Cheating At A Frat Party

I was at a college fraternity party a couple months ago with friends and my boyfriend, and my boyfriend left the party early, around 12 probably. I had a lot to drink and started dancing with these two guys. Long story short… I ended up sucking both of their cocks.

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  • Went to a party college in Florida. There were always big keg parties after the football games on Saturdays. Saw, and sometimes participated, in cock sucking with my friends. It was rare, but I don't think any of us did it because we were horny. It was just drunken fun, and who doesn't like seeing cute young college guys with their dicks out? Sometimes we'd flash our tits too. Only once did I ever see anyone get fucked at those parties.

  • I went to college far from home and did not stay in the state after I graduated, I would hate to run into people I knew back then because I have no idea how many had sex with me. College was a blur for me and I have no idea how I graduated with a degree in business. I love giving blow jobs and for some reason when I have few drinks in me I just cannot stop. I can remember some nights with two or three guys around me on a bed, I would be sucking and guys would be licking and fucking me, hands all over me and I loved every bit of it. There was one house I would go to and the guys all knew me and treated me like a queen, I would have sex with them all weekend and sometimes during the week.

  • I lived in a frat house for two years, the place was a really old one and some of the rooms had adjoining doors between rooms. The one in mine had been secured to the door frame years ago and the door knob hole was open.
    I sucked many a cock thru that hole.

  • Am l correct that you were sucking off your frat brothers anonymously (for them) through the hole? Lucky bastard. Did you swallow?

  • I kinda never felt bad for cheating, I eventually ended marrying my bf even though in college I was the campus slut. It was the craziest time of my life, sucking multiple dicks, getting gangbanged. My mouth and pussy was like the revolving door to the United Nations building.

  • Fuck yeah. Would you still cheat?

  • I have cheated since

  • Please tell more ;)

  • I did way more dick sucking than fucking in college. I had to be really attracted to a guy to fuck him, almost all the time a boyfriend. But if I was drunk enough, I'd suck dick if it was even a marginal friend or acquaintance. They needed to eat some pussy back though. :)

  • You sound fun ;)

  • It’s pretty common. My Hispanic wife was taken by two white guys and she said it was the best unexpected sex ever. She just remembered the guys were hot and exceptionally much bigger than any guy she’d ever been with. No condoms and she remembers her mouth with a cock in it most of the night and she doesn’t regret any of it

  • No worries. I think I majored in frat parties in college. Sucked a lot of dick. I got to know not just the attractive ones, but the ugly ones as well. The taste of the semen was variable too. It was a learning experience, before settling down.

  • Yeah. That shit happens.

  • I went to a frat party when I was twenty. I'm twenty four now. I as super drunk. Got double teamed in the living room while everyone watched and cheered. Blew another guy. And had one random dude just wank it and blow it on my face. I know people recorded it. And I'm terrified so I'm going to see it online someday. But other than that I had a great time.

  • Do you ever think of wanting similar like that to happen again. My wife said if she ever had a chance to let 2 guys have her again before we married she would love for it to happen again. She was at least honest to tell me a cock in her pussy continueously is the best feeling. She had way too many wham bam with guys.
    She said it was all unplanned but it was something she’ll never forget

  • Lol iv woken up after a few partys with morto remember than just sucking two cocks, waking up in a bundle of guys with cum leaking out of me just showed how much of a good night it was

  • More details please ;)

  • Been to plenty of frat parties. The longer and later they go, the greater chance that someone is going to get laid, licked, or sucked. That's why people stick around after most others leave.

  • That is what frat parties are for.

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