Revenge Confessions

Am i wrong to let this happen ?

I am new to this site and i have posted under the love section but it hasn't been posted yet and i want to know what other people think so il'll make this as short as possible ...I've been with my girlfriend for about three years now and i love her more than anything but about 18 months ago she met this other guy at a birthday party where she was... [more]

What girl ages would be most intereted?

I am a 15 year old guy and I've had sex once. I am turning 16 in 2013. I am fairly decent looking, tanned, I am around 5 foot 6 and my dick is 7 inches. I am also quite muscly, have pretty big biceps and almost have a full six pack. I am not all that popular in school, but I have had a few really hot gf's and a few people request sex. So Could you... [more]

My naked pictures

I have a question. What should I do. Many of my husband,s have told me he has shown them dozens of naked pictures and videos with me in them. His friends all told me in confidence,and of course said how hot and beautiful I am. I guess I'm partially confused as to why would he show them, and how am I going to bring it up without telling on his... [more]

I lost it.. And I can't believe it :'(

Im 13, almost 14... I'll start by saying I live In a small town In Wisconsin on a Military Base. So you meet Lots of people. I started talking to This Older guy whos like 16-17. I told him about my Parents and how My father Raped my Mother and are Divoriced. He told me about how He was Adopted from Russia. After a while I fell for him, and he fell... [more]


I want my wife to fuck a street dog

Do other women do this

I'm a white male, and I have a female friends who are also white when we are all hanging with our friends together and they eventually get into a conversation about there boyfriends cause 3 out of 4 girls I hang out with have black boyfriends. All of them tell stories how they suck the black cock and how huge he is or how great they fuck. Then the... [more]

Fucked my Ex GF

We were GF/BF since high school but she didn't marry me and married some other guy. After 20 years of her marriage, she was in town on vacation. I invited her for coffee, took her for a drive, drove her around for about 5 hours , talked about marriage issues and all , In those 5 hours, I didn't even get her anything to eat or drink or even... [more]

Are any women here addicted to younger men like me?

I'm a married woman, 6 years a month ago, and I have been having sex with younger men for the entire length of my marriage. I can't get enough of them and they are so easy... I just want to know if I'm the only one!

Finally fucked my sister in law

I've always wanted to fuck my wifes younger sister we have been friends since childhood she is 7 years younger than me so I was always after her sister (my wife now)then after high school we didnt talk much and about 10 years ago my wife and I got together by now her sister is married and has a baby but she still flirts with me rubbing her ass... [more]

How do I punish my cheating whore of a wife?

My wife cheated on me about a year ago, and I just found out. The stupid bitch told her best friend when it happened, then a few months ago she went totally psycho on her best friend for no reason and dumped her. Obviously, the former bff had no more reason to keep the whore's secrets and told me she cheated. She told me the bitch fucked this guy... [more]

How do I get my friends dad to fuck me?

I want my friends dad to fuck me so bad. I always masturate to his Facebook pictures but the thing is me and the friend don't hang out often and her parents are divorced. When I was skyping my friend I heard him masturbating and it made me so wet. I want his thick cock inside my pussy but I don't know how to get him to fuck me. I think he would be... [more]

Revenge for cheating

My husband of 5 years cheated on me at a work convention. Even worse he was not discrete and most of his office knows about it and word quickly got back to me. I was pissed to say the least. When I confronted him he begged me to forgive him and promised to do anything to make it right. After a few days thinking about throwing him out I told him... [more]

Cought masterbating

Im 12 years old and i finger myself allote im always worried that i am going to get caught im worried that my doctor will find out sometimes my step bro caught me but i was freaking out and so scared that he would tell my mom or my step dad i allways think about that and get scared that he will tell someone i told my cousoin she told me that all... [more]

Family revenge!

My uncle was a complete ass to me as a kid! He has a horrible temper and bullied me as a kid!
I decided many years ago I would get my revenge. I am now 50 am just completed my revenge. My uncle has 5 kids. I have fucked my two female cousins. I've fucked the wives of the two married cousins. I fucked the last two girlfriends of the cousin who... [more]

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