocked at how big he actually was.And she's always said she could never take him all but guess what I pleased him and made sure he gave me the whole thing.

  • When my boyfriend worked away alot a few years back i used to chat, meet and fuck guys from online. overall 8 different guys. invite them over to our flat, dress all slutty and have them fuck me. including the last two older and very hot. as a threesome we did regularly. 5 years later im glad i did it but doubt i will cheat again, something i needed to get out of my system i guess

  • Why wouldn't you do it again?

  • He doesnt work away at all anymore so im not frustrated, i get it enough to not look elsewhere
    at the moment

  • What if the right situation came about? Would you say no?

  • What situation are we talking about? just one guy or two? a one off? i'm im going to cheat its got to be worth it...

  • What would it take to be worth it? Lol

  • Ohh i duno. a nice hotel, id be dressed up all nice, two fit older hunks in suits. the fact that nobody would ever know. just me and those men screwing me all night, over and over again. followed by a nice long bath.
    that would be worth it.

  • What type stuff did you wear which was slutty?

  • High heels stockings fishnets corsets
    all the stuff you normally wear for my boyfriend

  • Went back to this black guys flat with his buddys and him. told them i wasnt on any birth control and let them cum in me over and over again

  • Did they knock you up?

  • After my ex cheated on me with my best friend, i went on the rebound with 3 of his mates and my mates boyfriend, all at the same time. i let them do things to me i never let my boyfriend do

  • Like what things?

  • Put their cocks in my ass, cum on my face, pull my hair. all the things i didnt let my boyfriend to do before

  • A friend of mine and I fucked 4 guys in the back of a pickup truck in the parking lot of a country music festival (headliner was Randy Travis). The Jack Daniels tasted good that afternoon.

  • About 6 months after giving birth used my milk filled boobs to get attention and pick up guys to get laid.Was quite alot of fun too.

  • Did you show them off or what?

  • Haha no don't be silly.I went out to a club and wore an extremely tight dress and my boobs looked enormous.I kept getting looks from everyone it was that obvious.I thought they scared guys off but a few chatted me up.One even asked if I had a boob job and I laughed and said I was breastfeeding.Anyway I left with the cutest and had sex with him.Halfway thru getting pounded my left boob sprung a leak and badly needed sucking for relief so I let him suck my milk while he fucked my pussy and the sucking and fucking combined brought on the biggest intense orgasm I've ever had.

  • I ran into a woman in a bar who I hadn't seen since high school. I kept looking over at her because I wasn't sure if it was her or not. She was maybe a b cup in school but her tits looked huge now. After about 20 minutes of casually checking her out I though no way its her. Later Im at the bar and she comes up behind me and asked if I was ever going to say hello. I said I wasn't sure it was her and then glanced down at her chest. She told me she had a baby and was breast feeding then said yeah they are huge and my husband loves them . I jokingly told her I can see why with her saying that's not the reason and saidif I wanted to follow her to her car she would show me the real reason. I followed her out, we got in her car and she opens her blouse and unhooks her bra. Her nipples were huge and she asked if I wanted taste. I never tried breast milk before but sucked her nipple until it started to flow. I was hard as a rock and started rubbing my cock. She laughed and said it had the same effect on her husband and she was willing to help me out if I could keep it a secret. In a few minutes we are in the back seat with her bouncing up and down on my cock . My shirt was soaked from her tits leaking all over my chest.

  • At uni, ether me with three guys or/or me and my friend and four guys x

  • I had a big crush on my ex boyfriends dad while i was dating him, few months after we broke up i bumped into him in a bar. he offered me a lift home as he wasnt drinking and we had sex in his car and on his car in the car park. never saw him again 😇

  • What exactly were you wearing?

  • I've done this too! My ex's dad was a total silver fox. Kept himself in good shape. We bumped into each other, he bought me coffee and talked. Somehow ended up going back home with him. The sex was amazing. Things kind of slowed down after the ex walked in on me riding him on the couch. We had a few more secret meet ups but eventually quit all together. I really miss that old man.

  • I've done that too, but he wasn't an Ex at the time. We were still dating when I hooked up with his father. Much, much better in bed. Sometimes after having sex with his dad, I would have sex with my bf too

  • Omg im glad im not the only one haha
    old boyfriends dad was fit as fuck. the night we fucked was when my ex got wrecked on a night out, his dad brought us back. after putting him to bed his dad the lifted up my skirt, mounting me in the kitchen. when i thought it was over, i was wrong. he then picked me up and took me into the sitting room, stripped me just down to tights and heels and mounted me again. that time for longer and so much better. as and when we could he mounted me for months.

  • What type of skirt?

  • Knee lenght leather skirt although it ended up round my waist x

  • And the heels? what type? how high?

  • Black peep toe pumps, and very high! almost impossible to walk in lol

  • One of my favorite threads! Can't wait to see more!

  • You mean the most exciting?

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