Wife gets pregnant by another man.

My wife Tina and I have been married for almost 19 years. We have two boys one 18 and going to college and a 16 yr old junior in high school. After our second son was born I had a vasectomy because at the time I thought I didn't want anymore kids. Well about four years ago when we started swinging we thought it would be nice to find someone to get her pregnant and get the daughter we never had. We been playing off and on for four years with this guy who is a doctor. Well last month he called and said he would be in town and asked to come by the only time he wants to come by is to fuck Tina. She really wasn't wanting to but he wouldn't take no for an answer. So she finally agreed to let him come over. She had just finished having her period a day or so before. We it was about nine o clock on a Monday night when he showed up. Our kid were at my mothers for the night so we would be alone all night. He got here and we sat around wife was dressed in a dress she wears just around the house with no bra on she had panties on. We just talked for a few minutes when he took off his pants and started rubbing her leg up to her panties I was sitting in my chair she got up and came over to me. She asked me to take her panties off so I did. She bent down and started kissing me he was rubbing her ass and pussy from behind. She then led him to the bedroom where by the time I got in there he was fucking her hard and deep. I walked around the bed and helped her take the dress off so she would be naked. he fucked her for about 20 minutes then had to take break then he put her up on her hands and knees where I got under under and watched him fuck her pussy good. They switched positions one more time her on her back. H lifted her legs up and fucked her really good and emptied his load in her he took a shower and left short time after that. We just today we found out today that night was the night she got pregnant.


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  • I like the thought of another man getting my wife pregnant.

  • My husband would NEVER let a bull take charge like that, and he has sent a bull to the house when he was traveling.

  • Any new stories / posts on this site? surely people have submitted, what takes so long for them to get posted? Can someone recommend any other sites out there like this that actually get updated daily? I'm considering reading some of BJ Barrys posts for crying out loud.

  • Oh god no, not Barry!

  • You are are going to have some added income my friend

  • Well the Dr now can support and pay for that child

  • Hope you get a nice girl from it

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