Does my insurance cover this?

I was assigned to a new doctor by my employers insurance program. Long story and not nearly as interesting as what happened when I went in for my initial physical with the new doc.

When she walked in I was a little surprised. It’s not very often you see a fat doctor. She had a huge ass, big soft gut and massive soft tits. She wasn’t really pretty but I wouldn’t call her ugly either. But when she talked I couldn’t take my eyes off her mouth. I don’t know what it was but it was mesmerizing. Couple that with a bit of a fat fetish I’ve always had and with every word she spoke I was fighting off springing a boner.

So I’m down to my drawers and she’s making sure this joint works and heart beat is normal and so on. Then she tells me to remove my shorts so she can check my nuts. She used more medically appropriate terminology. Anyway as soon as her fingers touched me I couldn’t keep it under control anymore.

She reacted with a surprised “oh! Hello there!”

I apologized and tried to explain I am sensitive there, get aroused easily, blah blah. I was so embarrassed.

She said it was ok and asked if I was sexually active. I said I was. She said she’d need to do a “sexual health evaluation.” In all the physicals I’ve ever had I’ve never heard a doctor say this but she was the expert so I just said ok. She said to lay back on the examination table and then leaned over and next thing I know I’m in her mouth.

It felt amazing. Here I am getting sucked off by this fat, not even cute doctor but I didn’t even care how fat or not cute she was. I kept it quiet and when I felt myself about to cum I whispered it to her. She kept going and I blew it in her mouth. She kept going a little longer until I said I couldn’t take it anymore. Then she stood upright and with a deep throaty gulp consigned my load of cum to her fat stomach.

Then she confirmed I was healthy enough for sexual activity and if I had any questions for her. I sort of just stared at her a few seconds, not entirely sure how to react. I knew I should have felt betrayed but I didn’t. I managed to whisper “you just swallowed me.”

She very matter of factory said “oh don’t worry about that, it’ll just go out my butt with everything else I eat today.”

Then she said if I had no questions the exam was over and said it was nice to meet me and all the pleasantries. She left and I got dressed and left. I saw her on the way out and she just smiled and went back to what she was doing like nothing happened.

I hope my insurance covers that part of the exam.

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  • I call BS on the "sexual health exam." No way. That being said, erections do happen in exams. My wife is a nurse, and occasionally does exams on guys who for whatever reason are erect. She either says nothing or says something benign, such as "you seem healthy down here."

  • I’ve heard of a sexual health exam. I don’t know about for guys, but for women they have to be sure you lubricate and tighten properly. It’s a normal exam.

  • Yeah I assumed she was going to check my ability to grow aroused, check my heart, stuff like that. Didn’t expect what I got.

  • Great read.

  • Damn, my doctor made me do it to him.

  • Horseshit

  • Your doctor doesn’t do this procedure? Sounds like you need a new doctor!

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