Didn't make it in time

The following is a true story. I was working late and was the last to leave. Locking up I felt the need to use the bathroom as I had an upset stomach most of the day. It quickly went and I decided I would be fine for the drive home. After five minutes the feeling came back and stayed. Thinking of a place to go I pulled into the mall and quickly went inside. Trying not to run I almost made it when it started. Pushing the door open and running into the stall I had let loose. Stopping for a second and pulling everything down I knew I had soiled my underwear and pants. Finishing I threw out my underwear and checked my pants. You could see the area and smell them. I couldn't wear them to get to my car. But that left me stuck in the bathroom. The overhead speaker stopped the music and a person announced that the mall would be closing in a half hour. Grabbing my phone I called my friend that lived by and hoped that she was home. Hearing her answer I asked her if she was at her house. She said yes and asked what's up? I said I was embarrassed but needed her to come to the mall and get a pair of jeans out of my car. Telling her what happened she said she would be over in a few. Waiting for her I sat bottomless in the stall as a few people came in and out. Hearing a knock on the door and her calling out I opened the door. She came in to the bathroom with her kid who laughed at seeing me naked. My friend smacked him and said it's not nice. We all have accidents. Telling her were my car was and giving her my keys she said she would go grab them. Standing there she gave me a hug. Hugging her back I said thank you. She quickly left and came back with my pants. Having her son wait outside she watched as I got my pants on and folded my other pair. It was only the second time she has seen me naked with the first time being only a few weeks before when we had a sleep over and we changed in her room. Walking out I was not use to going commando in jeans and again thanked her. Giving her another hug she said goodbye.

2 months ago


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    • It happens . Be glad you had a friend to call on.

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