Keeping it in the family

When I was 22 I began dating this girl Tracey. Very hot, huge tits and perfect ass. The first time I went to her house I met her sister....holy shit ...I choose the wrong sister I thought to myself. She looked like a pornstar I don’t know how else to describe how hot she was. Wearing a tight white see through V-Neck with No bra and a black shirt with flats, I almost got hard just looking at her. she went to her room and Tracey and I stayed in her den watching movies. At around 12 her mom came downstairs *jesus Christ * I thought. Where did they buy the genes in this family! Their mom was blonde huge tits perfect body and wearing booty shorts and a tank top ( of course w no bra ). She came down the stairs and I started to touch myself a little under the blanket. She introduced herself and apologized for the interruption...she said she was thirsty. TRUST ME so was I . She walking into the kitchen out of my sight and Tracey says “ my mom is hot right? What ? I replied. “ you can be honest, every guy I bring home wants to fuck my mom” I wasn’t going to say yes. I said she’s definitely attractive. And quickly began to finger her under the blanket. She began touching my huge hard throbbing cock getting me ready. I looked over at the kitchen and her mom was watching while drinking from a glass. As soon as she noticed she said goodnight and walked back upstairs. After I fucked Tracey senseless she passed out and I went outside for a smoke. As I begin to drag my well deserved cig I heard the door open behind me, and to my surprise it was her sister wearing just a bra and shorts. She asked me for a drag of my cig and as I leaned in to give her a drag she put her lips on it and reached for my semi hard cock. I couldn’t believe it !! She whispered “‘I know you want to fuck me more” before I could respond she took my cig ; threw it and told me to shush and took my hand into the house. We walked right by Tracey sound asleep and up the stairs to her bedroom. Next thing I knew she was on her knees licking my cock up and down side to side while telling me how bad she wanted my cum in her mouth. I felt like I could of came instantly! She stood up and turned around and began to rub her perfect ass against my big hard cock. She was teasing me , telling me so beg her to fuck her. I reached down and put all 8 and half inches inside her. It was pure perfection and ecstasy. I covered her mouth to stop her from screaming to wake up everyone. After I felt her cum on my cock a few times I pulled out As she jumped into bed and said “ thanks “ I pulled my boxers up and left the room to go to the bathroom. As I’m washing my hands i hear the bathroom door open. This time it’s the mom. “ oh I’m sorry “ I said don’t apologize. She continued in and as I was about to walk out she pulled down my boxers and my cock was in her hand. “ I can see why my daughters like you,” once again before I couldn’t even register what the fuck was going on she had her perfect big Lips wrapped around my cock. It felt so fuckin good but I think my tank was on empty at this point she got me bigger and harder than her daughters I couldn’t believe this. She put my cock between her Huge tits and began to titty fuck me a little. She hoped up on the bathroom counter and whispered “ just hurry “ I forced my hard cock all the way inside her perfect pussy. She grabbed me close and said “ omg you’re fuckin big” I covered her mouth also as I went in and out of her very slowly to not make noise. Less than 3 minutes she whispered I came hun” she got off the counter and licked my cock a few times and said “ Thanks” like they had done this thing before. Not that I cared because it’s one of the best memories I have. I went downstairs and finished an entire cigarette this time. I came back in grabbed my shit and drove home exhausted. I got home and collapsed. The next day I woke up to numerous text messages saying “ how dare you try and hit on my sister while I was asleep! Yada yada yada . I never saw Tracey again but a few years later I ran into her mom At a supermarket and fucked her in the backseat of my truck.

Thanks for the is important 👍🏻


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  • I dated someone and had a sexual relationship with them for 4 months. We split up and then i had a one night stand with her older sister. Almost felt incestuous.

  • First, I've done the sister-switch thing, and it never happens like that. It's more sly and secret. Dated a woman who, while ok, introduced me to her much more beautiful and intellectually on my level sister one night, we hit it off immediately (her cat supposedly didn't like people, but was great with me, so, the sister was all smiling and flirty, saying I was the cat whisperer), and traded looks very often. Woman I was dating was textbook jealous, overcompensating sister from the start, before any of this between the hot sister and myself, saying things like she gets depressed because she's not as pretty or smart as I am, etc. When, in reality, it was the other way around.

    Sister and I traded numbers when dating woman was in the bathroom, and admitted..This is bad, we shouldn't, but..Just liked each other so much. We had the night, all of us, I took woman I was dating home, and the next day, texted and visited the hot sister. Took us about an hour to end up in bed together. And not a word was said about the other sister.

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