College roommate

I met Chad in College. He introduced me to his hot gorgeous looking girlfriend. After a few months he knew I had the hots for her.
One night after going out with them drinking he agreed to take me home since I was feeling a bit tipsy. He even undressed me and it wasn’t long when I felt his hand rubbing my cock. I didn’t know what to think being he had such a hot looking girlfriend. First words out of his mouth were I thought I’d see what you had so I could tell Renee. I couldn’t stop him since I was already so aroused from looking at so many hot females that night.
He asked me if I wanted him him to stop and I said No! I couldn’t believe how good he was and over time he did this to me over and over. Even when I had my different girlfriends he would just start sucking me softly and slowly and no one ever compared to him. I really miss him

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  • I know exactly how you feel. I had a friend named Steven who would suck on my cock like he was making love to it. Perfectly done every time... I miss him too.

  • Then you two should get back together for a Gay Pride celebration, somewhere, and rock out with your cocks out.

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