Bi sexual and lost.

So I recently came out to my wife as being bi sexual. I’ve told her in the past but she shrugged me off and never acknowledged it at all so I felt like I wasn’t out yet. Anyway that coupled with some health problems has forced us into a divorce. So, now I’m really excited to get back out there and see what Kind of trouble I can get into!! I’m ready to start exploring this side of me more and super excited to start having SEX!! To be honest I really just want to be a bisexual slut for awhile!! My wife doesn’t know it herself but she’s 100% asexual and our sex life was a disaster, but I haven’t dated anyone in so long I have no idea where to start!! I know there are the hookup apps like tinder and grinder and all of that but I’ve never met anyone online and I’m a little nervous. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start or the best apps that are out there that aren’t scams and actually work? Thanks!!

3 months ago

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    • My wife's been quite understanding. She's actually been fingering my ass after learning that I liked being fucked throughout my teens and catching my 23 year olds bottom being done underpants aside by the building maintenance man in our condo apartment. It was so surreal... Max is black, 63, and it was the first time with him, a black guy and the only one since I got married two years ago. I kind of look teenage boyish and maybe sent signals walking around in really gay looking cut off short-shorts. When Max grabbed my ass, tugging on the white string bikini underpants that were obvious through the frayed cutoffs saying "use got a hot boypussy , Is like a little!" Well, twenty minutes later "Use was squealing n wiggling like a schoolboy getting his first time fuck'n!" As Max said just before Lisa walked in.

    • Sorry that it didn't work out for you and your wife. Most women can't handle that their husband is bisexual. I first started with guys back in the early 70s back then you definitely had to be careful about who found out. When I was about 19 years old I was at a party and I was on my knees sucking cock. This girl walked into the room and seen me with this guys cuck in my mouth. She just looked at me and smiled. I talked to her after and we became friends and ended up getting married. She's never had a problem with me being bisexual as long as I didn't fuck other women. Been married for 42years now. It's been an open marriage we both get to have sex outside of our marriage. Hope you find what you're looking for in life. Good luck.

    • You are nervous about meeting somebody online, but you come in here asking for advice ? What a sad putz ! Hey, find one of those apps where you can grind something tinder. Good luck !

    • This isn’t a meet people site you fucking asshole!! The guy is looking for advise you dumb fuck!! Leave him alone and take your negative ass right out the fucking door!!

    • I know that you illiterate ass barnacle ! Go eat a rancid ham and dick cheese sandwich !

    • You wont have any trouble finding a nice dick to suck

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