Good Dad or Bad Dad?

I have a 14 year old son and we recently updated phones for our kids, so I needed to wipe out the old ones. He has followed in our footsteps regarding social media and hasn't had any interaction with it till recently when he joined a school team, they communicate through social media apps so we set him up with all the apps to keep him informed. I noticed while cleaning up the phones that he is kinda far behind his peers in sexual knowledge as he didn't join in the conversations much and his google search history was LOADED with sexual inquiries, but he couldn't get answers due to all the filters and parental controls that are in place (moms idea). I felt bad so I downloaded a few porn videos and hid them on his phone in a secure location. I let him know that I saw his history in his phone and asked if he had any questions to feel free to ask me but he was too embarrassed to ask. I winked at him and told him to look in this folder to find the answers he was looking for and to let me know when he's tired of those videos and I'll get him some new ones. Did I do the right thing or the wrong thing? I'm thinking then right thing.

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  • Repression of sexual exploration tends to create, rather than prevent perverts. Your confession is a good example of that.

  • Nothing wrong with porn for sex ed. My dad just let me have a go with my mom one night when she was really drunk. She taught me all about foreplay and showed me how to eat her out, then she showed me how to fuck her every which way, including anal. My mom made me the great lover I am today, thanks dad!

  • Not sure if it’s good or bad, but most modern porn is pretty bad shit towards women. Maybe steer him to things more vintage, romantic, and with a story. As a woman who grew up in the late 80s with a now grown son, I don’t have a problem with po

  • ...problem with porn, but be selective about what kind of stuff he sees.

  • I'm no angel when it comes to porn, but just about the only thing that junior will learn from watching mainstream porn (assuming that's what you stuck on his phone) is what girls and women, in general, DON'T like when it comes to sex. Bright lights. Wacky, gymnastic positions. Sticking things in their asses. Cum on their faces. Guys standing around watching them get naked. All of that. Not saying what you did was wrong. Just that the huge majority of porn is made to entertain, not educate.

  • Good job Dad. Sincerely

  • Better if you participate and bring him up to speed x

  • Yeah..... I tried talking to jim but he wasn't having it at all. Might get him a prostitute for his 16th B-day. So I'm voting GOOD DAD!

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