I was jillin' off one night

It was late at night and I was sittin'
up. It was 10 o'clock and the little
girl down the hall came in my room
and she caught me with my hard
dick in my hand and she looked at
me like she didn't know what I was
doin'. She looked at my dick like
she couldn't figure out what I was
doin' or why it was hard. She
asked me "what are you doin'"?
I told her I had to do it and she
said "can I". I didn't know what she
was goin' to do so I stopped for a
minute and she pulled my hand
away and said "I watched a movie
this is what I saw". She got on her
knees and licked the head of my
dick. I thought I was goin' to come
but she moved her head down a
little and went for my balls. She
took both of my balls in her mouth
and started suckin' 'em for fifteen
minutes and stopped. I sat there
and she took my balls out of her
mouth and said "if suck your balls
you won't tell what I've been doin'"?. I said "no what have you been doin'"?. She said "I won't tell you" I said to her "suck my dick"
and she said "how about I play with it". I said "please". She reached her
right hand and took my dick and
slowly worked it up and down for almost an hour. She started furiously workin' it until I was almost comin' . She stopped for a
minute and let go of it and said
"I won't do it for you you're not
goin' to come". She smiled and
laughed and looked at my dick and
said "how about I do this". She pulled out a piece of rope from her
pocket and said "you won't finish".
She stood and took her clothes off and said
"I'm goin' to tie the rope around your balls and play with your dick".
She tied the rope around my balls
and gave it a hard jerk and said
"I'm goin' to make you cry". She
laughed and jerked the rope again
and said "how about this". She got
on her knees again and licked my
dick and jerked the rope every few
minutes and laughed. After another hour I was hurtin' bad down in my balls and she enjoyed it. She finally untied the rope and
started lickin' my dick again. I was almost ready to come after a few more minutes and she stopped and took my dick in her right hand and started furiously workin' it again until I almost ready to come and she stopped and took my dick in her mouth and sucked it until she got a mouthful of my come. After I finished she stopped suckin' and swallowed and pulled her head back and looked up at me and said "that tastes good it's a little sweet too why's it sweet"?. I told her it was a little pre come with come and she smiled and stood and put her clothes back on and reached and fondled my balls
and said "how about tomorrow night" before she left the room and went back to her room.

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