A story of a nerd in university

It started when I entered my freshman year of university in Los Angeles. I was 18 majoring in 3D Animation. I'm normally introverted staying with the same group of friends all of middle and highschool but I was the only one who went to this university because it was the only one that offered animation. My friends and I were the nerds that were really into games and I never had a girlfriend. One day a guy who sat next to me, Nick asked me if i smoked weed. I didn't at the time but I also didn't want to spend another day alone so i lied and said yes. Once I agreed he took me to his car and we ended up hotboxing it in the parking lot. Although it was my first time I knew one of the Don'ts of smoking is to not let it freak you out because it would make it worse. I somehow managed stay calm until we finished and said goodbye and he drove off. I still had one more class that day but I ended up sleeping at the student lounge. I learned the prices and paid for my part so he'd keep inviting me. One day he had forgotten his stash so we drove to meet his friends since they did have some. That was the first time we smoke together and on top of that they were into different things than me. I was uncomfortable and awkward only talking whenever they'd ask me something. They were into drugs, parties, cars, and sports, things I had no knowledge of. But whenever I'd finish my homework I'd read into what they talked about to fit in. They eventually invited me to one of the guy's birthday party. Up to the moment I arrived there idk why I was expecting a little kid party with colorful balloons and shit that I was caught off guard on my first step inside. The lights were dimmed, music loud, the smell of weed reached the front lawn and the floor was sticky from the spilled beers. I had walked in on my first college party. I stayed with the group meeting even more people than I expected. He had a lot of friends. Then I saw this one girl who had me drooling. She was latina, short, dyed red hair and puffy lips. She laughed at me when she caught me staring at her that she confronted me saying "what are you looking at?" Then I remembered I had dressed thinking I was going to a little kid party, wearing my flanel all buttoned up and plaij black pants. I didn't say anything I just looked back at my phone as Nick teased me for what just happend. Nick invited me again saying he wanted to see if me and that girl will have another akward exchange. This time I had bought a new outfit to look more normal and sure enough saw her again. Nick pushed me when we were passing her and she turned around saying "What the hell? What do you want?" I didn't want to say anything fearing my voice will crack but I also couldn't just stay quiet again. I apologized saying I was pushed and she thankfully looked at Nick laughing and jokingly said "ooh I see. Nick is just an asshole dont worry." I did get to see her closer up and was even more amazed by her but snapped out of it after noticing she stopped talking. One day i saw her on campus and she pushed me while passing by. I thought she did it to be rude but when I turned around she was smiling at me and continued walking. I purposely started going that route and sure enough each time she'd either wave or nod whenever we'd see each other. When we saw each other on parties though it was different. She started talking to me from time to time asking if I'm having a good time or getting used to my new friends (she knew Nick and his group before me). Then she brought to me a small round pill asking me if I will take one with her. I asked her what it was saying i never have taken drugs before but she just stared at me waiting to say yes. I looked at it back at her and just took it. She did too and I swear I remember her saying "enjoy the real party". That night i had the most intense trip spending the rest of the party with her. The next morning I woke up on the couch sitting next to her sleeping. I looked around and found Nick and the group passed out too. I was leaning on her and when I got up she woke up too. We saw each other and just laughed. I looked at my phone and I had 20 missed calls from my mom. The girl gave me her number then left and I stayed to wait for Nick to wake up because I didn't have a car. The next day I texted her "This is [my name] from the party" and we had a conversation. She told me to meet her at our usual route the next time. I did and she waved me over to walk with her. I was very nervous the whole time it was the first time being alone with her. We talked about each other and she asked me "you've never gone to a college party before have you?" I accidentally told her the truth instead of the lie I had made up to impress her. "Have you even drank alcohol at the parties??" I again said the truth "ive never done anything like this before. Nick doesn't pressure me to do anything so I just havent". She was surprisingly very understanding given her party girl look and vibe. She asked me "do you want to drink with me later this week?". I of course said yes. We met up at the next party and she waved me over as soon as she saw me. Nick congratulated me seeing that, he knew the truth about me by this point and I would call him one of my new bestfriends. I approached her and she handed me a shot of tequila. She said, "we'll start slow stop when you feel like it. Throughout the night we drank whatever she deemed light enough for me." She started giving me this look that I had a feeling of was flirty. Nick looked from across the room and signaled me to kiss her. I was drunk so I leaned in without a thought and she kissed me. We became a sort of thing for a bit staying together for the majorty of the day and parties. One day she texted me telling me to come to her dorm go pick up a sweater I had let her borrow one night. When she opened the door she invited me in to drink coffee before going to class. I went in and she was alone. I sat in her kitchen to wait for her to finish using the restroom. When she came out she was just in her underwear with that same smile on her face asking me "have you ever seen a girl naked in person?" Idk why i have always tried to lie to impress her but the truth just came out of me, I said that ive never had a girlfriend. She gets closer to me and kissed me. She was the girl who I lost my virginity to. She broke up with me a couple months later but looking she was the one who completed my transformation from a nerdy highschool virgin to the beginning of a new lifestyle. I just met another girl and am more confident to approach her now. So here i am, in my second year of university taking online classes bc of the pandemic then meeting Nick up with the boys to grab a bite. Oh by the way, I still talk to my old nerdy friends and yes we still play yugioh and yes ofc I ran to them to tell them this story first. Ill always be that nerdy shy kid

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