Ok so here goes. My wife has always been bi-sexual. It was wonderful early on. She’s a nurse and believe it or no she always seemed to bring another girl around. We shared at first but now she’s 54. She still has girlfriends however I don’t get to join as often. She’s much more into women anymore. Sometimes I watch and other times I’m invited. Some girls are young and beautiful but my god some are just older and less than attractive. My problem is this. When we have a women together I feel like if I don’t equally share the sex time I’m going to upset one or the other. I find myself going back and forth. Mostly their so busy with giving each other oral I can’t even get my penis involved. Should I be concerned or just enjoy the experience?

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Ok let get to talking about what you want in bed

  • My first wife was heavy-bi when we met, and I encourage her to continue to explore. One of her girlfriends was married and my wife hung out with the two of them a lot, even going on vacations with them when I was unavailable. Those trips, as you might expect led to threeways, which led my wife to falling in love with the other woman's husband, all unbeknownst to me. Ultimately, my wife moved out on me and moved in with them. She said that man could more than take care of both of them, while "you can't even take care of me!" The problem with a bi-wife is not knowing what's really happening when she's out with a girlfriend. Now that dude is doing both of them.

  • It all sounds but in the long run you are going to miss out . I have a feeling there more that happens when your not around with other girls. It's apparent she loves a women's touch more then yours and you were fine with it. At this point in your 50's enjoy the view and other pussy somtimed

  • Actually, she enjoys me being there to watch ... that is one of her kinks 😍 😈

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