Sucking my Neighbor Nick...

I was a restless 15-year-old girl with big boobs. My Mom and Dad fought constantly so I ended up hanging out at my neighbor Nick's house 3 houses down. He's older than my Dad, maybe 50-something? Not sure but he has salt & pepper hair. He's really nice to me and he's not a perv or anything. He shares his weed (which is really kickass!!!) and even lets me have a beer once in a while and a couple of times I got really wasted but he never tried to do anything. He's quiet but very sexy and I noticed once when he was wearing a bathing suit in the Summer when it was really hot, that he had a really big dick. The outline of it was huge and it was totally soft. It looked twice as long and twice as thick as my last boyfriend's dick when he had a hard-on. Nick told me his wife left him a couple of years ago. He said she had an affair and they couldn't work it out.

Nick was like a perfect gentleman and I found myself wishing he would not be so gentlemanly!

One night my Mom and Dad really got into it so I snuck out my bedroom window and went to Nick's house. I knocked on the door and Nick answered and he was really drunk. He apologized and said he'd just gotten into a huge argument with his ex-wife on the phone. I told him about my parents and he said I could hang out for a while.

He lit up his pipe of weed and let me have some and let me have a couple of beers. I started feeling sorry for him. He's so sweet and nice. He was drinking whiskey and drank a shot and told me: "I think I'm gonna pass out... Sorry..."

I said it was OK and sure enough, after a few minutes, he collapsed on his couch with his legs splayed out wide. He had a pair of sweatpants on and I could see the outline of his big dick running down his leg.

I felt like he deserved some affection. Some oral affection. He was still sitting up but he was laying back with his legs straight out. I put my hand on the outline of his dick. It was nice and warm. I looked up but he didn't react at all.

I decided to pull his sweatpants down, which was hard since he was dead weight! I managed to get them past his waist and there was his fat dick. OMG, it was beautiful! He was circumsized and I was amazed that he was also totally shaved! I wondered how big it got when it was hard. I started running my hand up and down the shaft and I leaned in and kissed the big fat head.

I looked up at Nick to see if he was feeling anything but he didn't react at all and neither did his dick, which didn't surprise me. I really wanted to suck him...

So I did!

I got down between his legs and slurped his heavy, warm, magnificent penis into my mouth. God, it felt SOOOO nice. It was way thicker than my last boyfriend's dick but it was soft so it was really easy and kind of nice to suck. It wasn't like some little gummy-wormy soft dick, it was like sucking on a super-sized warm Costco hot dog!

With the buzz from the weed and the beer, I lost myself into sucking and pleasuring his dick. I tried to see how far down my throat I could get it and I found out that when he was soft, I could get it WAY DOWN and I LOVED the way it felt! I started moaning and that's when I noticed his dick was starting to fatten up. I looked up but Nick was still out. I kept sucking him and started to just play with him. His balls were huge and completely shaved. The skin was really silky so I spent some time just sucking his balls, which I'd never done before. It was SO sexy! I loved doing it.

I took a little break and smoked another bowlful and decided to see what a shot of whiskey tasted like. OMG, I had NO idea it burned like that! After just a minute or two, I was wasted. I got back down between his legs, closed my eyes and just started sucking, thinking about what a nice guy he was and that he deserved a nice blowjob even if he was unconscious!

I remember looking at the clock on the wall. It was 9:47. I got completely lost in sucking his dick. I tried all kinds of things, especially when it would start to get hard, which made it hard to suck. When he got mostly hard, the head was almost the size of a tennis ball!

I moved my mouth down to the skin just under the head and sucked on it. The skin was SUPER-SOFT and I also noticed that sucking on this skin made his dick get (I guess) all the way hard. OMG, it was huge! I really wanted to know how big it was. I looked around and I noticed an office. I stumbled in to his office (I was REALLY buzzed) and looked around and I found a plastic ruler. I went back to Nick and his dick had gotten soft again but I didn't care. I measured his dick soft and it was a little over 8 inches! I went back to sucking him and when he started fattening up I went back and sucked on the skin under the head which his dick seemed to really like. His dick stiffened up really big and while I was still sucking the skin, I held the ruler up and it was almost 11 inches! I put the ruler crossways and it was a little over 2-1/2 inches. No wonder my jaw was stiff! I wrapped my hand around the shaft and started stroking him. He was getting close to coming. Just when it suddenly felt really fat, I sucked the head into my mouth (it was all I could fit!) and he came like a geyser! I kept sucking his big fat head to drain all the come and I felt it start to soften and get easier to suck. I kept sucking him because he felt good in my mouth. After a while I was getting sleepy. I looked at the clock and it said 12:19. I had been sucking Nick's monster dick for over 2-1/2 hours! I threw a blanket on him and went home.

A few days later, I was back at Nick's and again, pretty buzzed, I confessed to Nick that I sucked his dick for over two hours. He was in shock but very happy.

He confessed that his big dick was actually the reason his wife had an affair. She was tired of his big dick especially because he loved to be sucked and she was just tired of it.

I told Nick that if he wanted me to repeat what I did the other night, but while he was awake, I would love to.

He said "I know you're underage but I have to confess that, more than anything, I would love to suck on your beautiful breasts. I won't do anything else."

I stood up in front of him and pulled my top off and unhooked my bra but I kept it in place. I kneeled down in front of him and let the bra fall off. He dove into my boobs and slowly, softly nuzzled, licked and sucked my nipples better than any other boyfriend, BY FAR!!! I whispered into his ear if he wanted to suck my pussy and he just nodded. I took my pants and panties. I keep my pussy waxed clean all the time and he devoured my pussy! He tongue-fucked me, he sucked my clit so PERFECTLY that I had THREE orgasms!

Finally I said it was my turn and he sheepishly admitted that he doesn't get hard like he used to. I told him that I got him hard the other night. I even measured it! I also told him it was OK because even when his dick is soft, it's FAT and meaty and totally sexy to suck. I sucked Nick for almost two hours again, teasing him and driving him crazy. He got TOTALLY hard a few times, which I pointed out, that he still had his mojo with the right woman. Eventually he erupted into my mouth. After he came he started crying softly, thanking me for being such an angel.

He was so sweet! We kind of fell into an oral-sex only routine until I graduated High School. I wanted to remain a virgin (which is why all my past boyfriends broke up with me) and he totally respected that. I also told him I wasn't sure I was ready to have a tennis-ball thick dick splitting me in half!

He sucked my breasts and pussy every time I came by and two or three nights a week I would come by and we would just watch TV with my head in his lap, softly sucking his dick and when it was time for bed, I would make him come and I would go home.

Five years after High School, I came back home to stay with my Mom for the Summer since my Mom and Dad divorced. I decided to drop by and visit Nick. He was thrilled to see me. I told him I would be home for the Summer if he wanted to go back to our routine. He was overjoyed.

I told him that I would love to get back into our sexual groove but that since I was now longer a virgin, I HAD to feel Nick's meaty-monster dick inside my pussy. Nick was more than happy to oblige and it WAS incredible! I've never had an orgasm while screwing until Nick. He could make me come a couple of times while he slowly fucked me. His dick was SO FAT, it filled me up in way I can't describe.

I may come home every Summer from now on...


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  • I'm in college, 20, and enjoy fucking my friend's dad. My friend has no clue. He's 51 and sexy af. What I like best about him is that he acts like he's seen pussy before and knows how to use it. He's really sweet and mindful of my feelings, and there is nothing better than a good, slow fuck on a summer afternoon. He is so much better than younger guys.

  • You want a good fucking just find an older cock

  • Mia? Is this you? Texas?

  • I'm a 32-year old woman and I was married to guy with a little over average sized-dick (7") and average thickness. It was impossible for me to suck much of him when he was hard because he was like sucking a broomstick!

    After my divorce, I met a guy similar to your Nick. He had a FAT 10-inch dick that was also 8 inches long soft. I LOVED sucking it when it was soft and feeling it get hard in my mouth! He also never got completely hard so I learned to suck almost ALL OF IT down my throat! He got easily hard enough for screwing and feeling that fat monster inside is still to this day, the most satisfying "filling" feeling! I LOVE fat soft dicks!

  • Trust me sweetie, older men mean better experienced cock lovers for young females like you.

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