Came home buzzed and went to my son after my husband pushed me aw

M a mother of two daughter and a son. I regularly shoot pool Fridays to get out the house and enjoy time by self and see my girlfriends. Obviously drinking while playing pool I got buzzed tonight. I came home around 11:30 and was horny as all hell. I got settled in and than went to my bedroom and started sucking my on my husbands cock who was sleeping well once he realized it he said I have to fucking work in the morning. So I stopped and went to AIT in the living room. Sitting there I started playing with my pussy and still craved dick and I'm not sure why but I walked upstairs to my sons room and lightly knocked after I got no answer I crept in and seen he was sleeping. Still horny and in need I slowly pulled his comforter back and he was sleeping in nothing but boxers. The boxers had NP button in the crotch and could see his dick. I got on my knees and pulled his soft yet bigger than average dick out the crotch hole and started sucking it. A minute or two in he started waking up moaning and seen me sucking on him. I stopped and started pleading to him I'm sorry and he said its OK and he took his boxers off said just keep doing it it mom please. so I got on his bed he opened his legs up for me and I started sucking his cock. Maybe 5 minutes passed of me suckibg his dick and me watching him he had his eyes closed most of the time I started to get into it and started sucking on his balls and dick changing it up and after a brief moment he started looking at me doing it. I was never more turned on in my life having my sons cock in my mouth and him watching me. i sucked on his dick for a bit more and then went down to his balls I could tell he really liked it so I kept on it I than pushed his right leg upwards and went from his balls and slid my tongue down to his ass and he just lost it. I forced his leg to stay up as I licked and sucked on my sons ass I could see he was just losing it stroking his dick while tonguing his ass he busted but was still hard so I went back and sucked on his dick this time I turned my head and got all of it down my throat and was basically making him fuck my face he busted again in my throat and let out of huge moan and I sucked it up and kissed on it until I felt it going soft. I stopped and told him this is our little secret if you want this again than dont say anything. He said OK. Can I see your fits before you leave. So I sat up on my knees and pulled them out. I'm a busty woman my cup size is triple d and he was speechless he grabbed my right fits and started massaging it. In between his legs still in noticed he was getting hard again. I startes stroking it and after about a minute I stopped and put my fits away and said you'll have to wait until next time. he seemed dissapointed but said OK. I made my way up and before in left his bed I went up and kissed him on his lips he didnt hesitate and kissed me back I said I love you. He said it back and I told him he has an amazing dick. He smiled and I got up and said remember out little secret. Goodnight. Noe I'm sitting downstairs going through thihgths of how amazing my sons cock was and I'd love to have it in my pussy and maybe even let him fuck my ass. When my husband goes to work tomorrow I'm going to come on to my son and pull his dick out and suck on it again. I hope he fucks my puss.

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  • Nothing wrong with that. I started fucking my mother when I was twelve, we still get together occasionally to fuck when we can. She is 62 years old now, and can still drain my balls better than my wife. There is no sweeter love than that between a mother and her children, especially when they are sexually involved.

  • Agreed I have being have sex with my two daughters since they were 8 and there 10 and 11 now and its natural thing. Love when my wifes on nights and have them bought naked in our bed. Not a hair on their little tight pussys and no periods yet. Love cumming in their pussys and asses. The oldest one has little buds on her chest know bigger than boiled eggs and loves when I suck on them and younger one is almost flat chested with sweet nipples. They bought love me licking their bald pussys and play with their clits and licking their pink folds. Bought them give me great blow jobs and can hardley get their little hands and mouths around my cock. Their bought gorgeous..

  • Learn to spell. You must be American!

  • I suck my 11-year-old daughter to orgasm before I ram her bald, tight love-hole. She has the tightest cunt that I've ever fucked. It's even tighter than that of her 7-year-old sister.

  • Do a sixty Niner with him so he can taste your yummy cuntjuice too. Cum in his mouth as he cums in yours

  • Love it

  • Sick fantasy

  • Know its natural..

  • Any experience.. its so nice..

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