In love with mal

I’m head over heels for you mallika. you rarely speak to me but every time you do i want to wrap you in my arms and hold you there. i even have a girlfriend so you don’t get suspicious. i don’t like her, but she’s good for sex. i don’t really think you care. you love your friends too much, you’re always contained in your own friendship bubble. your friends protect you, because you’re cute and sweet. i want to be able to speak to you, the same way they do. when you made that comment about chemistry and the stock market today i died a little on the inside. it was the first time you even looked at me after many months. your joke was terrible, but i’m glad you told it to me. you didn’t even care enough to listen to my response. i wish i was brave enough back when we just met to tell you how much i like you, back when you told your friends i was cute.

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