Late afternoon

I was layin' down one day next to
my friend she was naked like I was
she asked me if I needed a hand
and I said "no". She said "how about I play with your dick", I didn't
feel like lettin' her play with my dick and she asked me the second
time and I didn't say anything. After a few minutes she reached
over and started rubbin' my dick
until it got hard. After it got hard
she said "how would you like it if
I sucked it?", I didn't want to say anything about the last woman
that sucked my dick because I
thought there might be a rumor
goin' around about how I couldn't
come because she sucked it too
hard. I layed there and she slid
down under the covers and went
to work suckin' my dick. She was
nursin' it like a baby nursin'
its mom. After another half hour she was almost finished. I knew by
the deep moan in her throat. I shot
my load and after another few minutes it was over. She stopped and pulled her head back and slid up and kissed me and said "that reminds me of when I used to suck a bottle when I was a baby.

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  • Y'all are Paskiainen's

  • She must have an uncanny mind to remember sucking a bottle as a baby... or this is full of shit

  • Idiot dreamer

  • Yeah after asking once I’m not asking again

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