Feeling the heat

I [19f] just started working for a large corporation. I'm an admin assistant, and it's my first "real" job, the others were shitty retail gigs. The thing is that my department is filled with fit, handsome, age 30-45 DILF types. Some of them are so hott.

What I like about the guys in my department is that they are smart, professional, and have their shit together. The down side is that all of my favorite guys are married, have pics of their wives and kids posted in their cubes, and are therefore taken.

There are 4 of them that I think about regularly when masturbating. They don't know it, but being around them turns me into a hot mess, and I fuck all of them regularly within the confines of my imagination.

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  • Don't play with guys from work, but try to find a single/divorced type in his 30's or 40's. There's plenty out there who would love to buy you dinner and give you a little dick. Or a lot of it.

  • Go to a classy sports bar or an upscale club and pick out your hot older male.
    Chances are he just wants sex with a hot younger woman as yourself and no commitments. I know at first I felt guilty about having sex with females my daughters age but then I figured I wasn’t the one who pursued it to begin with.
    Most want to experience it slow and soft at first. They are tired of the wham bam type of guys.
    I say go after what you desire and don’t be afraid. We older men are thinking the same way about you younger females

  • This is a slippery slope. When I was twenty I was interning at a law firm with some hot older guys. I ended up fucking two of them on the regular. One was 46, the other 39. One was married but I didn't care at the time. I was having a great time. They both knew their way around a woman. But then word got out. Ruined the marriage and both guys lost their job and I lost my internship. People do find out because someone always talks.

  • That's the truth! I've been there...

  • I'm not sure what your boundaries are, and how well you respect other people's marriages, but you would be surprised how easy it is to seduce guys at the office. Realize that you have a fishing lure between your legs. Also realize that word gets around quickly at work, so be careful. Don't lose your first good job.

  • Flirt with everyone of them that you desire. Don’t overdue it though. Work hard on it & take it slowly.
    If you are somewhat cute one or have a hot body I’m sure they’ve already checked you out. I bet a few are already talking about you. How to get you alone.
    It won’t be long before one or two of them married men wants to have drinks with you. Guaranteed to get a blow job and or a good doggie pounding.

  • I am sure you could have every one of them..

  • You'd be surprised how many of them would take you into the break room for a quickie. Just cuz they're married doesn't mean they're not interested in a 19 year old hottie

  • I bet and many of them are tired of climbing into bed with wife routine and want something outside relationship. Be able to get a girl from work to have her suck you off daily. Men love the adrenaline rush of flirting outside with coworkers.
    I know when I met my wife she finally confessed she had so many one nighters with different guys from different departments.If she saw something she liked she went after it with so many guys, young, single and married wanted to fuck her. She was having sex almost every night. I’m not sure who all knew who was fucking her or if any others knew about the others.
    I hated it at first but got used to it

  • Nice. Best not to shit where you eat though. I’m a fit 38m, and I’d be happy to provide my services...

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