Punishing wife so she'll show me affection

Ok so my friend asked me this question n i thought i might ask it here:

He has been married for 20+ years n have a small family, however he continues to tell me that his wife shows no affection towards him whatso ever. He says sex is non existing and she won't even allow him to pleasure her (making her orgasm) n she won't even give him a bj even if he begs. She gets angry when he mentions getting sex elsewhere, almost like not allowing him to enjoy sex anymore.

So the question is, he wants to book a weekend getaway just for the two of them and during that time alone, wants to find two guys to publish her sexually, not actually raping her, just fill both holes n make her taste cum from her own pussy.

Would this idea backfire n make her distance her from him even more, or will she feel being "used n abused" that she'll appreciate him more n hopefully start enjoying love making with him more?


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  • So, "publishing" her, filling her holes, isn't rape ? You are either a badly deluded fool, or, eleven years old in which case you should get the fuck off of this site !

  • Women are very difficult. Maybe it’s something you are doing or not doing that may be annoying her making things difficult. I know many guy friends who out of there way to have to flirt and have affairs with a married females. I’m not suggesting it’s happening in your case.These friends know how to lay patient and take their time into getting into these married women’s minds.
    They know how to reach and and. listen to the ladies and even make them feel special by constantly saying nice things to them. Once they are in the ladies heads the rest is simple. Why don’t we meet for lunch or why don’t you come have a drink with us after work?
    Women love when fit tall handsome men approach them. It makes them feel attractive again. Look around and see how many affairs are happening at work

  • Yea spoke to him n told him about the different opinions from here n recommended they go see a councilor.

  • Women always give up pussy to get married, and then shut it down like a muscled clam once they get some financial well-being, a kid or two, and real estate. That said, this is a horrible idea.

  • I don't think you could come up with a worse plan to make her feel appreciated.

  • This babe is an asexual. She can't be in a marital relationship. You can leave and start over, or accept this as you life. Choice is yours.

  • Horrible idea

  • The desperate thoughts of a sex starved male. And wives wonder why their men cheat. So many dastardly women out there. Get the ring on the finger, the financial support, the kids she want and cuts the dude off.

  • She's going to go Lorena Bobbitt and everyone is going to be looking for their chopped off sausage out in the street.

  • Idiot...he needs to grow some balls and off the cow

  • That's like going from 5mph to 600mph. Not going to go well.

  • Bad idea IMO.

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