Ashtray Boy

I'm 32 and have been divorced for three years. Since splitting with my former husband, I haven't dated much. I've been too busy working and focusing on raising my son, who is seven. Last week my friend Kara wanted to hook me up with her husband's friend Matt. She said he was a nice, attractive guy and that I might like him. Somewhat reluctantly, I said okay and we decided to have a double date (me and Matt; Kara and her husband). We went out to dinner, had some drinks, and then went back to Kara and her husband's place to watch a movie.

I liked Matt right away, except for the fact that he is a smoker. He was smoking cigarettes all evening. It was a real turn off. I think he may have been nervous about meeting me, but he was constantly lighting up. Other than that, I thought he was great.

Anyway, when we got back to Kara's place, Matt and I were lying on the floor, holding hands, and watching the movie with Kara and her husband. After a while, he leaned over and kissed me, and it wasn't a basic kiss, but one with some tongue. It was clear he wanted to make out. I told him to have a quick breath mint, because his mouth tasted like cigarettes, and he was cool with that. We started making out, and gradually we started feeling each other up. I hadn't done anything like that in a year, so it felt really nice. We were both getting pretty hot.

Kara and her husband were making out too, and things started to escalate when they started to take off their clothes to have sex. Matt asked me if I wanted to take things further, and I said that I wasn't going to fuck on the first date, but that we could do oral. He took off his pants, I hiked up my skirt, and I swung on top of him and we had a nice, long, sensual 69. It was really nice. I hadn't had a tongue on my pussy in ages, so he was able to make me orgasm quickly and often. Eventually I could feel his cock swell, and I knew he was about to cum. I don't mind swallowing, so I let him cum in my mouth. Here's the thing: he tasted really, really bad. Even his semen tasted funky like cigarettes or something. I was polite and didn't say anything, but it was bad.

When it was time to leave, Matt asked me if we could meet up again. I just said that we'd stay in touch. In reality, I'm not sure if I can hang with him again. He has so many good qualities, but the smoking thing is awful. It might be a deal breaker.

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  • Yes, I always swallow and the spunk from a smoker just tastes bad. Red meat is not the best for sweet tasting cum, either, vegetarians have the best tasting jizz, in my experience. Ask him to drink a lot of pineapple juice.

  • Smoking does have those effects. Personally quite dating chicks that smoke since they smoke permeates everything, breath, hair, clothes, skin, etc.

  • No i couldn't either. Gross. He actually tasted of smoke? Eww that's bad

  • I would date a woman that didn't smoke but I prefer that she does smoke.

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