Revenge Confessions

Am i wrong to let this happen ?

I am new to this site and i have posted under the love section but it hasn't been posted yet and i want to know what other people think so il'll make this as short as possible ...I've been with my girlfriend for about three years now and i love her more than anything but about 18 months ago she met this other guy at a birthday party where she was... [more]

Son in law gives me orgasms in my kitchen

I recently started having sex with my son in law. He says he seduced me. And he did prod me into it. But I do enjoy it so. I don't want it to stop now. I am almost 70. Widowed. Live alone. Lost my husband about 5 years ago after 49 years of marriage. Had never been with another man before, during, or after my marriage. At least until now. Had... [more]

I can't believe it happen to me

He was my coach. Oneday after practice he said he needed to speak with me. I went to his office & he closed the door. He told me that I needed to work on my form. (I ran track) He said he could help me with thia. He begin to tell me I needed to open my legs more. Next thing he begin to put his hands between my legs & then he started fingering my... [more]

The boss dealt with!

I am a female manager in an office of 18 members of staff, I am 48 years old and have been married for over 20 years.
A little while ago at a work get together i had a few drinks and kissed a male member of my staff who was 22 years old! We went to a quiet area and were fondling each other and he made me feel desirable!! We agreed to keep this... [more]

Lynn's revenge

My wife Lynn, was a virgin when we met at the age of 18. She had been touch by a guy but never penetrated. After 7 years of marriage I had an affair in 1976 that she found out about. Her "revenge" was that I had to arrange for her to have a wild night of sex. I approached my cousin's wife asking for her help, I knew that she had several "male... [more]

Wife did my buddys

This past week end three of my buddys where over our house , we where just working on our bikes getting them ready for spring. My wife made us lunch and brought it out to the garage. the guys started teasing about my wifes tits and how she wasnt wearing a bra. You could see her nipples poking out of her shirt. she heard them laughing and came... [more]

Mother in Law sex

I have been married for 16 years,my wife is beautiful and takes after her mother.My mother in law and I have a reasonable type of relationship and are at least civil.
A few months ago, my wife was not well and asked her mother if she could help out at home..I agreed although not really crazy aboutthe situation.A few days go by everybody settles... [more]

Sister in law

I love my sister in law and she is my best friend. I have never had sex with her but I must confess I have sniffed her panties and licked them I feel guilty. I mastubated

Fucking my besties man

My best friend and I have been friends since we were in middle school we are now in our early 20's she has been with her boyfriend since was 15 and at first he and I didnt get along but eventually we all began to hangout and she was there for me alot through my problems with my bf. We are both sexy petite latinas that love to have a good time and... [more]

My sister-in-law seduced me

Even before I met my girlfriend (later my wife / now ex-wife), I was seduced by her sister. She knew I wanted to go out with her sister, but she also knew I
fancied her too. We sat chatting at a party for a while but I needed to pee so went to the toilet. As I came out of the toilet Michelle was standing there
and pushed me back inside and... [more]

Fucked Plumber

The other day our sink broke so my husband called the plumber. he had to go into the office so it was just me and the plumber in the house ... and one thing led to another. next thing I knew, I was bent over our couch with his dick thrust into me. i had left him fixing the sink downstairs and went up to me and my husbands room. but he came looking... [more]

I lost it.. And I can't believe it :'(

Im 13, almost 14... I'll start by saying I live In a small town In Wisconsin on a Military Base. So you meet Lots of people. I started talking to This Older guy whos like 16-17. I told him about my Parents and how My father Raped my Mother and are Divoriced. He told me about how He was Adopted from Russia. After a while I fell for him, and he fell... [more]

Worst blind date ever

I ended up going on a blind date with somebody I met online I kinda had a bad feeling from the start. he ended up changing our dinner plans to going out to a bar when I arrived and met him he looked about 6 years older and way different from his pictures. as the night went on his stories didn't really seem to match up so I just came out and asked... [more]

Over a sock

I'm 16 and I was at a friends house and my friends brother was there with his girlfriend. My friends brother and his his girlfriend are both 21. I have a foot fetish so I was going to steal one of her socks while everyone was asleep and was also going to j****** into it. It was easy I walked into my friends brothers room where he and his... [more]

I had sex with a homeless girl

Few months ago my friend K (not revealing any names, so facebook wont do any good) and I went to a party. We were to return and have a sleep over, and K's dad gave us his car. K drove as he had a driving licenses, and I being 17 then had to wait one more year. Anyway on our way to the party and the party itself was normal. I had a really good time... [more]

My massage therapist's butt

Went for my my monthly massage trip to my favorite therapist. She ends ends the massage with a happy ending in bikini. Normal routine while she is stroking my stiff cock is to suck her tits. I tried something different this time. She has the most amazing apple shaped ass. Made her turn with her wonderful ass to my face. The red thong strap was... [more]

I place ads on craigslist

I hunt for unhappy married lonely women. I started doing this as revenge for my wife cheating on me with a former friend of ours. In 5 years I have fucked 26 married lonely women, and I don't care how ugly or fat they are. Many were first time cheaters, some were regular cheaters.I fucked each one a few times then dumped them.Dumping them feels... [more]

Grandmother gets revenge on three home intruders

Three young black men ages ranging from 15 to 22 broke into a older white married couples home one night and forced them to give them money and valuables. One of the thugs told the woman that he needed to kill her and her husband to keep them from identifying them.
The 59 year old woman begged for her life and the life of her husband so these... [more]

Sharing my wife's mouth

My wife asked me if she could watch me and one of our single friends mastrubate while she kept her clothes on and just watched us.
I told her that we could try it so he came over one evening, and after several drinks she told him that she wanted to watch him and me get naked mastrubate while she watched.
She was pretty drunk and told us that... [more]


A boss who was supposed to protect my interest at work betrayed me and lied against me to the executives in a very painful manner. His plan was to have me sacked but the executives did not buy into it because of my work records. I knew that I had become vulnerable and the work environment had become polluted. I needed to do something urgently to... [more]

I got my revenge on my brother for stealing my girlfriend from me

I got my revenge on my brother for stealing all my girlfriends from me in my life not think of me as a coldblooded person,do not get me wrong on think i am a bad person,i am big brother has always had the best looking girlfriends in his life.all i had were the old fat unattractive gals,he had all the good looking girls,but now he... [more]

Sleeping with my step daughter

I wished this was not true but it is. Please don't think bad of me. I married my wife about nine years ago. Two years into our marriage, we had a party here at our house in Rochester NY. Family...well we all got drunk...what a shock...not. I was out in the back yard and her 19 year old daughter came back there "Jennifer" we [more]

MILF in yoga pants

To the pretty young MILF in the yoga pants that knowingly cut me off in the grocery store today: I just want you to know that I took the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy staring at your sweet, perfect ass the whole time while waiting for my turn to check out. Then I went home and masturbated furiously while fantasizing about doing you bent over on... [more]

My ex wife

In the UK.
She was the type of woman who no matter what I did was never happy.
And she always wore slacks and dark black tights.
Even taking her out in the car some nights when she could not sleep.
So after we separated a few years down the line I decided with another male to have my revenge by getting my male friend to knock on her door at 10... [more]

Girls, is this fair???

My name is Barry and about 10 years ago, I was dating Brittany. I did kiss another girl while we were dating and Brittany found out. For revenge, she tricked me into giving one of her ex-boyfriends a blowjob while she and three of her female friends watched and laughed. That guys pounded my tonsils for like 20 minutes non-stop. I can still... [more]

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