Never told anyone

I watched my best friend being used by a group of strangers. She was passed out drunk. I never told her that I witnessed it , even when she made a police report and was trying to figure out who and what happened. It was 3 year's ago on New years Eve. When I was getting to a party I saw her staggering into an area surrounded by trees and bushes. I watched guys following her and hid and watched.

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  • How many men were there?

  • I like getting my wife drunk and watching other men fuck her.

  • I watched two guys have at my drunk, hot older sister behind our basement bar during a house party we had. Not sure if she was too drunk to realize it, but, do remember both guys moving her up and down, back and forth, trading her off.. I found her sleeping on the chair and ottoman hours later, so, guess she got up after they left.

  • When my older brother was having his graduation party at our house, my younger brother and I hid in our tree house and watched everyone get drunk. We saw my step dad and my uncle walking with a stumbling girl, around the corner of our house. We could see in to the side yard, but they were blocked from the rest of the party. We watched them spitroast her, taking turns in her pussy. When they were done they left her there. We figured she passed out because she laid there for an hour or so with her skirt around her waist.

  • When I was around 14 I watched four men lead my very drunk aunt off to an out building on my grandfather's farm. They had a huge 4th of July party every year with lost of food and people drinking. It was just after it got dark and they were starting to shoot off fireworks. I noticed them walking off and decided to follow. I stood outside looking through a window opening as they stripped her clothes off then took turns fucking her. By the second guy it was clear she was passed out ,not struggling a bit just taking the fucking they were giving her. When they were done they just left her there with cum on her belly, tits and pussy. She never said a word about it to anyone. I still jack off to that memory 30 years later.

  • Have you ever considered what may have happened to your mother at one of these parties?

  • Nothing ever happened to my mother that I'm aware of. The fact that she never drank and didn't smoke pot or anything probably kept her from being in the same situation my aunt was in.

  • Did it turn you on or do you feel guilty about not saying anything.
    Are you excited to have watched her get fucked and deep inside do you think she deserved it? Sometimes guys just wait for that opportunity to get inside her panties.
    Feel bad for the girl if they just took advantage of her

  • I have to say that it both makes me feel bad that I haven't said anything but it also turns me on when I think about it in bed

  • So what did you actuslly watch and witness them do?

  • They stripped her naked laid her down on her back and started taking turns on her right there on the dirt. I watched the whole thing. Two of them turned her on her face and took her from behind.

  • You're a great friend.

  • I know , I have almost told her many times. But it just won't come out.

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