Secret wish

Hi. My name is Elvie and I'm from Groningen. I need to be r by multiple people, animals of all kind, and beaten up, t, and r all over again. I'm at the train station every weekday, at 8am

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  • It's clear you are not Elvie, but you wish Elvie to come to harm. I guess you must be a spurned x. You are an evil, twisted psycho.

  • If i lived there I would drag you back to my apartment and run a train on you with all my friends and then my dog would knot you. Then I'd tie you up and leave you there as my fuck toy to have any time i wanted. I'd feed you from time to time but mostly my cock and if you failed to swallow every drop I'd slap the fuck out of you, you little cunt!

    hope that helped :)

  • I want to lick a hot hung strangers cock after he’s cum deep inside of my wife and her belly and tits. She’s gorgeous but it would take a super hot guy for her to give in to. She’s been used to my small cock for 19 years it’s time to see her take a horse sized cock

  • When you say 'need', I assume you are using the word in the same way a drug addict says they 'need' their fix ?

  • Do not get on that train.

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